Evan Mellett: [00:09] Hello, welcome back to the 28th edition of the “Sports Run On Podcast”. In this edition podcasts we will be back to do a yet another prediction Friday for this week’s upcoming games in the NCAA and NFL. Starting off the NCAA, we started out talking about the top team in the nation now the Alabama, Alabama will be going up against number 24 Texas a&m this week. I have Bama on this one, I have them winning this game 31-17, I think the Texas a&m might put points up and I think this is still at least going to be a two-score difference between these two teams. Looking now at number two, Clemson vs Florida State, I have Clemson again, Clemson winning this one by a pretty big margin. This Florida State team has been struggling majorly, as of the last leg this year mostly. So, I think this should be an easy win for Clemson to be able to just put another one on the resume. So, I have my predictions for Clemson to win this one, 35 nothing.

Evan Mellett: [01:18] Up next number three, Georgia versus South Carolina. I have Georgia to win this one, I think they’re going to win this game probably 42-6, is my prediction. I think they’ll be filled with a couple field goals for South Carolina, but I think that’s about the extent of it, because I think Georgia has a very talented team. And so, I think that they’ll be able to get the job done pretty easily. Up next number four Ohio State versus Northwestern, Ohio State has been on a rampage as of recently with Justin Fields looking like one of the best quarterbacks in the nation at this point, just because of how well he’s been playing. But I mean, we’ll have to see going down the stretch how well he plays, but up to this one, he’s definitely a Heisman contender. So, mostly for that I have Ohio State winning this game 56-7.

Evan Mellett: [02:06] Up next number five L.C.U, against number 74, this is one of the big games of this week, it’s where College Game day is going to be, I have L.S.U winning this one. I think Florida is going to make this game close, but I mean, there’s also a chance that this game is a complete blowout. I mean, I don’t believe any of the Florida hype, I think that they’re a good team. Do I think that they’re a top 10 team? No, I think there are top 17, they cannot be on the top five team, even if they are playing at home? No, I just don’t think that’s going to happen. It’s probably going to be like a 34-24, it’s going to be probably be still two possessions. Up next number six, Oklahoma versus number 11, Texas. This will be the 155th meeting of the Red River Rivalry between these two schools, I have Oklahoma winning this one. They showed some, I think they showed some interesting things against W.V.U. Yes, they won that game, but I think it was just kind of interesting that they made some mistakes that really could have made that game or blow out and I vote Texas as a good team. But they’re definitely not up to the caliber that some people think they are to be the number 11 team in the country. I think they should definitely still be top 15 but 11 might just be a little bit too high for them. I still do think that they keep this close just because the fact is a rivalry game and I think this game definitely comes down to the wire. So, I have Oklahoma to win this game 31-24.

Evan Mellett: [03:30] Up next. I have weird number eight, Wisconsin versus. Michigan State. Wisconsin just been, I think that Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin, Jonathan Taylor have been very powerful this year. So far, just because of the fact that he’s running, has just been very dominant this year, as he definitely should be a Heisman contestant going into this season. Oh, at the end of this season, so I think he has a pretty big game against the Michigan State team that’s taking off, coming off a pretty bad loss against the top Ohio State team. So, I have Wisconsin probably winning this 135-7, with Taylor at least having a couple of rushing touchdowns. Up next, number nine Notre Dame versus U.S.C. This is another rivalry game, it’s going to be going on this week as Notre Dame, as they have a very cherished rivalry between these two teams, it’s a pretty long going rivalry. I don’t think it’s really going to close this year because I feel U.S.C, is kind of having a down year this year. Notre Dame maybe is to a point, but I think they’re still better than a one a lot of people think, but they’re going off the fact that they were able to take a Georgia team all the way down to the final possession. But I still think that they’re done knock off U.S.C probably, 41 nothing is my prediction for that game at least. 

Evan Mellett: [04:49] Next up, number 10, Penn State versus number 17 Iowa, another really good game that’s going to be going on this week. This is probably going to be one of my bigger upset picks of the week, I’m going with number 17, Iowa over Penn State, I like Iowa, like the attacks that will  be going with their tight end, and I think Iowa is a good team, and I think they could definitely pull off an upset from what I’ve seen from them so far this year. But this one I think is definitely going to be close, Iowa will win this one, 31-27, in an upset over Pen State. Up next, number 12, Auburn versus Arkansas, I have Auburn winning this one, I think that this, I don’t think this game will be close, I think that Auburn is a talented team, even after that coming off a loss the Florida, they’re going to want a big bounce back game. So, I think this could be like a 35 nothing game definitely.

Evan Mellett: [05:39] Up next, number 13 Oregon vs Colorado. So, I have Oregon winning this one probably 28-7, I think, I don’t know if they’re going to put up more than 28 points, because this is an Oregon team that’s talented, but are they like top 10? No, they are not, not in my mind. I don’t think at least, but I do think they’re still a pretty good team, which is why I think they’ll definitely get the win against an unranked Colorado team. Up next number 14, Boise State versus Hawaii, I was kind of surprised whenever I saw Boise State jump up to this high, up to 14, Boise State coming out of not like a really known conference, I think it’s kind of hard to get up, the same thing that just the pack focused like but even smaller. I think it’s pretty impressive that they’re off as high as they are just at this point. They’re not coming out of a very strong conference, I mean, they’ll be going against Hawaii this week. And I think Boise State wins this one, probably 42-7, I left direction for this one. 

