Evan Mellett: 00:09 Hello, everyone, welcome back to the 26th edition of the Sports Run On podcast. In today’s podcast it will be– it is time again for prediction Friday. If you do not– if you missed the last time in prediction Friday, make sure you go check that video out down below. But if you don’t know what it is, I’ll be predicting well, who I think will win the game. And just a little bit about the games for the NCAA, top 25 games and the NFL games for this upcoming week. Looking at– starting out with the NCAA, we’ll be starting out at the top of the top 25, number one in the nation, the best team in the nation, Clemson. They will be going up against the University of North Carolina. I think Clemson definitely has the advantage here, like without question just because the fact of like, I just think they’re a better team and I agree with a lot of analysts that have said, going forward that really, the only competition– the first time that they’re going to really see any competition is going to be in the playoffs, whenever they go there as an undefeated season. 

Evan Mellett: 01:11 And a lot of people wonder if even the ACC championship is even going to be a game for them. In this game, as I do for all games you will realize, if you were not around for the first couple podcast is that I always do score predictions. That score prediction for this one is, I think Clemson’s going to win this one 42-14. I think UNC, they’re good team, they might slip a couple passes but this is definitely not going to be a close game, coming down to the wire. I think this will definitely be a big– an easy win for Clemson. Up next, number two Alabama against Ole Miss. I have Bama winning this one, just because the fact that I think Tua Tagovailoa, their starting quarterback, is just– I think he’s the real deal and I think Ole Miss especially has really been struggling this year. If you look at like, just how the teams that they’ve been really put to test with and then the teams they’re losing to, it’s just not a regular Ole Miss team and I think a lot of people would agree with me on that. So, in this one, I have a prediction of Alabama beating Ole Miss 42-7, that’s my prediction.

Evan Mellett: 02:12 Up next is number three and four, are on their bye week this week. We’re up at number five which is Ohio State and Nebraska. I have Ohio Sate winning this one, again another quarterback that I think is really the real deal, I mean especially these top– probably he’s at least these top 14, like we’re talking about, next one would be Oklahoma. But for this one, OSU their quarterback is Justin Fields, I think he’s just a real deal. I think there’s no chance that– I don’t see anything, reason why, unless they lose to Wisconsin that they shouldn’t be in the college football playoffs like right now. I mean, they are at the five so they’re not in at the moment, but I feel like they can definitely jump somebody, maybe if Clemson loses to Alabama or something like that happens. Because you got to remember, Alabama plays Georgia this evening, that is one of the teams that’s over them so, that could definitely be a spot for Ohio State to jump up. They can win the big 10 by most likely, the only challenge they’d have would be beating the University of Wisconsin.

Evan Mellett: 03:12 Up next in number six is Oklahoma. I talked about them also having a very good quarterback that I really enjoyed watching, there’s is Jalen Hurts, he used to be an Alabama quarterback, but he transferred there at the beginning of this season, take over the role there after the graduation of Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray. This week, I have, oh well, first I want to say I have OSU winning the game against Nebraska, 45-0. I have Oklahoma winning this game 35-14, that is my final score prediction for this one up. Up next, I have number seven, Auburn. I like Auburn’s team, I like Bo Nix, I think he– I mean I salute Auburn for playing like having pretty much the hardest schedule in the entire FBS, playing eight top 25 teams, like out of the total games they play, eight of them are against top 25 teams, like I really respect that from them. For the people scheduling them, this one will not be one of their top 25 games, this will be against Mississippi State and I think Auburn should easily get this win, as they’ve shown they’re a good team after beating Oregon and Texas A&M, which are two pretty tough opponents. 

Evan Mellett: 04:14 I have them beating Mississippi State 35-10. Like, I don’t know if they’ll like put up 40 or 50 on them. But I think this will still be like I don’t– again, I don’t think this game is going to be close coming down to the end. Number eight, Wisconsin against North-western. Wisconsin has like literally– I think they’ve showed the entire nation a lot with that absolute just the– in some words, just annihilation of Michigan last week. I just think that Wisconsin at home, I think Wisconsin really just came out to play that game. And I think they’re going to do the same against North-western. I don’t think North-western, there’s no part of me that think North-western is going to stand in this team’s way. Just because I think Wisconsin’s rolling and I think they have their eyes and that big 10 prize just like Ohio State does and if those are the two teams that we’re seeing in the big 10 championship, I think that that would definitely be a fun, big 10 championship to watch. Because these are two electric teams, with Ohio State with Justin Fields and Wisconsin with Jonathan Taylor, both of those to be definitely be Heisman nominees this year.

