Evan Mellett: [00:09] Hello everyone, welcome to the 29th edition of “The Sports Run on Podcast”. In this podcast we will be starting out by talking about the NCAA. First, we are going to talk about the updated top 10 after this week’s action. Starting out the top 10 after this week’s action, number one will be Alabama, it will be number one in the nation as they won very easily this weekend. Number two on the list for the top 10 is L.S.U, they had the premiere game with a week as they played against Florida. They ended up getting a big 42, 28 in that game, it was the Primetime night game on Saturday night. It was a very big win for L.S.U and looking at that game it really makes a lot of people think the L.S.U is a world championship contender, just because the fact of how they play and just how well they play. 

Evan Mellett: [01:04] Yeah, they gave up some points, but they still play a very good game against a pretty good four team, as you know if you listen to some of my other podcasts unlike the Islands. If you want to understand the hype therefore, it has been getting as recently, just because I don’t think they’re very that good, I mean, I think they’re okay, but I don’t think they’re anything special, I don’t think they’re going to be anything special. I’m not surprised that L.S.U was able to get the win here. Up next is number three, Clemson. A lot of people are doubting how good this team really is. A couple weeks ago, they were put up to a test against a unranked U.N.C team where they almost lost some people who said,” well if U.N.C was going in as a team to try to win the game?” But as Clemson had to win that game at the very end. But I still think this is a good Clemson team there, the one thing that Clemson doesn’t have over them, is that they don’t have a very good strength of schedule going for them, because in the N.C.C.A, you’ll have the liberty of being able to lose once in your strength of schedule and still giving your ability to get into the college football playoffs, say you went out, but that will be one school in particular, I’ll talk about later on the podcast.

Evan Mellett: [02:15] Isn’t that the scenario right now? But we’ll talk about them later, but that’s why I just think Clemson, I think especially the N.C.C.A, it’s a powerhouse conference, but it’s just, it’s not the same as the S.E.C, you can’t win, and you can’t lose. And because you have so many big games left, you are still able to get in. I think, I mean Clemson you have kind of in the N.C.C.A, in some cases, the big 10 you kind of have to win out, to be able to have a chance to go into the college football playoffs. Up next is the number four ranking, it’s a big 10 too you know, they’ll be Ohio State. Ohio State, a lot of it has just been dominated over the last couple of weeks beating teams by four or five touchdowns with Justin Fields, looking like a very much a Heise Mcikinsey, looking at this point. At least Just because of just how good he is like, I mean, but I mean, I think he’s good. 

Evan Mellett: [03:07] Don’t get me wrong, I want to see how Justin Fields gets put, whenever he plays a ginormous game that they’re going to have to play it regular season, which will be beside the big 10, which will be the Ohio State against Wisconsin game, which I think is going to be a ginormous game. And I think the winner like without question has to do, probably won the big 10 at that point. So, like outright because those definitely the only two teams that are really going forward at this point. I want to see how Ohio State does in that game and I mean, I think Justin Fields is good. I think he’s a Heisman candidate, maybe not just yet, maybe if he also goes off, and I was going to that game, kind of can’t argue with it at that point. Because that’s the only other big opponent, but I feel like it’s just kind of the fact. I don’t really know, I think Justin Fields is good, but do I think he’s like, great, do I think he’s like a high-level candidate? No question, he has it, he’s going to win it, like he’s going to be a front runner, and win it, I don’t think, I wouldn’t go that far. But do I think that he’s a talented quarterback that can really might be a have a chance of taking Ohio State far? Yeah, I think there’s definitely a chance for that to happen.

Evan Mellett: [04:09] Up next, who probably is my front runner, would be for the Heisman. If I had to pick it at this point, which be the quarterback and number five, Oklahoma, they’ll be sitting at the five spot after what went down after they also had a big game it against Texas, they had over 155th meeting, annual meeting of the Red River Rivalry, which I’ll get into more specifics later, but they were able to get a win in that one. And I think Jalen Hurts really excelled in that game, against I think, that was a good Texas team, I want to say it was a great team. I don’t know if I call them like a playoff team or maybe even a top five team. But do I think the Texas Team definitely still has some skill, absolutely the team that they’d beat, but I’ll get into that just a little bit later on. Coming up next after Oklahoma, and Jalen Hurts will be the number six Wisconsin, this will be the game that I would absolutely want to see, the Ohio State, Wisconsin game, because that game will most likely be for the big 10, unless Michigan can break I mean, even if Michigan wins out, I don’t know if there’s a chance that they’ll be winning, after just getting run by Wisconsin the time that they played. 

