Evan Mellett: [00:09] Hello, everyone and welcome back to the 30th edition of “The Sports Run on Podcast”. And this podcast we will be back yet again for another edition of prediction Friday, where we predict who I think or is going to win the NCAA and NFL games for this week, and my score prediction for those games. And we’ll start out with the NCAA as number one Alabama will be going up against Tennessee. I have Bama on this one, I don’t think this is going to be a very hard game for them, just because the fact of, I think they’re a really good team, I think to attack a low was definitely a Heisman candidate. Without a doubt in my mind, so I think that they’d actually be able to take care of business, my guess for the score probably be 42 to 6, and in the favor of Alabama. 

Evan Mellett: [00:56] Now moving on, we have number two, L.S.U. they’ll be playing Mississippi State. I have L.S.U in this one, score 49 to 7, I think there’s a chance that Mississippi state gets a score, but this game is going to be far from close. So, I think without doubt that this is just going to be a big one for L.S.U. Number three, we have Clemson vs Louisville. I mean, I think they’ll put up a fight for the first half, but I think by the second half this game is going to be over, which is why I have I have Clemson winning this one 42-7,  because I think Louisville will score, but I think this game will be far from competitive. Now moving on, we’re at number four, Ohio State, they’ll be going up against Northwestern. Ohio State is interesting, because as I’ve said in past podcast if you miss them make sure to go check them out. Down below, but I will be said I think Ohio State is a good team.

Evan Mellett: [01:52] I want to see them flying there next win is going to be based on what their season is based on, when they play, going against number 6, Wisconsin, I think that’s going to be like their staple win, like because they I mean if you want to get to the football players, you have to have at least one staple win, where against like a top ranked team, that’s, like really shows that’s why I should be there. Usually these top teams have at least one team like that on their schedule. Teams such as Alabama, they have L.S.U on a schedule, Auburn has a couple different teams, just pointing out top teams. And then L.S.U, they also have Alabama, Auburn and they have Florida who they already beat on their schedule. So I mean, to be able to really be in this discussion, you have to have a win against the top team, for them to know that you can win at any stage, you don’t just beat teams that you’re supposed to beat, you win games that are more 50-50, than just games, that are like 90-10, like some of the games that these top teams have been playing so far. 

Evan Mellett: [02:45] Let’s go next is number five Oklahoma vs W.V.U, I have Oklahoma to win, I think W.V.U, I highly doubt that they’ll score in this game. Just because the fact of I mean, I think that this W.V.U team isn’t awful, but I also don’t think that there anything that’s going to shock the world. I think that this would definitely be a ginormous upset, I think everybody would say that like this probably be the biggest upset of the week, if W.V.U was somehow able to pull this game off, but I think that’s far from what’s going to actually happen. So, I have Oklahoma winning this game, probably 49 to 14, I will just go about my L.S.U score, I forgot to do that one, it’s 42 to 10, in favor of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Evan Mellett: [03:28] Up next a number six, Wisconsin, they’ll be going up against Illinois, Wisconsin is the team that I talked about how they’re going to be the staple win, of having to go up against Ohio State. I just think that that’s going to be a big game for, and I think everybody realizes how big of a game that that’s really going to be. Just because the fact of how good both of these teams are for one thing, just like a main point, and two, just because the fact of Wisconsin they have like, but both teams have Heisman candidates, so and also I’ll put that out there that both of these teams have Heisman candidate, like very good Heisman candidates, Justin Field and on the Wisconsin side of the ball, you’ll have Jonathan Taylor who has had just been having an absolutely monster year for them so far.