Evan Mellett: 05:12 Up next is number nine, Florida against Towson. Florida is the team that a lot of people look at this point this season, “Why the heck are they still up there?“, when they’re barely beating an unranked Kentucky team and they’re being pushed through to their limits by many teams. And the only reason people will say is I mean, yeah, they’re still undefeated. They’re slim wins are still wins. I mean, you still get the same if you win by 40 or if you win by 3. Yeah, maybe it doesn’t look as good, maybe you’re not going to jump somebody if you both win, because they’re going to win by more than you are if you’re only winning by 3 a game. But I feel like Florida is definitely still going to get it done with Townson. I have this game probably going 42-3, I think Towson will get a field goal, I think, in this one. Up next, number 10 Notre Dame against number 18 Virginia. This is my upset pick for the week, because I know that Notre Dame’s coming off of a really heart-breaking loss, and I felt they’re in kind of like a shaky time right now and Virginia is a team that’s really on the rise. 

Evan Mellett: 06:13 And I think that there’s no question that they’re definitely going to give Notre Dame a game. This is going to be the game of the week to watch, I don’t think there’s any question in my mind, that this is going to be the game that I’m looking forward to most this weekend. As you’ll learn in the podcast, this is not my only upset pick for this week. But this is one of the ones that I definitely think has a good chance of happening, just because of how Notre Dame’s kind of at a shaky spot after thinking they could have beat Georgia and they kind of — it is falling apart at the end. This would definitely be a close game, but I think Virginia might have them and like the perfect point this, like right now. I have Virginia winning this game, 24-21, coming down to the very final drive, with Virginia getting it probably sealing it with a touchdown, to go up 24-21 and seal it there. Up next, we have number 11, Texas, they will be playing WVU, I think this is a no brainer. I think Sam Ehlinger is just going to have them a great game against WVU secondary that has been, I wouldn’t say they’ve been poor, but I definitely don’t think they’ve been as good as some people would have hoped at this point. 

Evan Mellett: 07:14 And I think Texas will definitely roll, they’re going to roll on the next couple weeks looking at their biggest game of, probably of the year, unless it’s the big 12 championship, which it could easily be these two teams again, as the Red River rivalry. They’ll be playing against number six, Oklahoma, and that would definitely be a game to watch. And I think, if both of these teams come into that game undefeated, that’ll just be something added to it. I see no reason why these teams shouldn’t. So, I have Texas over WVU 49-14 is my prediction for Texas over WVU. Next is number 12, Penn State against Maryland, Penn State again, another good team, have they proven themselves yet? I talked about one of these teams on my prediction podcast last week, I talked about a lot of teams that I’m like, “I think they’re a good team, but they haven’t really shown themselves yet.”. I think Penn State is still in that category, just because the fact that they’re good but they’re not great either. But I still have them beating Maryland 42-14 in this one for an easy win. 

Evan Mellett: 08:13 Do I think Penn State has a chance at the big 10 crown, like fighting with Wisconsin and Ohio State? Well they’re going to have to beat Ohio State for a fact, they’re going to have to beat Ohio State, they’re going to have to stop Justin Fields and I think if they do that, Penn State can definitely be there. But that’s a conversation for another time. But I just– talking about this week, I had them winning this game against Maryland 42-14. Up next is number 14, Iowa, against Middle Tennessee. I think Iowa again, another strong team, that strong team in the big 10, I mean, the big 10 like if you look at them, over the course of the top 25, they have a couple of teams that are like very good teams. And then I mean, you have Michigan who dropped, but they’re still a good team after they had a bad loss, but I feel they’ll definitely bounce back. We’ll talk about them later on in the podcast, but just for now, we’re talking about Iowa and Middle Tennessee. I just feel like Iowa is definitely going to roll in this one, I don’t think there’s any question about it. Iowa probably like a 31-nothing in this one, I don’t see a way how Middle Tennessee can score because, Iowa I think, has a very strong defense especially.

