Evan Mellett: 00:09 Hello everyone, welcome back to the 25th edition of the Sports Run On podcast. We’re going to be switching it up this podcast, as in most podcast, I start by talking about the NFL to start off the podcast. But in this podcast, I’ll be starting out the podcast by talking about the NCAA for a change. To start out, one of the big topics that we’ve seen, from just having– very, very recently was the starting quarterback for Houston D’Eriq King, he has declined to go over to red shirt this year, as he had decided after he had a torn meniscus last season. And he’s a great top recruit for Houston and has been doing a lot for them. He’s decided that it will be more beneficial for him to sit out this year as a red shirt because he thinks it’s in his best interest and then make it so that he’d be able to play in the season 2020. Because– as Houston was off to a very rough start this year, with their only win being Prairie View. 

Evan Mellett: 01:10 It’s looking like this season cannot be too hot for the Cougars. So, it’s looking at this point that Houston’s going to end up looking to their backup quarterbacks as D’Eriq King looks like this would be in his best interest. And then also talking about the NCAA, we’re looking at an updated top 10 after a pretty crazy week 4. Number one is Clemson and they stay at the top after playing Charlotte, winning like by a lot. Alabama also will stay at the same spot, they’ll stay or two as they beat Southern Mississippi by a lot but then after one and two, we all kind of expected. But now we get down to three through ten, this is where a couple of things have been shook up. Number three still has not, as it’s been Georgia, they got a big win over Notre Dame, as I talked about. But they will stay the number three spot. Looking at the number four spot is LSU, they didn’t really have that big of a game this week either against Vanderbilt. Ohio State, they’ve just won an absolutely awful. A lot of people think Ohio State, at this point should be higher than five, just because of the fact of Justin Fields. 

Evan Mellett: 02:14 I mean he ran and recorded six touchdowns in one quarter. So, a lot of people were saying that that deserves a lot more recognition than Ohio State’s getting, and they should definitely be at least on top of LSU. I have to say at this point, if you’re wanting my input on this, I do have to say I definitely agree with this at this point. Just because the fact of he’s a very good quarterback and I feel like– well he’s very talented and we knew that whenever he went to Georgia then you of course, we know he proceeded to go from Georgia to Ohio State so he’d be able to play and he beat out Tate Martell for the spot, that was last off-season. But I definitely do think Ohio State’s the real deal and I think there’s a chance, well, LSU, if they want to get in of course is going to have to beat Bama and Georgia is also going to have to beat Bama. So, it means the two, three and four, most likely one of those teams– at least one of those teams is going to have one loss at the end of this season, most likely.

Evan Mellett: 03:11 And then the one who is pretty much a guarantee they’re in because if you win the SEC with the way it is usually for football powerhouses, with Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Auburn and just many more, it’s just going to come down to the fact that there’s just a lot– there’s a lot more than saying, “oh, I won”. Let’s say, “I won the American conference with like UConn and Houston, when I was talking about Houston and D’Eriq King, but there’s just a lot more to say, “Oh, I won the SEC” than “I won the American” or “I won the ACC”, the ACC, again is good. I talked about them like, they’re a good power five conference but the SEC power teams, and some people argue that they don’t really have anybody to Clemson, who is really a threat, to go anywhere nationally, or shaking up the national leader-board. See, I don’t think that they do at this point at least, but I mean, who knows? They might at the end of this season. We’re still only four weeks in the season you have to remember. I think there are definitely some things that are shaping themselves to show that there are some teams that are coming out playing. 

Evan Mellett: 04:13 There are some teams that aren’t at this point. One of the teams that is coming out to playing is Oklahoma as they had a bye week last week, but they were say, steady at the number six spot. Again, Oklahoma another team that I think could arguably jump right over LSU into that four spot. In my opinion, I think LSU should be the six. I think LSU is good team, Joe Borough, he’s having a good year, if they didn’t start the season out ranked so high, they wouldn’t still be here. I think there’s still, I don’t know if I’d say there’s the same negotiation with Georgia, because that was a pretty big win over Notre Dame last week which I’ll talk about a little bit later. Georgia probably definitely has a lot more to their name than LSU does, just at this moment. I mean, LSU, yeah, they beat Texas week one in a 45-30 barn burner, then as you can see Texas isn’t even in the top 10 anymore. Georgia beat out Notre Dame team who isn’t, even after that loss, with one loss they realize that they’re still such a good team. 