Evan Mellett: [04:11] Now moving on to the to the big primetime game of this week, it will be number seven Penn State vs. Michigan, I have Penn State winning this one by about, probably only touch on again, I think Michigan will make this close. They got embarrassed by Wisconsin and the one big game that they played talking about the big games of their season. They got pretty embarrassed by Wisconsin in that game, I mean it’s a game that probably a lot of Wolverine fans would want to forget, but I mean, it happened, and Wisconsin, I feel like Michigan’s definitely could come back stronger, and I think that they definitely would need a win if they want to get back into contention, like Michigan and there are a couple of these teams I will talk about in a couple picks later. Also Georgia, they’re sitting at 10 right now, or Florida who was also, it was also really any team, honestly any team like it’s any team, like Florida, Georgia, Texas, teams like that, like they have to especially for Georgia because they saw part of their S.E.C schedule to play. They could, they have to win now, like I don’t think it’s really an option if they win out or not. I think they have to win out if they want any chance of being able to make it, and they have to win their conference, it’s going to be the other big thing.

Evan Mellett: [05:20] It could definitely be easier said than done, which I also talked on the last podcast about how Georgia and Florida are both going to have to go through either Bama or L.S.U to get there, then I mean, L.S.U, and Bama are going to have to go through each other. So that’s I’m saying like, I feel like those are the two places that they’re going to have to run through. If they want a chance to go like even having a remote chance of going to the college football playoffs. They’re going to need to have to run through those two teams, if they’re the championship game, it’s going to be on a neutral stadium. But I mean if they if it comes down to them having to play, I think that will definitely help especially if you have to play in Death Valley as that’s one of the hardest places to play and L.S.U, you think without doubt that’s an action to push any team to their limits, just because the fact of, it’s not just how good L.S.U plays at home and just how crazy those fans are there.

Evan Mellett: [06:08] Now get back into the text I, probably have Florida State to win this game 31 to 24. Number nine, I have my big upset pick for the week, I’ve unranked South Carolina being number nine, Florida. South Carolina really did, they showed me something last week, with a ginormous upset like, well the upset of the year when they beat Georgia, because of misfield on overtime run by Rodrigo Blankenship, he pushed it wide left, the kicker for Georgia, he pushed the wide left and they lost by three. And South Carolina put off like the biggest upset of the season without a doubt and I think that South Carolina, I think that they’re still going to be mad coming into this game for one thing I think they’re going to be mad that they’re not ranked for one thing, that like they beat the number nine team in the nation and they’re not ranked. Like, I think that they’re going to be very upset that, that has happened. So, I think that they’re definitely coming to come in mad, after going into Georgia that hostile environment, and being able to win I think that there’s definitely a chance that they could win this game without a doubt. So, I have them winning this game 31 to 27.

Evan Mellett: [07:08] Now moving on to number 10, Georgia, they’re going up against Kentucky. I have Georgia winning this one about 42 to 10. I think Georgia is definitely going to bounce back in this one winning the roof, they’re a talented team. There’s no question in my mind that they will bounce back, like and this is just a game where they where they can just put a big one together, I think. Again, I mean it’s not a back and Kentucky team remember that pushed Florida all the way to its limits, with Florida only being barely beating them by two earlier this season. Now moving on to number 11 Auburn versus Arkansas, I like Auburn in this one. I think the Arkansas has been good this year, but they’re nothing that I’ve really seen that could pull off an upset. So, I have Auburn winning this one, 28 to 7, I don’t think Auburn, that’s going to put up 40, on it but I think this will still be at least the three touchdowns win for the Tigers. 

Evan Mellett: [07:58] Up next number 12, Oregon they’ll be playing the other, the second of the three ranked matchups that we will have this weekend called “Triple”, as they’re number 12 Oregon going up against number 25 Washington. This is going to be another interesting matchup, I think this is where Justin Herbert, the quarterback for Oregon is going to have to shine, he’s going to have to show what he can do against a ranked opponent. I mean, they played Auburn early in the season, but besides that, they haven’t played a crazy amount like ranked team wise for them to them to really show what they can do, as he as a senior and he’ll be going into the draft next year. So, I think that this is going to be a big game for him. So, I think they’re definitely going to have a big game here, I think there’s going to be a 42-28 win for the Oregon Ducks. Up next number 13, Utah versus number 17, Arizona state this is our third final matchup that we’ll be seeing, top 25 matchup in college football for this week. I have Utah for this one, I don’t know, I don’t think this is going to be a crazy one. I have a 31-21 win, for Utah in this one. I think that Utah is definitely going to take care of business. I think Arizona State they’re not going to go down without a fight, I think this is not going to be any closer than double digits for a win for Utah.