Evan Mellett: [06:39] Up next number 15, Utah against Oregon State. I think the Utes are going to do pretty good in this one. I have probably a 31-10 win, coming for the Utes in this one. Up next number 16 Michigan versus. Illinois, Michigan still just trying to come back after two after facing that horrible loss against Wisconsin like that, though. Like, I don’t even know what you call that, like they just kind of got destroyed in some sense. I have Michigan’s definitely going to come and get a win here, like they just got to keep trying to push back and see if they can get back up into the top. And then just try to win out at least until I get to the Ohio State game, to see if they can win that one to put another big game on their resume. I think they win this one probably 21-7. 

Evan Mellett: [07:28] Up next number 18, Arizona State and Washington State. I’ve Arizona State to win this one, just because the fact I like their team this year, I’ve watched a couple of their games, and I really liked their team this year. And they’re very talented, but so it’s why I definitely think that they’ll get a win over and unranked Washington State team. So, I think that this would be a good win for them, as they win this game 31-7. Up next, I have my second upset pick of the day which will be the Wake Forest, I think they’ll get up, number 19, Lake Forest is getting upset by unranked Louisville. I think Lake Forest was just coming on and they’re going to play, like there’s going to play their minds out against this team. Like, I think they’re going to just, they’re just going to go at it, and I just think that they’re definitely going to, I think they’re going to be able to pull off an upset and that like a lot of people didn’t see coming. I have Louisville to win this game 28-24, they will be close, I think Louisville might edge them just in the end. 

Evan Mellett: [08:27] Up next number 20, Virginia versus Miami. I have Virginia winning this game, because I like, even after the loss they took last week, I like that their quarterback, I like their offense, I like the way that they play. So, I think there is still a chance for them to put a bunch of a good amount more wins together before the season ends at least. I think that they they’re definitely still a talented team, they can definitely win a more a couple more games. I’ve them winning this one, 31-7. Now going down to the homestretch, number 22, Baylor versus Texas Tech, I have Baylor winning this one, at at this point, I think this could also be an upset game. I don’t think it will be, I think it will be close. I have Baylor winning this game 28-21, like I think it will be close, but I think Baylor would be able to pull off a good show that they’re the better team in this one, coming down to the end and be able to pull out the win. 

Evan Mellett: [09:22] Up next number 23, Memphis they’ll be playing versus Temple. I have Memphis winning this one, 28-14, I think they’ll definitely win this game by two scores, I don’t think that’s a real question. They are the better team, but I think Temple could keep this close through part, or at least through part of this game just because of the fact of like, I think these are kind of evenly matched team, but I still think Memphis will definitely get the win here. Then to finish out the NCAA for this edition of the podcast, we have number 25, Cincinnati versus Houston. I have Cincinnati winning this one at the end, Houston has taken a couple of bad losses at the end, a blowout loss against Oklahoma and then lost the very end against two lanes. But I still think Cincinnati is going to win this even after Houston got a couple then they have Derek King, starting quarterback red shirt for this season. So, he’s not going to be coming back to play for them, and it’s going to be a couple backups coming into the star for Houston which license, I think Cincinnati will definitely get this win. They will win this game, probably 35-41 is my prediction for this game. 

Evan Mellett: [10:25] And now moving on to the NFL for this edition of the podcast. We’ll start out by talking about, it will be Tampa Bay versus the Carolina Panthers. I have Tampa Bay winning this one, probably 28-17, I’ve Tampa Bay when this one, I think Carolina mostly is just getting carried by Christian McCaffrey at this point, I don’t know if they have a lot of balance in their team. So, I think that could be that could be a downfall to them in this game Tampa Bay is able to contain Christian McCaffrey. I mean, yeah, it’s easier said than done, but I mean, if they’re able to do it, I think they can definitely get the win. Up next, Baltimore versus Cincinnati, I have Baltimore winning this one, this Cincinnati team is just not, they just haven’t played well, but they have injuries, now they’re trying to get Bradford out of there and A.J Green turned away from them. It’s just, this is not the best year for Cincinnati, which is why I think Baltimore gets this win. Probably 23, like I think this is probably your most demanding win of the day.