Evan Mellett: [05:13] Whenever Michigan was outranked high earlier in this season, if you remember, as they got a lot of hype, then Wisconsin was kind of, honestly a lot of people would say, “why don’t they just dismantle that team”? Like it wasn’t even right, like Wisconsin really just, like that game wasn’t even close from like most of the game, which is why a lot of people think Wisconsin would be the only fight that Ohio State will have to deal with, the only team Ohio State really have to beat, to be able to really crown selves, the big 10 champion and Mike really have a real discussion of being in. And then on the flip side Wisconsin was constant, I mean, they also have a Heisman candidate at that point, they have their running back Jonathan Taylor, he won the only highest white top candidate, as Heisman was the quarterback at this point and something, like he was not the only one as most of the Heisman are Justin Fields to attack Hello from Bama, and then Jalen Hurts from Oklahoma ,and then Jonathan Taylor are mostly there’s, I feel like is what most people will say, if you ask them at this point at least. 

Evan Mellett: [06:12] So, I think this Wisconsin team is very good, I think they have what it takes to beat Ohio State. I think our defense is going to play live, just there to put their lights out. Like I think there’s no question, I don’t think anybody’s going to really doubt me. I think they really just honestly have to play lights out, if they want to be able to win this game. And they haven’t really taken control the big 10, I mean, and then after this, is yet another big 10 team with Penn State as there is a lot. I think Ohio State, Wisconsin are two of the big ones, but who knows, Penn State could be a sleeper team that could sneak in after they got a win last week over Iowa. So, I think there’s a chance that they could slip in, but I think Penn State has their work cut out for them. I think again, this is just another team that I mean, I feel like if you listen to some of my podcasts, you will realize that I say this about their recovery teams. 

Evan Mellett: [07:02] And I feel like it’s because of how early it is in the season, I saved a couple team that’s kind of like, I have a couple of teams, which I usually say each podcast, like teams that you need to watch out for type thing, because they’re the chance that they can very easily go both ways, depending on how their big game goes as Penn State’s last play L.S.U, Ohio State, and they will still be playing Wisconsin they win that game, both of those games somehow and we could have a very different discussion going on about that team and how good they really are, it could be like a completely different discussion. So, I think Penn State is another team where I thought that just a lot of people need more time to think about them just because they haven’t played a real bulk like those two big games, they kind of in a big 10 to kind of find their season. Same thing with Michigan, I mean, they do stuff to play Ohio State with the last game of the year. But I mean Michigan, those folks are another case where they’re kind of out of it at this point. I mean, unless they literally went out as L.S.U as I said earlier, but Penn State is completely not that situation as Michigan, that’s not why I talked about Michigan there. 

Evan Mellett: [08:03] It’s just the fact that, I think they’re just a couple of teams that really have a chance, and who knows, Penn State beat Ohio State and Michigan somehow pulls off an upset over Ohio State, Ohio State could just as easily, could be right. And then Ohio State somehow doesn’t win, or even crazier, Penn State knocks off Wisconsin and Michigan knocks off Ohio State, then Penn State jumps into the driver’s seat. I mean, there are those four teams, that I feel can definitely, and who knows, I can just be sleeping on one. And there could be a team that just comes down to play against Wisconsin, like in northwestern who knows. Like that’s the Penn State or Wisconsin as a high sea or deployed them. But who knows that there could just be a team like that, or like just any Iowa team as the play one of these teams something like that, like a team that’s good, but they’re like no, not a championship contender and they kind of have nothing to lose? They just go and absolutely play out of their minds, I think that’s also a definitely a possibility to happen. And I could easily throw a wrench in all this, as you see there, we’ve already seen un-ranking, through a wrench in this entire college football playoffs. 

Evan Mellett: [09:03] Up next number eight, Notre Dame, Ohio State in the eighth spot, and Notre Dame they barely survived the U.S.C team which was pulling out of their mind, with their third string quarterback. They were just playing, a lot of people wondering, “why is this game close to Notre Dame, why is this game? You know, you’re not helping your cause nationally, if you’re keeping this game close for as long as you are. Because I mean, as you know that for these eight people, they take into consideration like how these two, like yeah who they be? But it’s also taking into consideration how they beat them, which is why Wisconsin is for a big reason, they’re up there not just because they beat Michigan, it’s because they beat Michigan very handily, like as handily as they pulled their starting quarterback, like I mean a lot, I think a lot of people don’t realize the fact that they look that in depth into it. And it comes down to more than just who you beat, like where you beat them, it can really honestly come. I mean, a lot of people, in some cases it is tight, but in some cases the eight people, is there’s a lot of it does based on style or points, which I’ve always thought is kind of interesting that they do it that way.