Evan Mellett: 05:12 The college football analyst realized and the people who pick out the AP Top 25, that put it together, still realized that even though you lost, you’re just that good of a team and you can hold that tight with Georgia and you deserve to still be, which is why Notre Dame, which I’ll get to later, only dropped three spots. Look at them which is another SEC, as we were talking about SEC powerhouses, we also have Auburn. They are another team, if you want to know an interesting fact for this season, Auburn plays the most top 25 ranked opponents than anybody in the entire nation through FCS, FBS, everything. They put eight of their 12 games that they will play this year will be against what– teams that started in the top 25, at the beginning of this season. They might not be there now, but they did for sure start there at the top 25, they’ll be playing eight of them. Right now, Auburn’s at seven. I’ve seen some analyst argue, “Why is Auburn even there? Like, they’re good but are they absolutely great?”. 

Evan Mellett: 06:11 Again, I don’t know. I just think they’re going to be, again they’re going to be battle tested with a true freshman quarterback. Again, they had a big win this past week beating Texas A&M, number 17 Texas A&M, and I mean that win, week one, the bone next, try taking them down to win the game against the University of Oregon. I mean, yeah, that was also huge, but I feel like it’s just the fact–there are, some people say there are a lot of teams under them that should be over them. I don’t know if I completely agree with that. But I feel like, maybe they have something, but I don’t know if it’s enough to say for sure that Auburn should be lower than seven at this point. They might end up lower, but I don’t know if they would be at this point in the season. Number eight is our newcomer that we have after this weekend, that’s the University of Wisconsin, after absolutely what most people would call absolutely dominating Michigan to the point of 35-nothing, at half making Michigan end up having to put in their backup quarterback who is funny enough Christian McCaffrey’s younger brother, Dylan McCaffrey and pull Shaun Peterson after halftime because he was just playing so poorly. 

Evan Mellett: 07:18 And Jonathan Taylor just looking like the Heisman candidate that we all know that he is. I just feel like it really just comes down to the fact of Wisconsin definitely deserves to be there, that’s kind of just what I’m trying to get out; Wisconsin definitely deserves to be there. Number nine is Dean, though Dean is not a nation unless you live in Florida, thinks deserves to be there, which is the University of Florida. As they’ve been pushed to their limits many times by Kentucky by just many others, they’ve just been teams that push them to their limits and they’re like, “yeah, you won, but it was just so close. You should have very easily have lost that Kentucky game, you should very easily lose a couple games this season”. Not even against good like honestly good opponent teams that you probably should have beat by three or four touchdowns and they’re taking you down, and you have to put a game winning drive together. We do have to remember after this week, this was the first week the backup quarterback started for the University of Florida as Philippe Frank’s is out with an injury at this point as Kyle Trask comes in as their backup.

Evan Mellett: 08:18 Then to round off the top 10 is a team that I talked about earlier, Notre Dame. They took a loss to Georgia, but they pushed Georgia to their limits and they– I think in some cases, if you watched the game you probably agree with me, they definitely had some chances to absolutely, no question, win that game. Did they know? But I mean, it was a heart-breaking loss and even Kirby Smart said the coach of the University of Georgia said that these are the kind of games that, even when you’re coaching, you hate to see either team lose just because of how great both of the quarterbacks playing, Ian Book and Jake Fromm, and I just feel like that’s just where we’re at, at this moment. Just like there are a lot of teams that are playing very well. But until they get to like the bulk of their conference schedule, I feel like you’re not going to see a lot of separation. Like, Ohio State, now it’s looking like Ohio State’s biggest game of the year could be Wisconsin, or like we thought it might be Michigan but then they showed a loss to Army, and then they got blown out, they got pretty much embarrassed by Wisconsin, at Wisconsin. 

Evan Mellett: 09:18 So, I feel like it’s just coming down to the fact of– because it’s probably going to take to week seven or eight to really realize who really deserves to be there and who’s just kind of like posing there, as a lot of people think Florida is definitely in the just posing there, and they’ll be gone by the end of the season category. Now, wrapping up the NCAA, seeing that we’ll move on to the big segment of today’s podcast and that is the NFL segment. The NFL had just so many things to talk about, like just a crazy amount of things to talk about. The first one is Antonio Brown or as some people like to call him Antonio Clown just because of his antics, mostly off the field, having jumped from the Pittsburgh Steelers, then going to the Raiders and then going to the New England Patriots. It’s just the fact of– he’s now come out and said on Twitter that he is done with football, like completely and if they don’t want to give him his guaranteed money after the Patriots have released him, if you did not know, the Patriots released Antonio Brown. 

