Hello everyone and welcome back to the 27th edition of the Sports Run On Podcast. 

I’m going to keep this podcast short and sweet because I will be heading out right now to the Pittsburg Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals Monday Night Football Game and I will keep this short and sweet and will make this a run down of the things that I think you need to know just based off mostly the NFL this week. 

The game I am going to the Pittsburg Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals which is Monday Night Football. I think will be a big game for the AFC for one thing and feel like I think this is a stoic division where there is no clear-cut winner. I don’t think the Steelers, which is the team I cheer for, which is my favorite team. A lot of people think they are out of the race for the contention for the AFC north at this point and I disagree. One of the points I want to talk about is how the Cleveland Browns beat the Baltimore Ravens. I just think this is interesting because Browns won and this game didn’t come down to the very end and now the Bengals are playing the Steelers and if one of these teams wins they will be going to 1 and 3 and because one of these teams will have to go to 1 and 3 because they are 0 and 3 coming into this game with Baltimore having two wins and Cleveland having two. 

Just thinking on those records you can definitely see this is an open division just because, say the Steelers can pull out a win tonight, and they can somehow pull out a win at home next week against Baltimore whenever they come to town this could easily be completely different and if the Browns lose. Maybe one of those, if the Browns lose next week the Steelers could easily be right back in. 

1:55: Which is why I think even 0-3 with this division there’s still a chance they could easily come right back in to this thing without any trouble at all. I think the Steelers are going to start cooking again. I think they are still a good team. I know there are a lot of people who think they aren’t the best team in the world. I still think they are a very good and very talented team. A good team and a talented team. I don’t think there is any question about that so I definitely think there is a chance to win the division they just need to win these next two — this Monday night game and then next Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. These are two must-win games if they want any chance of winning this division. 

The Ravens are looking, at this point, as the favorites. Maybe not the favorite now because of the Browns, but they are looking like a really good team and maybe a favorite to win the division. They are going to need to be able to at least split with them to win the division, the Steelers are. 

2:52: Other notable things around the League are the battle of 3-0 teams Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots. Tom Brady didn’t have the best game of his career. Could have been one of his worst. He didn’t have any touch down passes but the Patriots still won the game 16-10. 

So the Patriots are 4-0 and the Bills are 3-1. The Bills probably had more problems than that with Josh Allen going out with an injury. He had two picks in this game and Matt Barkley came in and made this game close by driving the Bills down to make it 16-10 but he threw a pick at the goal line which ended up costing them the game looking back at it now. The Patriots stay at 4-0 and I t really feel like I don’t know if the Patriots deserve to win that game but they did and that’s just how it happens. 

3:51: Now moving onto Jacksonville one of those interesting quarterbacks that people are following now is Gardner Minshew II . He made a very, very impressive comeback that gave the city of Jacksonville hope. Beating the Broncos at the very and coming back from many, many points down. It’s probably one of the biggest upsets of the entire season. He was able to come back and pull off a victory. Came back and had a game winning field goal to win 26-24. So that gave Jacksonville a tremendous amount of hope we might have something here. Who knows maybe this kid could be the real deal. 

4:27:  Speaking of heir apparents, people are wondering if they are the real deal or not is we’re now talking about Daniel Jones he also even without Saquon their defense came up pretty big in their game against Tampa Bay to go to get that win for them. I felt like the Giants are good. Do I think they will be a playoff team? I think there is a very  outside chance they are a playoff team. Do I think they are for sure. No. Do I think there is sill a chance? Absolutely. I  think the chance is definitely there 

4:59: Just a quick segment on college football. There are a couple big games. Most big games are going to happen next week. Clemson did fall from the number one spot they are down to 4 now in the AP poll after barely beating an ranked UNC team on the road. 

At UNC,  Clemson won this game 31-30 after UNC tried to go to for two to win the game 31-30 and was stopped on an option play, when they were in an option play and the option play got stopped and nothing really was happening from it and that’s how Clemson won that game. With that game they fell big time because Alabama had a big win. 

Ohio State had a big primetime win against Nebraska. They played the night game if you didn’t know I feel like this is coming back to the fact that there are a lot of good teams now and this will be an interesting second half because there are some teams that people don’t’ think are where they should be. Some people think they should be lower some people think they should be higher. I think that hope is there all the time. I think it’s there even more now because I think there are some questionable AP polls at this point. 

6:03 Alabama is at number one at this point just because of the fact they are still getting big wins. Remember they still have to play Auburn and LSU and they are both highly ranked teams which is why they are going to be crazy games with the LSU game coming up very soon. 

Auburn also has a very big game playing against what some people think is the most overrated team in all of college football in Florida  just because of the fact that they have been pushed to their limits by Kentucky but they’re staying in the top ten and there are some teams that a lot of people think are better than them that aren’t in the top ten at this point. They also play a ginormous game against Clemson this Saturday at 3:30 and I definitely think that will be a big game. 

Also Ohio State has to play one of their biggest games against Michigan State in a primetime game against Michigan State at 8:30 on Saturday. I think that will be a big game for Michigan State to really pull off an upset or for Ohio State to show even more dominance like the dominance they have been showing off recently. 

7:02: I just want to thank you again for listening to this 27th edition of Sports Run On Podcast. I know I cut this one short because I am going out the door to go to the Monday Night Football Game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals but I wanted to make sure I got something out there for you guys for the people who are looking out for a podcast at this time. With that said I want to thank you all for watching and I’ll see you next time.