Evan Mellett: [10:09] Up next number nine Florida, even after a loss against L.S.U again, I still have to say they’re on the S.E.C and they already have a big one over Auburn. So, I think there’s no question, but then again this is just another team, you went out and you still have a chance of being there, I for one believe that because if they win out, and you still have a chance of being there in the top four. But again, you have to win out, you have to beat the likes of Bama, you have to beat the L.S.U, you have to beat these really good teams in the S.E.C. And then a team that a lot of people think really, just they really completely, just showed like it was the biggest upset of what I think definitely was the biggest upset of the year so far. Was South Carolina, one end to end the hedges on another known Sanford Stadium, and beat Georgia, number three Georgia, and upset by unranked South Carolina. South Carolina also having in their backup quarterback, they pull off in some cases the upset of the year, what a lot of people would say.

Evan Mellett: [11:08] So, which is why, this is taking a lot of people especially if you’re a Georgia fan, you probably already know, you’re crunching results right now, you’re like who won, how they win, did Georgia win? Make sure Georgia wins, it’s just kind of the thing, Georgia and Florida having one loss in the S.E.C, you’re not completely out of it. With Clemson you get one loss, Penn State, Wisconsin you maybe get one loss and you can be out of it. You’d have to just win the big 10 again, I mean that’s what a lot of these teams, especially the S.E.C, because the amount of weight that you can put on your resume, I won the S.E.C, like I won the S.E.C championship, that’s a lot to put on your resume. You got to remember Florida or Georgia they’re going to get to the S.E.C championship, they are going to definitely have to win out. Georgia is going to have to beat L.S.U, and then for a good part they’re going to most likely have to beat Miami too. I do like, I mean it’s kind of just probably what it’s going to have to come down to. 

Evan Mellett: [12:00] Georgia, they’re going to have to win out, they’re going to have to win the biggest, they’re going to have to pull off, in some cases some upsets. It might not be a ginormous upset, it might be a six over one. But I mean that one, is probably could be Bama, if Bama could easily beat L.S.U, as they said the two spots right now. But I mean, it came all the way down to overtime and Rodrigo Blankenship hooked one left and they lost by three to South Carolina. And again, that a lot of people thought they had a loss beforehand, South Carolina shouldn’t just take care of business. This game was going to be over, and Georgia kept on fighting, they kept on fighting, they just kept on fighting without question and I just feel like South Carolina just was able. I mean, they were, I think that they honestly probably played a better game, which is why a lot of people said like they played a good amount, like a very much better game, like without question, which is why a lot of people wondered, why was this game so close? But I mean, they still did end up winning at the end because we missed the field goal by Rodrigo Blankenship the kicker. 

Evan Mellett: [13:04] Now as I said earlier, just want to reiterate. There are a couple teams that I think really are ready for championship contenders at this point. Most ones are top, the big one that I just want to talk about was L.S.U, and Oklahoma, they’re both, and then Ohio State, these are the three that I like. I think they’re championship contenders, I think they have a very good chance of being championship contenders. But do I think that they’re going to like, I just don’t know. I think Alabama is just it’s such a strong team, it’s going to be hard for any team to honestly beat them, just because of how strong they are. But I mean, that’s also what I thought about Georgia. I thought Georgia, this could be their year to really pull off an upset, they have a really strong team, and they go, and just go out and play flat home and lose to unranked South Carolina team, with an injured backup quarterback. So, I mean, who knows Oklahoma could go out and lose to W.V.U, and then their season could be over completely. I want you guys to just take everything that kind of I’m saying, and a lot of other people like analysts would say, ” take it with a grain of salt”, because again, like as I said Penn State, Wisconsin, they both haven’t played Ohio State yet. We have Penn State, oh no, I don’t think, yeah, they haven’t played Wisconsin or Ohio State yet. 

Evan Mellett: [14:08] And then L.S.U, they are supposed to play Alabama, which is going to be, it’s most likely, that’s going to be a crazy game. Alabama still plays Auburn, that again could be a crazy game. L.S.U, also plays Georgia, that again could be a game that can completely beat it. And again, who knows L.S.U, goes in, maybe they could pull up Georgia, and go on and play flat at Tiger Stadium. A team like Missouri and Kelly Brian comes in, pulls off an upset and they completely throw a wrench in it. L.S.U season, that might end there, if it’s longer down the road. Who knows like at this point, which is why I feel like everything you got to take it with a grain of salt, because there are many teams in the NCAA at this point that have not played the bulk of their schedule? That, and then when they do we’re going to see a lot more, we’re going to see what the true stripes to these teams looks like whenever they’re  really, like L.S.U,  they really have to play like the craziest opponents of the season which will be Bama, I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong that game it will be at Alabama this year. So, that will even make it an even crazier game. 

