Evan Mellett: [00:09] Hello, in today’s podcast it will be time for yet again, for our prediction for the week going into the weekend, for the games, for the NCAA game and NFL. Starting out with the end, we are used to be starting at the NCAA, and with its top 25. With number one will be starting out with Clemson they’ll be going up here in Charlotte, and in this game I definitely have predicted Clemson to win. I will probably predict the score 49 nothing, is my prediction for Clemson against Charlotte. I think Trevor Lawrence will definitely have an amazing game. Same thing number two with Alabama, going up against Southern Mississippi. I think again, I think Alabama they’re just going to roll again I think this will be again another like I think 49 to 7, for some reason. I think Southern Mississippi will get one touchdown and Albia. And again I think to tackle absolutely shine for the Clemson’s Todd.

Evan Mellett: [01:04] And here we go number three Georgia up against number seven Notre Dame, easily the game of, like it would be the game of any week. And I think this is going to be an absolutely insane game with Jake Fromm and Ian Book going back and forth. And it seems, this is just going to be an absolute duel between them. Like I think, there’s definitely going to be points whenever the board. I see no way that this game is going to be a defensive struggle, because both of these teams have offenses that can definitely put points up on the board. So, which is why I definitely think this is one like of course, and this is going to be the Primetime game like the eight o’clock primetime. The ones everybody’s getting on their couch looking forward to, and that’s something that everyone is looking forward to also see. In this game, I think in this game overall I would pick Georgia to win this game. Just because I think Notre Dame don’t have the edge just like by a little bit. But that’s, I just say by a little bit just the fact that my score prediction win for this game will be 31 to 28, Georgia, they will be the Fighting Irish.

Evan Mellett: [02:04] And I mean, as you know that is not a very big score difference, as I think this game is going to come down in my honest opinion as I’ve heard some people say, this game might come down to the final possession. Which I can very much see this game coming down to the very final possession, the team who wins is the team who gets the ball last. That’s not saying that this is going be like an absolute shootout like 50 nothing, or anything but I definitely think that it’s going to, it’s definitely just going to be a crazy game. like I think, it’s going to depend on what the defense can the turning to turn our defense is going to be a ginormous thing in this. Just because the fact of, in these games against top 10 opponents you have to see, the extra possessions can always be crucial. If you’re trading back and forth and it’s 14-14, then you go 2114 because you score again, then you somehow get that like turnover like that fumble or that reception, that turnover that I’m talking about.

Evan Mellett: [03:03] Then go 28,14, a to a 14-point difference, or even a 10.2 possession difference is so much different than, again, it makes the one that makes the offense on the next version come out and say, “wow, this defense made a play”. And we should have scored on because of it, and especially makes a big deal, if you score right off the playbook, it’s a stupid score, or pick six, just coming out. And it also makes, I feel like it’s going to be a different mentality for that team coming out whenever they’re down two possessions instead of being down one. Which is why I think that that’s definitely going to be what it’s going to come down to, it’s going to have to come down to one of these defenses just stepping up to the plate and making a play. Because and it’s not going to be easy. I’ll be the first one to say this is just not going to be easy to make a play because these two are, these are two very talented teams. And that’s why they’re ranked in the top 10 because I mean, they’re very talented across the board. And I just think, that’s all I have for this game, it’s going to be a 31-28 game. This game is minute, honestly just come down to who has the ball last.

Evan Mellett: [04:03] Boot off and now we move on to number four which will be LSU and Vanderbilt. I have LSU to win this game. I’m thinking a 35-7 game, and the LSU talks about 40, but I will definitely put up 30, I think that’s for sure. Against the Vandies, into what some of you would say lackluster editions. Number 60 of Ohio State, they’ll be playing Miami of Ohio, I think this will just be another game for just a few years. It just absolutely goes off like he has putting up like five touchdowns sometimes in like the crazy thing about the five touchdowns that he’s putting out honestly, is the fact of three of them are not all of our passes and he’s not throwing for all of its touchdowns. Some people could say, I mean in some cases I wouldn’t be surprised if three of the five, that if you score five against Miami of Ohio, I wouldn’t be surprised if three, that’s why we’re rushing touchdowns just because of how versatile he is. Which is why I think Ohio State will take care of business, I think 56 nothing from the Ohio State, Miami have a higher score, because I think that they’re just going to absolutely go off. 