Evan Mellett: [09:08] Up next is a team that I think is a very good team, and it’s very highly ranked because one, they’re undefeated is Boise State, they’ll be going up against B.Y.U. I think this Boise State team could surprise some people. A lot of people as I talked about, I think was a couple podcasts ago, again, if you didn’t see that one, make sure to go down and check it out. But as I talked about, there are a lot of these teams like Stanford, Oregon, Boise State, I mean, I talked about Stanford when they were ranked at that point, but Boise State is just kind of a thing, of like they’re on the west coast. So, they get like no exposure compared to the exposure that these teams in the East together, the nation’s usually asleep whenever they’re even playing. So, I mean, they don’t even get close to the exposure that a lot of people think that they deserve. Even though like last year, you got a Heisman candidate over on the west coast, and Bryce Love running back for Stanford, he’s now in the NFL. Boise State I think, they’re again I think they’re in some ways they definitely should have won the game, the Red River rivalry, against Oklahoma last week. So, I think they definitely bounce back, I think this is like a 49 to 7, win in favor of the Texas Longhorns. Now moving on, we have number 18, Baylor vs Oklahoma State. Baylor has honestly kind of surprised me, they are a really talented team, like they are a talented team, that who knows they can maybe, they might pull up an upset and mess up the entire big flow of thing and can knock off a team like Oklahoma or Texas, who if I’m not mistaken, they stopped play both of them in the coming weeks of the season. So, there should be some pretty fun games to watch, without a doubt. I have that Baylor win this one 42,14 over Oklahoma State. 

Evan Mellett: [10:58] Up next, we have number 19 S.M.U versus Temple. I have S.M.U winning this one, 31,17 S.M.U. I have this one, I mean, it’s probably closer than that, but I think S.M.U still definitely takes care of business by at least two possessions, and I think they pull away more in the second half in this one. Now going down the homestretch in number 20, Minnesota. They’ll be going up against Rockers, I have Minnesota definitely winning this one. I think that Minnesota is just the golden gophers just another good team out there. That could definitely surprise some people, I wouldn’t be surprised if they fall off an upset maybe this year. So, I think they could definitely be on that watch then, S.M.U, Baylor or like Boise State. I think those teams are going to show, or if they get into a bowl game, I think they can really show what they can do, which I mean they’ll get in if they’re in the top 25 there’s no question about that. I mean, I have Minnesota winning this game, probably 28-20, I think this game will be close to the Rockers, but I don’t think its kind of like, I don’t know if you’re going to call it suspenseful. 

Evan Mellett: [11:53] Up next number 21. Cincinnati will be going up against Tulsa, I have Cincinnati winning this game, probably 28-14, I think Cincinnati. So, it’s a pretty good win, Tulsa I’ve seen them play once or twice, again I think they’re a good team. This has a chance of an upset, but definitely not like a high chance of an upset. So, which is why, I definitely think Cincinnati, is definitely good enough to take care of business in this one. Up next number 22, Missouri they’ll be going up against Vanderbilt, Missouri another good team with Kelly Bryant, I think that he’s playing, I mean, I think he’s been playing a fabulous year so far. Missouri, just yet another team in the S.E.C, and I think a pull off and upset that could really just shock everybody, could shake up probably the hierarchy, like the hierarchy of the S.E.C, with Bama and L.S.U at the top, and then they just kind of go down from there. Like Florida, Georgia, they’re up there, they’re kind of at the higher, then the middle, then there’s the middle, then the lower dwellers, like Missouri playing which is Vanderbilt, they’re usually down at the lower end of the spectrum like in that at least in that hierarchy system. But I think Missouri, so that’s why I think Missouri will definitely get this job done. I think, they will win this game 35 to 7, I think Kelly probably knows by four or five passing touchdowns because he’s just unreal. I’m a real fan of his, I think that he’s a really talented guy. I thought he was at Clemson too, I thought Missouri really got a good one. And I think they really, I still think that they really got a good quarterback in him as a transfer. 