Evan Mellett: 10:17 And they’re taking away in his– they’re supposedly taking away the guaranteed money which they offered him even though in this upcoming Monday, the Monday after this podcast will go out, is what was supposed to be his payday. It was supposed to be the day where he got his millions and millions guaranteed, and they cut him like a week beforehand. Like, pretty much exactly, or I think it was like eight days beforehand they cut him right before the payday. So, he only had one game spent with the Patriots, and like it was just a very small time span he had with the Patriots and he was not going out quiet either. That’s a fact that we’re learning about AB, if he went down, he was going down big time, not big time, he was just taking other people down with him. The people he was taking down is the owner of the Patriots, as he has come out and said, “oh”, this isn’t exactly the exact quote but he said something around the lines of, “Oh yeah, they can take my guaranteed money away but– and then that’s what these assault with the sexual assault charges and rape allegations that they have on me. But they can find Robert Kraft doing things, he shouldn’t have been with younger children, but they like, sweep that under the table”, as if you did not know, Robert Kraft had some issues with doing some things with younger children and it was caught down in a cellar and right before the game, right before the AFC Championship game last year. He was caught doing it and he was caught doing it in New England which was a very interesting thing to happen. He also called out his former quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for the Pittsburgh Steelers, as he also said coming into the same thing as, “you could take my millions away but you won’t put Ben in, pretty much you won’t put Ben in jail”, after he was also having rape and assault allegations on him, having to do with his girlfriend for many, many years back which kind of got swept under the carpet, that never happened type thing. 

Evan Mellett: 12:22 And AB, I mean a lot of people are like, “Oh my goodness, he just came out and said that”, but I’m kind of with the person, if he hadn’t came out and said that, but he has complete backing, he has– what happened with Kraft, he was literally caught on camera in the cellar. And Ben, pretty much 9 out of 10, nobody understands how the hell that even got swept under the carpet because so many people already agreed with it, it’s pretty much a proven fact now. It just kind of nothing happened from it. And I’ve heard a lot of analysts, I’ve heard some people like Stephen A. Smith say, “oh, his career could be over”. Then I’ve heard some people say, “who knows? These rape allegations go away, and he’s just back to being the Antonio Brown without any allegations on him. Who know? And he’s back in the NFL.”. And I feel like there’s a chance, he’s back in NFL but I think there’s also a very good chance that as he said, he’s going to be going back to school to get his degree, he has come out said that also on Twitter, he likes to voice his opinions on Twitter, evidently. But he’s just said that he’s going to be going back to school, just because the fact that he now needs his degree if football has now ended for him.

Evan Mellett: 13:22 I think he’ll definitely still stay in the news, he might not be as much since he’s not officially a pro athlete anymore. But I think he will still stay in the news because of just how everything went down and the shots he took at people who are still in the NFL. Now getting off the topic of Antonio Brown. We’re talking about things that happened around the league, a big week three for the NFL. First one is the Giants are really kind of in a hole now. There are a lot of goods and bads– they’ve had a very, very interesting week. First of all, Daniel Jones, he started this week, he came back from down 21 to win the game at the very end against the Buccaneers to get the Giants their first win this season, which some people thought wasn’t going to come till like week 10, which arguably so, if they would have kept Eli Manning, there’s a chance. If you did not know, over his career, went down at 18 plus, Eli Manning over his career has over 44, Daniel Jones over his career has 1 and up. But also, you got to remember, as I was saying, there’s a big part of that, Daniel Jones, whenever you think Giants, you don’t usually think Daniel Jones. 

Evan Mellett: 14:23 You usually think– what’s the first thing you think? I’ll say Saquon Barkley. He’s just an absolute menace, he was incredible coming out of the University of Penn State. He’s really showed up in the NFL, he’s a crazy athlete. Well, they’re not going to have him for at least four to eight weeks because of a high ankle sprain which was obtained in that win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So, that’s really going to hurt their chances of getting a lot more wins because, Jones, actually funny enough, on two of the touchdowns he had, he ran in, because on one of them, he read optioned, if you didn’t know, that’s where the quarterback runs inside zone with the running back and he either can pull it or give the ball to the running back and he decided to pull it. It was like second quarter, where the entire rest of the game, they’d be giving the ball to Saquon, Saquon, Saquon, but at this point they pulled the ball, the entire defense shifted to Saquon, he literally walks into the end zone, it’s just that type of thing. Saquon just can literally take an entire defense with him on a fake, just because, most people when they think Giants, what’s the only threat we have to think? Oh, it’s Saquon. Saquon Barkley, of course. Because, just of how good he is.