Evan Mellett: [05:07] And I think they’re definitely going to have a giant game in this one. Up next we have number eight Auburn, they will be playing number 17 Texas a&m. I have Auburn for this game and Tom Jernstedt, I think he showed a session at Oregon game that he’s the real deal. Or even off the rodeo, but he’s definitely a good quarterback or something we’ll go ahead and do you think put Colombo next the real deal after he was one big game is like an overstatement. It might be a little bit of an overstatement but there’s also the fact of just, he’s like he’s a good primetime player and I really think that he can definitely show up to the plate against Texas a&m, who their defense is good. But I mean, I shouldn’t see the half day definitely as a whole, which were very much exploited. But whenever they played number one Clemson, back whenever they were ranked 12 in the nation. Up next is number nine, Florida against Tennessee. 

Evan Mellett: [06:04] Florida is a team now like literally, you wouldn’t know unless you live in Florida in my opinion, you don’t probably don’t agree with them being up this high, or they shouldn’t go to Florida or live in Florida. But and then Tennessee is just a side of just struggle after losing to Georgia State Penn. After everybody saying they’re paying them all this like $900,000 to come and play them, and then you lose. It goes, you just bring them into you can win a game by 42 to get everybody in, then you lose to a team that like Georgia State, definitely not a power five conference, or in some in some cases not even close to that. So, I think Tennessee, I know that didn’t happen last week, but I feel like ever since that it’s just, they’ve just had, it’s always felt like about a road block for Tennessee just after taking a loss like that. That’s a hard loss to recover from anyway, whenever you lose to a team of like that status, then you’re trying to say you’re a contender for the SEC title this year or at least part of it, and then you lose to a team like Georgia. So, that could definitely hurt your confidence. 

Evan Mellett: [07:08] I think Tennessee will bounce back for it. Florida was given a good game last week by Kentucky. So, I think, I don’t doubt the Tennessee won’t do the same, I think they’re definitely, I think the Gators would ever win it, but I’m saying a 31-17 win, for the Florida Gators in this one against Tennessee, first of all dears. Number 10, we have the Utah Utes, they’ll be playing the USC Trojans. Utah, I like their team. I think they’re a really good team, I think again that they should be ranked 10th in the nation? Absolutely. You know, like, I think they’re good. Or maybe I could be wrong, I would admit I haven’t watched every single one of their games, but I mean, I’ve watched one or two but I haven’t watched them like all the way through. So, maybe there are parts missing but I mean, and then some people disagree with me and say they should be higher. Do you know Utah was on the East coast and they are like, if Utah was out of New York we’d be a top five school right now? 

Evan Mellett: [08:04] Which, I mean I did talk about on my last podcast. If you missed that one makes sure to listen to that, go back and listen to that one down below after you’ve listened to this one. I think Utah is a good team, do I know, do I think that they’re exactly top 10? I don’t know if they exactly shown that yet. Or if they will, but I’m definitely, I’m not going to disagree. I think they’re a good team. And do I think their top 10? No, I do think they’ll get the win here. I’m expecting for a winner here, will probably be Utah. Utah probably 21, USC 14 even after the 20 sale by JT Daniels for USC. I think they are still a pretty good team either not awful. Yeah, that was good, they were with him but they’re also not like a laughingstock, but I still think they’re a pretty good team. Luscious, rigorous Auburn against Texas a&m. I’ve already, now this was the other close game this week which will be 21-17 all round.