Evan Mellett: [15:08] Now moving on to the NFL doing a little on the NFL, we look at the Rams. The Rams are really struggling right now, that’s kind of just how, this is only the really way to put it, it’s kind of honestly, could probably be the nice way to put it. As Rams are really struggling, if all three and three start out three now. They kind of just started just losing, losing, and now they are three and three, and now they went from being like in a drive from the NFC to being just 500, and just being kind of being there. Which I will talk about the NFC more, which is kind of one of the top teams, and who I think are really the front runners at this point. But I think the Rams,, they cut, you really have to like, you got to put some wins, you got to go to five, three or six, because they could win a couple in a row if you want to be put back into that conversation of elite in the NFC. And do I think the Rams can do that? 

Evan Mellett: [16:01] Absolutely, do I think it’s completely out of reach, do I think their season’s over, six games in? No, I don’t think they any team this season with over six games in, unless you’re Miami, then that’s a different story. But I mean, that’s a different conversation, Miami they have all kinds of problems at this point in the season, now been winless. As I told you about them, Miami they’re now winless, they have lost, they lost to Washington. And Washington, yeah, you finally got the first one of the years. Yeah, it was over and over and 16, yeah. Yeah, I know, some of the other ones pretty much, as I don’t know exactly how to put that nicely. Some of the other wins, they’re both going to be awful this year, I highly doubt either those two teams are going to get to four wins this year. Like I could see a 3, and 13 and a 2, and 14 beating, or even a 150 for Miami, that’s what some people are predicting. I might be a little bit nicer give them two wins, kind of depending on the schedule of injuries and all, and a couple other factors. 

Evan Mellett: [17:03] But yeah, Washington got their first win of the season in the battle of, and normally the battle of, who cares? Just the battle is about these fan bases, they don’t care about thinking, because they’re like,” hey, at least somebody has to get the first win of the season, let’s just hope it’s us”, type of thing. But I feel like it’s the battle of the moment, okay national time could be the battle who cares, just because neither of these teams are going to be playoff teams. But Washington they get their first win, even if it is over now, even at 16, a win is still a win. A team that end up being a second win, which I really like, this could be an unpopular opinion, but I mean I like the Steelers, even I think the Steelers are going to do better with Devon Hodges, their third string quarterback Doc Hodges than they did with Mason Rudolph. I liked Hodges more, I like the way the game he plays more coward. And I feel like he already is doing better with the Steelers offense. I think he already has a connection with the receivers, after they had just a ginormous win over what ended up being a ginormous win. 

Evan Mellett: [18:03] The first half was a lot terrible of a game than the second one was, they ended up winning the game 24-17, the Charges did end up making it interesting. On the other side, that’s just the Chargers, a lot of people are wondering just what’s happening, like where did they just fall off? They got Melvin Gordon back, and where did they fall off? I mean, but again, that’s a different conversation. Right now, we’re talking about the Steelers, and I honestly just think, I think that the Steelers, it’s probably a very unpopular opinion at this point in the season, but I think this the goes our playoff team. If they have Devon Hodges, I think that the Steelers are a playoff team. I know a lot of people are going to be like, you’re crazy. And they get two wins, and you think they’re a playoff team. No, I just I think the Steelers are good, I think they’re going to do good behind Hodges, and I think that, and again, as I said before, it’s a very unpopular opinion. But I think there’s definitely a chance in this AFC that the Steelers can make the playoffs, if they can get it to eight day, I think there’s a chance they can make a wild card without question. 

Evan Mellett: [19:02] Now talking about the Charges and the flip side of that, a lot of people are wondering like what has happened to them. They got Melvin Gordon back, and they still lose to a Steeler team, which a lot probably a good amount of them thought they should have won, as it was 24-23, and then proceeded to score 14 points unanswered and still come down a one score, one touchdown win for the Steelers wasn’t exactly a blowout. But it’s just going to come down to the, it’s I don’t know it’s really the Charges. I don’t really know what exactly is going to happen with them, I thought they were a pretty good team coming into this year. I thought they were one of the better teams coming into this year. But it’s at this point, I don’t know if I can exactly say that, I think the one of the better teams right now. Now moving on the Jets, this was definitely the biggest upset of the week, the Jets got their first win of the year, they beat the Dallas Cowboys behind a two touchdown game by Sam Daro as he came back from Monaco, as he was out because he was sick, comes back, two touch on games, and just the Dallas fans, if you’re a Dallas fan, the only the only thing you can say is that your team has finally come back down to earth a lot of people didn’t thought that this will happen, and it did. 