Evan Mellett: 15:24 So, I think the Giants have a very interesting thing to think of as Daniel Jones, he’s looking very good, he’s had an incredible week one with that hat comeback. But I feel like, it’s definitely going to make his job a hundred times harder, maybe more, now that Saquon Barkley is out of the line-ups for the New York Giants. The Patriots, they just looked dominant, even after cutting AB, they might also look better without AB, even after you see Julian Edelman, it is looking like he’s going to be a little banged up after their win against the Jets. But it’s looking like that’s really not going to matter at all. They’re cruising and it’s just like, it’s looking like I want to see– it’s kind of coming out of the fact of, “Come on, somebody in the NFL come with something, somebody show us that you have what it takes to actually shut down this offense and score on this defense that we have assembled so far”. Another big news point that happened in this very lively week of NFL news, is Jalen Ramsey, the star quarterback and probably star player for the Jacksonville Jaguars has requested a trade out of Jacksonville after they have had a very lackluster start to start off the season.


Evan Mellett: 16:30 There are many teams that are looking at him as most analysts you’ll see, if you look up the Jalen Ramsey trade, you’ll see a lot of analysts say, “the Ravens need to get him, the Ravens need to get him, the Ravens need to get him”,  because if you didn’t know, the biggest game of the week last week was the Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs. Two great teams, the Chiefs did end up winning that game at the end, and it was pretty evident, whenever you have a team like Patrick Mahomes, remember without Tyreek Hill as he’s out with him shoulder injury, at this point so this is without Tyreek Hill, Chiefs team, could have easily put up 30 points on this Ravens defense who was top ranked in every category last year. I mean, yeah, they lost a couple people but I mean they look good, but you can see like the Chiefs, if you’re going to beat the Chiefs, you got to be able to beat the Patriots, got to be able to beat like, there are a couple other teams that are just– but those are the two big ones, if you want a chance to go to the Super Bowl. If you want any chance to go to the Super Bowl, you’re going to have to win at Kansas City and win New England. 

Evan Mellett: 17:27 And honestly, it’s probably– might be, just crab-wise, might be easier to win in Kansas City because, it might be easier to win New England, sorry. Just because of how crazy Kansas City is and it’s the loudest official outdoor stadium in the entire NFL, it’s been measured, which is why the Ravens especially and that’s what people are saying, if they want a legitimate chance of being able to stop the Chiefs or Patriots to make that Super Bowl run with Lamar Jackson, he’s had just an absolutely incredible year, it’s just incredible year for the Ravens to start out this year so far. I think the Ravens absolutely have to have him like, it’s not really like, “oh, we might get him, we might not get him”. No, they’re like, “dude, if you want a chance of winning any– if you want a chance of being like, not like really being taken seriously, your defense be taken seriously and your chance to go to the Super Bowl taken seriously, we got to get you on the Rams”, and that’s just kind of how it is. Speaking of another team in the AFC North, the Browns are off to, first the Steelers, they’re the other team in the AFC North that I want to talk about. 

Evan Mellett: 18:29 They have fallen to three, as they lost a heart crushing game the San Francisco 49ers, who are funny enough– which I think is interesting because the 49ers was definitely not a team that we thought coming in, “oh, there, that’s a playoff team. Jimmy Grapple, he’s the real deal, playoff team easy”. No, not exactly. That’s not exactly. I think if you took a preseason poll, I definitely do not think that’s what people would be saying. I don’t know if they’re saying that now, but I mean, they have three wins and the Steelers have zero. I mean as I was talking about in my last podcast, make sure if you didn’t hear about that, make sure to go down below listen to that. But as I was saying my last podcast, there’s just a lot of things that are going to be different with the Steelers offense, with Mason Rudolph at the helm at this point. And as we’ve seen from one thing, Minkah Fitzpatrick, which I’ll talk about a little bit later in the podcast, that’s the one high point for the Steelers and if you watch the games, he’s showing up to play, I’ll talk about a little bit more in depth in that later in the podcast. 