Evan Mellett: 09:15 Up next, number 15, University of California Golden Bears against Arizona State. I have California winning this one, probably 35-14. Again, I feel like for this week, just because of the fact of I feel like again, this game could be close. I feel like this could be a game where it’s like 14-14 at half time but then it turns into like Cal really showing that they’re the better team in the second half. And I think that’s definitely how I feel like it’s going to go. Like, I feel like it could definitely be 14-14 but then they will really turn it on in the second half. Up next we have our other ranked two top 25 team match-up, like our top 25 match-up. Number 17 Washington against number 21 USC. This is my other upset pick, I have number 21 USC beating number 17 Washington, with looking at probably a score of 27-21.

Evan Mellett: 10:11 I think this game is going to come down to probably it being 27-21 and Washington driving the ball down the field, then USC will come up with a big stop because I feel like this is going to be another game, it’s going to be a late game that I don’t know how many people are going to stay up for. And I feel like if you can stay up for it, I definitely think this would be a good one to stay up for, just because it is on the west coast. I don’t know how many people are going to be up for that, but there just usually aren’t a lot of people up for that. But if you can, I don’t know, I might honestly myself stay up for that one because I feel like that’s going to be a really good game, with USC pulling off a big win last week with their third string quarterback. And they’re coming in with that against a top ranked opponent, with them also being ranked, I think this could be a very good game. Up next, number 19 Utah against Washington State. I have Utah winning this one. Like, I see no reason why Utah shouldn’t be able to win this game like, yeah, they dropped it, they were to go a lot higher, I mean, until they lost a week or two ago. 

Evan Mellett: 11:10 I feel like they’re definitely still good. There’s a good team, even after that loss, I think they’re still a good team, like without a doubt. But I don’t know if, again, I don’t think they’re top 20, in my view, I have them at 19 and I have them winning this game, probably 28-24. I think this game will be– it will be a two-touchdown difference, I think. Up next, getting down to the home stretch. This will be number 20, Michigan against Rutgers. Michigan, they’re going to bounce back I think so this will be about a 42-7, Michigan, I think they’re upset. I think this is going to be a big game because it’s a team that’s– I don’t think, it’s definitely not going to push them to their limits. So, I feel like McCaffrey and Patterson are both going to really get up and see, and it’s going to kind of come down to like who has a better game here to see who starts next week. I mean, Michigan is going to definitely want to try to get back into the top 15 or top 10 before the end of the season, to get them a chance of beating Ohio State, which they’re going to have to, to be at a decent bulk, that’s going to be what they’re going to have to hang their hat on, after getting, pretty much what some of you are calling an embarrassing loss to Wisconsin last week.

 Evan Mellett: 12:15 Up next is UCF and UConn, I have UCF even after they’ve taken a heart-breaking loss to Pit, when they ran the Philly special. And then they got upset loss to like their 27-game win streak after them losing that, UCF is definitely going to bounce back. I don’t think that’s really a question. Up next, number 23. Texas A&M against Arkansas. I think Texas A&M is going to get the best of them this week, I talked about Texas Tech earlier, how they lost to Auburn last week. I think Texas Tech, they’re a good team. I don’t know if they showed exactly all that they had against Auburn, I feel like that could definitely have been a closer game. But I feel like Texas Tech is still a good team and I think they’re going to win this one probably 28-14. I think UCF’s going to win this one 24-10. Up next is number 24, Kansas State against Oklahoma State. This one I think is definitely Kansas State’s going to win this one. I think this one could be close, I think it’s going to be a 28-21, Kansas State victory. 

Evan Mellett: 13:18 I think this one could be closer than what a lot of people think at this point at least. Then finished– finally finishing off is number 25 Michigan State against Indiana. I have Michigan State winning this one 21-13, I think Indiana will keep this like yeah, I think they’ll keep it technically a one possession game, all the way throughout. I think this could be a better game than what some people think. And with that rounding off the NCAA, we will move on to the NFL. Looking at the NFL, the first game we’ll be talking about is the New York Giants against Washington Redskins. I think the Giants get this win even with an injured Saquon because I think, just the Redskin’s are just really, really struggling at least, at this point in the season. Like, I think they’re like badly struggling and they need they need some help, like somewhere, I just don’t know if it’s going to come like this week. I think the Giants with Daniel Jones, they could have something there. It’s going to be tough again without Saquon.