Evan Mellett: [13:16] Up next number 23, Iowa versus Purdue. I like the Hawkeyes in this one, just because the fact that I think there, I liked what I saw against Penn State. Yeah, they didn’t get the win, but I really saw a lot about them. I think they’re really sleeper for being 23rd in the nation. I think there’s that they definitely have reason to be higher than what they are. They are, I mean they are where they are, and I think that they’re going to take care of business against Purdue, I have them winning this game 42-14, and then finishing out, we were finishing out the number 24, is number 25 in the nation is on a by the number 24 Appalachian State, who just got in because they are also undefeated. They just got in and made their way into the top 25 points against University of Louisiana in a row. I haven’t seen a lot of like this team play exactly like a crazy amount, but I have watched some of like their games, after like they’ve gone live, like after like on recording, I mean I see a lot of promise in this team. I don’t see why this team wouldn’t be good, like I mean yeah, they’re not like a talk to your team but I mean, there is something to say. Yeah, even no matter what conference there, they’re still undefeated, I mean, they’re still ranked nationally. I think they can win this game 28 nothing, I think this game could definitely be a show down. 

Evan Mellett: [14:27] Now with the NCAA wrapped up, we move on to the second segment of our podcast, and that will be the NFL. We will start off the NFL by talking about the Arizona Cardinals versus the New York Giants, I have the Cardinals winning this one as a score of 24-17. I think the Giants make this close, but Kyle Murray really kind of he helps them do a game winning touchdown drive, seal this one in favor of the Cardinals. Next one, we will talk about is the LA Rams versus the Atlanta Falcons. So, I have the Rams in this one. I think that there’s a lot of question about this one, I think the Rams are going to bounce back, because they’ve lost in three. They started out in season three and now they’ve lost three straight games, I’m against a very like lackluster Atlanta team this year. I think that there’s no reason why they definitely shouldn’t get this win. So, I have them winning this game 28-14 in favor of the LA Rams. Up next we have Miami versus Buffalo, I have Buffalo winning this one, Buffalo actually, they showed me something whenever they played against the New England game, a couple weeks back they played a very good game against New England. And I thought they really looked like a talented team in that game especially.


Evan Mellett: [15:38] They lost awesome talent with Josh Allen and the other guy Cole Beasley, I’ve never seen him before, I understand they have some talent. I think there’s no question that they beat Miami in this one, I have Buffalo to win this game 22-7. Up next Jacksonville versus the Cincinnati Bengals. I think there’s no reason Jacksonville shouldn’t get this win, and which is there who I picked. As I think Gardener Minshew, is going to have a couple passing touches. Gardener Minshew the second is going to have a couple of passing touchdowns. At least two so, I think which I is why think this is probably going to be, I’d say 28-7, win for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I think this is going to be a pretty commanding game for them, because I think Cincinnati, they’re just having a lot of trouble and this is just not the year that they really wanted. Up next Minnesota versus Detroit, I have Detroit in this one I was initially going to pick Minnesota, but I think I like Detroit in this matchup, after looking a little bit more into it, and which is why I think Matthew Stafford could definitely have a pretty good game for them, which is I think he’s definitely going to be the X Factor here. It will really make the difference for Detroit to secure them the win. So, I think without question that they’re going to be able to secure the win, which is why, that’s why I picked them, and I have them winning this game 24-10.

Evan Mellett: [16:47] Up next we have the Oakland Raiders versus the Green Bay Packers, I have Green Bay winning this one with a struggling Oakland team, this has to be a win for Green Bay. I think they need this win, to be able to just help with their conference standing especially and I just they just need this win. And there’s no reason why they shouldn’t get it, I have them winning this game 31-20, I think that they definitely could put a 30 up on this Oakland defense. That’s my score prediction for that one. Now getting into some of the later games in Indianapolis versus Houston, Indianapolis, I have winning this game. I know Houston just came off a big win over Kansas City last week. But I think that Indianapolis and Jacoby Brissett, I’ve seen some sparks of like a really good team in them, which is when I think that it could definitely come out in this game against in a division rival, and of division game, which is why both these teams really need this one to try to take command in this division. As either well, probably the two top teams we’re looking at for the winner in this division. One of these two teams when you try to like really to make a statement game and try to really make a statement going forward with this with a win in this game. Probably a pretty good game of a 35-28, Indianapolis win. 