Evan Mellett: 19:28 But it shows that he’s the real deal, but it’s not said Mason Rudolph, he had a pretty good game but it’s just, their defensive backfield, if you’re a Steelers’ fan which I am, personally, they need a lot of help, it’s kind of just how it is at this point. Now moving on to the other AFC team that’s going a little bit better that I was going to talk about, isn’t exactly living up to the hype of this season is the Cleveland Browns. They went into the start up the year, you got blown out by Tennessee, lost to the Rams, yeah, I mean you beat a Jets team, but literally, their entire team is Le’Veon Bell, and that’s it. So, I mean, it’s just like the Browns is definitely not living up to the hype and that’s just what a lot of people are coming to the conclusion of like, “Hey, you guys said they’re going to live up to the hype”. I told you so, this is a 70-90 best type thing. Baker Mayfield has officially come out and said, trying to rally the troops, “no, it’s not, these guys are just haters, you got to let the haters motivate us to go out there and get wins because we’re the only ones who can”. 

Evan Mellett: 20:29 In my opinion, if you’re wondering that, I just think like at best yeah, I think at best it’s an A team. I mean, I wanted to just say now, I think partake, partake, I think at best, they’re an A team. I just think that’s how it is. I think the Browns are good, do I think they’re excellent? No. Do I think if they had a couple more pieces, could they be? Absolutely. Do I think they’ll do it in this season? Absolutely not. Do I think their receiving corps’ the problem? Not really, no, I don’t think that they’re exactly the problem. Like, I think OBJ, Jarvis Landry are doing good not having David Njoku as their tight end isn’t helping anything. And then Baker Mayfield, he’s a good talented quarterback, I could be proved completely wrong, you guys can come back to this podcast and say, “oh wow, he was completely wrong, look at the Browns, they’re 11-5 in the playoffs”, but I just– I don’t know if I can see it going 10-3 to finish off this season. I just don’t know if I can see that or even 9-4 to finish out this season, or even for that matter even fine to finish out this season.

Evan Mellett: 21:29 I don’t know, it’s just like, I think there’s just a lot of question marks on this Browns team because they’re like, “oh my goodness, we came with all this hype and then we kind of suck now, and it’s not to say we suck, I mean, yeah, we beat a Jets team that was awful, we got beaten by a Tennessee team that some people would say is just okay, and then we got beaten by a real, definitely not the best Rams team, we’re going to see, but definitely not the best team we’re going to see this year”. I mean, the Rams are good, again don’t get me wrong, they’re not amazing, they’re good but they’re not amazing. They have a very injured Todd Gurley, they could be a lot better. Don’t get me wrong, they could be a lot better if he was still healthy and if he was able to stay healthy as that Super Bowl definitely could have been a different story last year. Maybe not completely won, but I feel like they could have definitely scored more than three points. They could have given Todd Gurley more of a load if he wasn’t injured at that point now that we find out after the Super Bowl is over, but I just feel like the Browns, they have a lot of things that they just need to try to figure out. 

Evan Mellett: 22:27 They need to try to figure out what the heck’s going on and like what they need to do to get to live up to the hype and as I said, living up the hype for them has to be like a 10-60 in playoffs. Like, that’s the hype that they’re getting right now, it’s not even like a, “oh, we made the playoffs in the wild card and we lose the first round”,  no, this is more serious, like, the hype that they’ve been getting, getting a promising that with the height and they begin and getting OBJ, Jarvis Landry and the connection, and LSU, and Baker-Baker touchdown maker, and all the hype, whatever it feels like from all the NFL combined, like besides like AB, maybe and he definitely doesn’t have anything close to the hype but he’s the probably the next closest, it’s just the AB drama. I just think the Browns like they really need to like, live up to the hype, if you’re really going to like pretty much let the entire fan-base down. Because their entire fan-base was looking for a playoff, chance in the AFC Championship year, and they’re getting just a mediocre one that they’re used to. Now talking about more interesting NFL news, when I say interesting, it’s just the more interesting topic of this week, was probably the Buffalo Bills, how the heck are they three in now?

Evan Mellett: 23:29 I don’t know– it’s a lot of people call it the NFL’s biggest mystery just because the Bills like, “oh, yeah we’re going to go six and ten again”, wait what? We’re three in now to start off the season, what are you talking about? Yeah, this is– you’re not dreaming Bills’ fans. This is actually like a real thing. Did I expect it? No. Did anybody expect it? Did the bills fans expect it? Probably not. But is it happening? Yeah, it is happening. Is the quarterback for the Bills playing out of his mind? Yeah, yeah, pretty much. Is their defense actually showing up play? Are they actually like getting off the bus and showing up to play this year? Yeah. That’s what’s happening. Is Josh Allen, the Bills’ quarterback, yeah, he’s playing. Yeah, he’s showing up to play and he’s doing what he should’ve been doing in the last couple of years, which the Bill feel like he could do in the last couple of years. Is he going to have to keep doing that? Yeah. If he wants to win games, absolutely. He’s going to have to keep doing what he’s doing, to now win games. 