Evan Mellett: 14:15 But I feel like they can definitely– they’re still going to get the win because I feel like the New York Giants have some confidence after getting that big comeback win when Daniel Jones’ first NFL start. Up next we have Tennessee Titans and the Atlanta Falcons. Tennessee, another team in the NFL, I think they’re a good team, they’re not a great team. I think there’s a chance for a playoff team in them. Do I think there’s a really good chance, could I put money on it? Absolutely not. No, I would definitely not put money on it. But do I think there’s a chance? I think there absolutely is a chance for them to be a playoff team this year. I just wanted to say I have the Giants beat the Redskins 28-14, and I have Tennessee beating Atlanta 28-20. Up next we have Baltimore and Cleveland. It’s going to be an interesting game as it is a divisional game for these two teams in the AFC North. I have Baltimore winning this one 24-17, I have this game– another game I think is going to be close, as I think Cleveland again, Cleveland is a team, I think they’re good, playoffs are, I think they’re possible. 

Evan Mellett: 15:17 I think they’re very unlikely the way they’re playing so far. I think at most, some of you might not agree with me, but I think at most, seven wins is the most that they’ll get this season, maybe eight and eight would be the only chance that they sneak in to the playoffs. They’re not going to get in with a 7-9 record which is why I say that there’s a very– I think it’s very unlikely that they do get in. Just because the fact of that’s my prediction for the record. I have them keeping this game with Baltimore close, even with a good Baltimore team. Yeah, Baltimore, they probably got some of their like, confidence taken down after that game against Kansas City last week. But I think they’re still going to be able to get this come back and get this win. Up next is the New England Patriots against Buffalo Bills. This is a 3-0 against 3-0 game, which I think is pretty interesting as the Buffalo Bills, what some people call them, the biggest mystery in football right now. Like how the heck are they 3-0? Then some people come back to the fact of the three teams that buffalo has beaten over three the weeks, they haven’t took a bite in one, other than Tampa Bay, they’re 1-2 right now. 

Evan Mellett: 16:20 So, yeah Buffalo hasn’t beaten the best teams but a win’s also still a win in the NFL because I mean these teams aren’t even pretty evenly match, most of these teams are hopefully. So, I think, again, I think Buffalo, I think they’ll score a couple times, but I think this is probably going to be a 31-17, New England win I think, in this one at least. I think they’re a good team, but I don’t think they are anything close to what it takes to beat this New England team, at this point. I’m also talking about the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions. My prediction for this game would probably be 35-7, like I think Detroit’s very much struggling and I think Kansas City’s just rolling like, they’re really rolling right now, after that big Baltimore win, with Patrick Mahomes, Sammy Watkins and just many more, and this is without Tyreek Hill, remember. Up next is Houston and Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans. 

Evan Mellett: 17:14 I have the Texans winning this one just because of the fact I think Deshaun Watson, I think he’s– I just think Carolina and Kyle Allen, they’re good team, I think this game will be close all the way throughout. I have this being a 24-21, Houston win. Like, I think they’re going to win at the very, very end just because I feel like these are honestly two pretty evenly matched teams. I think Carolina is not as bad as some people think they are. Are they are a playoff contender that people are going to put money on for the Super Bowl? No. Are people– most people going to even put money on them for the playoffs? Probably not. I don’t know. A lot of people will probably call that ridiculous to put any money on this team to win games this season. But I think Carolina is a good team. I don’t think they’ll win this one, I think this will be a hard-fought loss for them this week, but I think Carolina is still a pretty good team, and I think Houston just gets the job done here in this game. Up next we have the Indianapolis Colts and the Oakland Raiders. So now, looking at this game, we have– I like the Colts in this one of the score of 31-21. 