Evan Mellett: [11:26] Up next, we have a very interesting game of Seattle versus. Cleveland. Cleveland just came off of an embarrassing loss against the Forty-Niners. So, I think that they are really going to tr to bounce back in this one, but I think Seattle has definitely shown itself as one of the best teams in the entire N.F.C right now, or is one of one of the top contenders right now, so I think Seattle will definitely get this win, I think they’re going to win this game 28-14. Up next New Orleans and Jacksonville, this is probably one of maybe one of my upset picks. I have Jacksonville beating New Orleans, this week at home, just to the fact that I think Gardener Minshew, the second, the starting quarterback for Jacksonville, I think he’s going to have a pretty big game against his New Orleans secondary. I think some things are going to start clicking for Jacksonville. And I think that they could really start putting some completions together, I have no doubt in my mind that they can win this game, because I think this Jacksonville team is still a talented team. Yeah, maybe they’re not playoff team, but I think they have an upset or two, and I have them winning this one, 31-24.

Evan Mellett: [12:32] Up next I have Kansas City against the Houston Texans. I have Kansas City, winning this one. I go bounce back and probably get this one 35-14. Up next, it’s a battle of the teens, I haven’t won yet the Battle of the open fours, I have four rows and fives. It will be Washington Redskins against Miami Dolphins, it will be a battle for who will get their first win of the season. And I think it will be Miami, in this one, just because the fact of, I think they’re taking for two hours, but people are saying to a tag along with the quarterback for Alabama who becoming into the draft next year, a lot of people think they’re just tanking for him. But I think even if they are tanking there, they still want to put a couple wins up on the board, like I still think Miami has some talent, and I think that they’re definitely get the win here. I’ve them winning this game 21-14.

Evan Mellett: [13:28] Up next, Philadelphia versus Minnesota, I have Philadelphia winning this one, probably 38-31, I think it will be a make, some people could see that this may be a high scoring game. But I have Philadelphia winning this one at the end.  After that will be Atlanta versus Arizona, I like Arizona on this one. I think Kyle Murray, he might start, he’s going to have a pretty good game in this one, against them, I got some interesting Atlanta secondary. So, I think that this should be a good game for him at least, just because the fact of I think that he’s going to use, he’s going to run a lot to bear, to get a couple big crucial plays in this one, to be the difference in this one. I have Atlanta winning this one 31-21. And now, in my mind, I think that another undefeated team will fall this week, that even though you know, I’ll talk about next is the undefeated San Francisco Forty-Niners against the LA Rams. I have the Rams in this one, and I think this is going to be an absolute shootout, because I think the Rams are going to come out, to really come out to play, Golf, Cooper Cobb, Todd Gurley. I think we’re on a federal how to play this game. I think, the score for this one with the Rams winning 45-38, and having San Francisco first last year, an absolute shootout. That’s how I think that this game is going to have to go just because of how high powered, how good both of these offenses are. 

Evan Mellett: [14:52] Up next Tennessee and Denver. I have Tennessee in this one, just because I feel like this Denver team is really struggling right now, Tennessee has a couple wins under their belt. So, I think that’s going to give them some confidence to get this win too, I have them winning this one, 20-10. But I definitely think that they get the job done here, especially just because of the fact of I think, really honestly, just because I think they’re the overall better team here. Now finishing out the 425 games will be Dallas versus the Jets. I think this is definitely the Cowboys, I don’t think the Jets will get their first win of the season. So, I think that the Dallas team, I think they’re definitely a good team. Like some people think they’re an okay team, I think they’re a pretty good team. So, I think that they’re a Super Bowl contender, and maybe not at this point they could they could definitely show some people some things if they really need it, if they really could, like if they really needed to, if they want to be hyped up as a title contender. But I think there’s still a chance that that title contention happens. But I think they’re going to have to they’re going to have to step it up a little bit for that to be able to become a possibility for them. 

Evan Mellett: [15:58] And now looking at the eighth, the Sunday night’s game, will be the Pittsburgh Steelers against the LA Chargers. I have the Steelers to win this one, maybe you didn’t know Mason Rudolph was knocked unconscious last game against the Ravens for the Steelers, he’s been diagnosed with a concussion. So, now the third string Devon Hodges will come in for the Pittsburgh Steelers to start for them. So, I think Hodges from what I’ve seen at the end of that Baltimore game, I think that he’s a talented quarterback, and I think there’s actually a chance that he could definitely win some games for the Steelers, which they’re going to need, they got to win a cup, at least try to get back to at least 500, like get back four and four because their next three are definitely very winnable games. We are saying they need to win if they really want to get back into the sand, like to get back to where they need to be. But I think they get this win against the Jarvis part, I think with 24-14, I think the Pittsburgh does get the job done here. 

Evan Mellett: [16:50] And now finishing out the Monday night game, to finish off this podcast will be Detroit versus the Green Bay Packers. I have Detroit winning this one, just because I think the Green Bay, this is a good Green Bay team. I think they really had an interesting game last week just because Aaron Jones absolutely want the running back, absolutely one off for them. But I don’t know if they’re going to be able to do the same this week, which is why I think Detroit gets the win in this one, probably 31-21. And with that 500 action, this will wrap up the 28th edition of “The Sports Run on Podcast”. Want to thank you all for listening, make sure you subscribe down below. And if you have anything that you think that I missed, or you’d like me to touch on the upcoming week, make sure to comment down below, and I’ll make sure to talk about it, in the upcoming podcast.