Evan Mellett: 24:27 They have a ginormous game coming up, it will be home against New England, in this moment what we’re going to see if they can actually beat this New England team, that I feel like there are going to be some Bills fans there just to cheer them on, honestly the way this New England team, this is like exaggeration, the way this New England team looks, it’s like they’re honestly going to burn down Buffalo, for all we know. The way this Bills team look, the way this Patriots team look, imagine if they beat them then Buffalo could be like burned down by Monday morning, who knows? But I just think that’s definitely, without question the biggest mystery in football right now, is how the heck are the Bills and how the heck are the 49ers, the two of the teams that had three and over to start out the season, yeah, a lot of people say, “oh, they’ll fall off ,they’ll lose like six in a row, they’ll be like “oh, okay, it’s the Bills”. “. But what if they don’t? People who are being optimistic, like what if they don’t? What if they can make the playoffs? Then I feel like there’s going to be a lot of questions that are going to be asked, like what are they doing right? What are the Browns doing wrong? Just many questions, if we end up getting to that point.

Evan Mellett: 25:25 Up next we’re talking about the Panthers, who got there– who in their first with Cam Newton out with an injury, he probably will be out for the– for at least a couple more weeks we have Kyle Allen, he has come in. There was a battle for him for the position between him and Will Grier, it’s not really looking like a battle for the position right now. In fact, Kyle came out and kind of balled out and got them the first win of the season so, whatever he did there, he can the starting. Just because the fact of they need wins and if the Panthers can get wins and if it’s not Cam Newton, I don’t know how much they really care. I just feel like it’s just the fact of they just need to get wins at this point. So, I feel like Kyle, but who knows? He can be the answer for the Panthers, Cam can come back, and he can be out of a job. But the way Kyle Allen’s playing, I feel like the Panthers have had some success but not a crazy amount, you start giving them, “hey I can stack win on win on win”, like, “hey, we give you money, you give us wins”, it’s perfect. Perfect deal. went on went


Evan Mellett: 26:22 Now the last thing I’ll talk about to finish this out is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I talked about them a little bit earlier, they are the team that I follow, and as we did trade Minkah Fitzpatrick. This will be the last thing I’m talking about is Minkah Fitzpatrick, he is the safety that we trained for our first draft pick in the upcoming draft for. He’s looking like he’s going to turn out. The Steelers, as I said their defensive backfield is poor, to be nice, they completely blew the San Francisco game after a beautiful drive by Mason Rudolph, they blew off the game completely, for us and that’s kind of just how it is. I mean, don’t really want to show them, they blew the game for us, we should be wanting to right now, but defensive backfield sucks and they blew the game. But I felt like Minkah had helped, I mean, it was his first drive as a Steeler, defensive driver for the Steelers, he got to pick, and I mean, it’s just with everything, like people like, “Oh, the defensive backfield sucks”, but we got five turnovers. The Pittsburgh Steelers had five turnovers, yeah, we had four, that’s another story for another day. But yeah, we had five turnovers and we lost the game, is that our defense or is that our offense lacking to score off those turnovers? 

Evan Mellett: 27:25 Yeah, we gave four of them right back and had like one turnover difference but at this point, but– just getting back to where I’m saying, I feel like Minkah, he’s definitely he helped just because the fact of he’s good, he’s very talented, he’s younger than most, which I feel like the Steelers need, they need some really good young guys to help going forward, especially defensive back-field, young defensive back-field, that’s the best in all the worlds for the Pittsburgh Steelers at this point. But I feel like Minkah Fitzpatrick just what I want to say, I really think he’s going to turn out and I feel he can help the Steelers but the Steelers need a heck of a lot more help in the defensive back-field, if they even want to remotely make the play-offs this year, or have any shot at it. They’re going to need to make some big adjustments or Mason Rudolph is going to have to have the year of his absolute life. One or the other is going to have to happen, and that’s kind of just how, in my opinion, that’s the place that the Steelers are at, at this moment. With that said about the Steelers, that’s going to wrap up the 25th edition of the Sports Run On podcast. 

Evan Mellett: 28:25 I want to let you know I am on Twitter as Sports Run On podcast, just @sportsrunonpodcast, make sure to go there, I’ll be tweeting many times daily. So, make sure to go there and check me out, give me a follow if you’re interested. And I just want to thank you for listening to the 25th edition of the Sports Run On podcast.