Evan Mellett: 18:17 I think the Colts definitely could get the job done, it’s a really struggling Oakland team after they lost AB, it’s been like Oakland just kind of struggling so far. Which is why I think this is a prime time for Indianapolis just to get it for sure win. 21-31 isn’t the most for sure win in the world, because I feel like they’ll keep it close through some of it. But I think this will be– definitely be at least a two possession win for them. My prediction is 31-21, Indianapolis. I’m now going to talk about the Los Angeles Chargers and the Miami Dolphins. I have the Chargers winning this one, 28-17. I think the Chargers– no, probably 28-14. I think Miami is actually going to score a couple times, I’m feeling that they might score a couple times. It’s not going to be close enough to give them a win because I think the Chargers will definitely score more, but this will definitely be at least a two possession win for the Chargers. I think it will be a very strong win for the Chargers. 

Evan Mellett: 19:15 Up next we have Seattle and Arizona. I think the Seahawks have this one in another really really close game. I have this one being 28-21, with the Seahawks stopping the Cardinals and Kyler Murray driving to tie the game. I think this one’s going to be like one of the closer games of the entire like, Sunday just because I think these teams are very evenly matched. I think Arizona will have to play up a little bit from what people like usually expect from them. I feel like they can definitely do it, I definitely think they’re strong enough to be able to play up a little bit and they have potential to be able to keep this a game. I don’t think they’ll win it, but I think they’ll keep it a game throughout. Up next is the LA Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I kind of feel like this is kind of closer to a no brainer just because I think the Rams are a really good team with Cooper Kupp, Jared Goff and I mean Todd Gurley, if he can stay healthy. I think this is a good team. I mean, we saw they’re very good and Aaron Donald on defense, I think this is just a really good team overall and I definitely think they’re going to get the win over Tampa Bay. 

Evan Mellett: 20:15 My prediction is 24-10 for the Rams to get the win over Tampa Bay. Up next we have the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears. I have the Minnesota Vikings winning this one, another really tight game 27-20 in this one. This is going to be another one where I feel like– this is going to be one where I feel it’s 20-20 like through the entire fourth quarter. It’s just going to come down to Minnesota making like one drive down the field to be able to win the game 27-20. Up next, Jacksonville and Denver, I have no doubt Jackson is going to win this game. I think Gardner Minshew is definitely– I think he’s a good quarterback. He has a chance of definitely being able to get the job done for the Jacksons this week against what some people would say, would be probably be a struggling Denver Broncos team, at this point. I mean maybe not struggling but definitely not up to what a lot of people would have hoped for them at this point in the season, but I definitely think Jacksonville gets the win here, 35-21. Before we look at the Monday night game, we look at the Sunday night game and that will be the Dallas Cowboys against New Orleans Saints. 

Evan Mellett: 21:16 I have the Dallas Cowboys winning this one of a score 24-17. I think that New Orleans is going to keep this a little bit closer than a lot of people think but I definitely don’t think they had what it takes to beat them without Drew Brees at least, with Teddy Bridgewater, a quarterback. I definitely don’t think they have what it takes to beat them, but I think they’ll keep this one possession game. It’ll probably a pretty entertaining Sunday night game. But I don’t think New Orleans has what it takes to top a Dallas team with Dak Prescott, that I think has been playing very well as of recently. Now, to finish off the NFL, we’re talking about the Monday night game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you didn’t know, both these teams are 0-3, so this will be a game of two teams looking to try to get their first one in the win column for this season. I think the team that gets this done is the Steelers. I think Mason– I think the defensive backfield has a better game definitely than they had last week against San Francisco, for the Steelers. 

Evan Mellett: 22:13 And I think they get the job done in this one 28-17, in this one at least. But I just feel like it’s just the fact of the Steelers as– if you didn’t hear in my last podcast, I went on a little bit of a rant about how I feel like, in my opinion, the Steelers lost– the Steelers defensive backfield lost in that game, which I still agree with. I still think the the Steelers defensive backfield is piss poor at best, but I just feel like it’s just to kind of the fact of I think they know this is going to be a game against a not very good Bangles team that they’re really going to have to turn around and really like try to make a difference now and try to get them the first win in the column. I think their defensive backfield is definitely going to be the reason if they do or don’t, and I think at least at this point they do, getting the win 28-17. And with that said, this is going to wrap up the 26th edition of the Sports Run On podcast. Make sure if you– if there’s any podcasts that you’d like to watch, they’re down below. 

Evan Mellett: 23:15 Also make sure to comment about any different sports topics that you’d like me to talk about specifically in the upcoming episode. And with that said, I want to thank you for listening.