Evan Mellett: [20:09] And they officially come back down to earth and my opinion at least, I just think that that’s interesting because I think the Cowboys, we’re just going to have to see how the season turns out, it’s still long, they still have 10 more games in this season. I mean, most teams have nine and a bye, but some teams still have 10. So, I still think it’s just interesting that the Jets were able to get this win as the Dallas Cowboys, they had on so much, Hyde Prescott, MVP. He had an incredible game three seed for three weeks in, and I mean, I could have told you I mean, it’s three weeks into the season. Yeah, you’re three now, but whenever you get to second eight, I feel like that’s when you start getting attention, which I think there are two teams, I definitely could make it to seven now or eight. But again, I’m going to talk about that a little bit later. But I just think the Cowboys their fans right now don’t exactly know how to feel about their team. 

Evan Mellett: [21:01] Just because the fact of you just lost to a Jets team, gave them the first one the year with the same Donald Hughes, who A lot of people think has been very underwhelming with his time at New York. But now proceeding pro off like one of the biggest upsets of the week, so I mean, go figure how that really worked. Not talking about the NFC, as I said, is going to talk about a little bit earlier, and the really two top teams as far as I see, are the Seahawks and the Forty-Niners, at this point, as the Forty-Niners are undefeated, and the Seahawks, I think they’ve lost one game, but they have a very big match coming up next week against a good Baltimore Ravens team. Again, Andre Baltimore’s Ravens team, but a pretty good one. In that, so I think that’s going to be a big game before you can really say anything about the Seahawks. Forty-Niners, I think they just they deserve respective, six now. Same thing with the Patriots, those two teams are still undefeated six weeks into the season. A lot of people have the Forty-Niners this week could be like an eight and eight season, they literally already have six wins. So, go figure about that one. Philadelphia, the two top teams right now, the Seahawks and the Forty-Niners. In the AFC I don’t really know exactly what to call the top team to this point. 

Evan Mellett: [22:08] Now they call the Patriots because they’re undefeated, so they have to be a top team no doubt, another team I thought at this point of the season, I’m saying the Chiefs are a top team. Now who knows, I might be saying the Texans are a top team, because the Chiefs just lost a big game into the Texans, Patrick Mohames is not playing, I mean he’s definitely not playing his best, again he’s playing awful. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not playing awful, is he playing great? No, it’s not that either, he’s not playing great or awful. But did they get the win? No, I mean, okay I don’t want to say it’s either great or awful, if you’re going off the usual passion behind the standards, he bite off, I’m sorry, but he didn’t just put up six touchdown games, and that’s what it felt like at that point, this is what Patrick Mahomes standard is. So yeah, he didn’t put up six touchdowns again, so that’s dark enough, and I mean, you lost to a Texan team, that a lot of people think you should have beaten. Just besides to add the fact that Chiefs, they just took another L, that’s not it, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen that. I think they and the Forty-Niners, I’m pretty sure it’s two straight losses to the Chiefs now, after the loss of the Texans.

Evan Mellett: [23:10] And I think the chiefs are just looking for a place, like where they’re going after this point, because I think a lot of people didn’t expect them to be four and two at this point in the season. On the flip side that we have the Texans who are probably feeling really good about themselves, as this was a very big one for them, and I think Texans is another team that I think might be able to sneak into the playoffs. They could easily be a wildcard team, maybe better, but the AFC South with them, and the Colts is going to be a very interesting division to see how that turns out, those two both living a pretty good teams this year. And I finish off talking about the NFL, we have the Panthers as it’s looking like the Panthers are going to officially be set on Kyle Allen over Cam Newton, as they say, Cam has officially said he will be coming back. The old Panther said he’ll be coming back, for next week to be up on a quarterback for Carolina Panthers. But a lot of people said Kyle Allen will be the starter no matter what next week, as it said, that they want him for going in the future as they think that at this point, he has a better quarterback. 

Evan Mellett: [24:11] Not even though he’s a better quarterback, just like he is kind of injury prone and they just didn’t come out and playing very well for this Panthers team as of recently. With that said, this will wrap up the 29th edition of “The Sports Run on Podcast”. I want to thank you all for listening, and if you had anything that you think I should have touched on, make sure to comment down below and if there are any podcasts that you haven’t seen, make sure to go get caught up on those down below and make sure you go give them a listen. I want to thank you all for listening.