Evan Mellett: [17:54] Right now San Francisco versus the Washington Redskins. I think there’s no question San Francisco gets to seven now, as they win this game 35-7 is my prediction for that one in favor of the Forty-Niners. Up next we have the Tennessee Titans and LA Chargers, Los Angeles chargers. I have the Titans in this one, I think they always get a win in saying that AFC South race with the Texans and Colts. I think the Chargers are definitely having a lot of problems. As I kind of saw in that Steelers and chargers’ game, which I watched. I thought that I could see that, I mean, they had some promise, but I think there was a lot of holes in that, and that Chargers team are going to be patched up. So, which is why I definitely think Tennessee gets the win here, like I don’t think there’s really a big debate there. I think Tennessee is definitely the better team out of these two. And I have Tennessee winning this game 35-20.

Evan Mellett: [18:44] Up next we have New Orleans versus the Chicago Bears, the New Orleans Saints. I think Teddy Bridgewater and the Saints get yet another win with him and starting quarterback and he’s undefeated as a Saint starting quarterback up to this point. And I think they’re going to get another win as the Chicago defense is trying to really bounce back after having a bad game against Green Bay the week before, but I just don’t think this is a team to do it again. Because I think the Saints are really rocking and rolling like right now with Teddy Bridgewater behind the QB. So, I definitely think New Orleans gets this win, my guess would probably be 35-21, New Orleans for this one. Up next we have the biggest probably the biggest game of the week, which is the Seattle Seahawks against Baltimore Ravens. This is just going to be one big game, because you have Russell Wilson who’s definitely, who’s going to be a big MVP candidate because this was some stellar stats that he’s been putting up like throughout this entire season, like crazy like he’s one of the only quarterbacks and not have any interceptions thrown that started at all like every game, and just many other crazy like he’s just been putting together crazy numbers, and I think he’s going to be the big X factor here. I think he’s really going to make the difference. I have them winning this game, since the Seahawks won this game 31-24 over the Ravens. I think just like the Saints, they’re really, they’re going to get a rhythm either rocking and rolling with a really good rhythm, which is why I think that this is definitely going to be a good win for them. 

Evan Mellett: [20:03] The Sunday night game we have the Philadelphia Eagles versus Dallas Cowboys. I have Dallas in this one, I think Dak Prescott, a lot of people have been saying, which I agree with has kind of come back down to earth like the crazy start that he started out on. But I still think he’s going to have a very good year for the Cowboys. I think he can still get them to definitely a 9,7 or 10, 6 record, I think that’s definitely a good high point for the Cowboys at this season. Which is why I think that they’re definitely going to win this in this in division game against the Eagles, to try to take charge of that game because I mean, it’s going to come down to these two teams anyway. The Giants, Redskins aren’t having the best season so far. But I do think Dallas has to take command here, I think they will win this game 34-27 in favor of the Cowboys. And then the last game of the of the NFL week is the Monday night game which will be the New England Patriots against the New York Jets, this is probably one of the more no brainer column picks. Well I have the Patriots winning this one, because I just think that they’re definitely the better team. I have them winning this one I score 24-3. 

Evan Mellett: [21:04] And I think Brady has couple touchdown passes, and I think the Patriots can come and do whatever, this is going to be a game where they can kind of do whatever they want on this team. And just like do whatever they want to like whenever they want to just because I think they’re just, I mean, I think that they are over all the better team, I buy a pretty good margin over the Jets. With that last patriots and Jets prediction, now we’ll wrap up the 30th edition of “The Sports Run on Podcast”. Make sure to go follow “The Sports Run on Podcast, Twitter down below and if there’s anything that you want me to talk about in future podcasts, make sure to comment down below. But with that said, I want to thank you all for listening.