Evan Mellett: [09:03] Number 11 which will be the Y big upset pen in my opinion for this week will be number 11, Michigan against number 15 Wisconsin. I have this Wisconsin winning this one, I think Jonathan Taylor is going to have a big game. I think Michigan ensured a lot of people whenever Michigan was pushed to their limits by an army team. Yeah, it is the Michigan turned the ball over four times and they might not do that in the next like five games to mind. But you know, it still happened and they still got push their limits. And I’ve watched them all Wisconsin games. I think that they could definitely be the real deal. I think they’re definitely a really good team. I have Wisconsin winning this 24-17 another one coming down close to the end. Next up, I have 12 Texas against Oklahoma State. I’ve no doubt Texas and San Leandro will have a good game like they usually do. So, in this one, I have Texas winning this 1-27. Now moving on to number 13 Penn State, they’ll be playing Maryland this week.

Evan Mellett: [10:05] Penn State’s another team that I’m like, I think they’re good but I don’t know if they’ve completely proven themselves yet, and I think a lot of people would agree with me on that. I don’t know if they’ve exactly proven themselves yet, but and that’s maybe some people will say, they wonder to themselves sometimes, if a team haven’t proven themselves, it’s just up to whoever you’re asking. But in my opinion, I think that they haven’t just at this point not to say they will but I just don’t think they haven’t at this point, this season. So, I still do kind of see Penn State team beating Maryland team, and I think it’s pretty good. It’s definitely not like a top, being a top15 beating good. So, I can stay well in this 28-7. Next week, number 15. UCF they’ll be playing the Pitt Panthers. Again UCF another team, like I think they’re good but haven’t exactly shown that they deserve to be a top 15 team. Maybe, but I think there’s also a lot of people that would say absolutely not. I thought this early in the season, a lot of teams haven’t shown exactly where they’re supposed to be. Because in some cases, like Penn State did, they played like their big rivals. 

Evan Mellett: [11:06] Yeah, like they have a point of the game against Ohio State, that’s going to show them what they really got like, it’s just, they’re all these teams like Texas, they’re going to be showing as I talked about earlier. Number 12, they’re going to be shown what they can really do whenever they play Oklahoma. And the renderer has a rivalry, which will no doubt be a great game, which is every single year, but I just feel like especially UCF, I don’t know if they have a burden themselves yet, but I think I think they’re still a good team. I’ve been beating Hit. Probably, 28-10 is my final for them. Number 16 is Oregon against Stanford, Stanford just been kind of lackluster. I’ve watched a couple other games this year. I feel like they’ve been a little lackluster this year, Oregon, like I mean, I think Oregon’s a good team, I think that was still a heartbreaking loss for them to not get their week 20 win. When you play a top team and you lose like that to a freshman quarterback and Bonex for Auburn quarterbacking, who I talked about earlier in this podcast.

Evan Mellett: [12:05] But I felt that Auburn is going to get the job done against the Stanford team that I think has been lackluster for some people standard, so far this season. I don’t want to miss game 21 nothing. And, actually number 19. Washington State they’ll be playing UCLA. I think Washington State look forward; I think they’ll have no problem with this one. But I think this will definitely be a win for them. I’m 21-3 final on Washington State over UCLA. Up next is number 29. Finish now we have number 20. Boise State against Air Force. I have witnessed a debate beating Air Force, Boise State our focus. Boise State, they are a good team I mean, after their whatever Florida State you saw that they’re definitely not an awful team. So, I mean, again, some people will say yeah, Florida State is having an off year. Look at who they bought in the last two, look who push them to limits. Yeah, I agree with that. Mark you, I watched that game. I think Boise State is looking like a pretty good team. Maybe not a top 10 team, but I think top 20 is definitely good for I think they should be this season.

Evan Mellett: [13:07] Iowa, win this game 24-10 over Air Force. Up next, now finishing out with the last couple, number 21 Virginia, they’ll be playing at Old Dominion arena with one of our new teams in the top 25, they just keep moving up as much as they’re winning. I mean, they’re moving up as much as they’re winning. But I mean, how long will they be doing that for? I don’t know, whenever they start playing the likes of UNC, who’s a really good unranked team, then of course Clemson. Of course Clemson, like which will be the last anybody in the NCC, most likely unless somebody pulls off a major upset. It’s kind of a question of who’s going to challenge them, or whether it be a challenge to Clemson, for that crown in the NCC this year. But I already knew in this game 28-7 over Old Dominion. Old Dominion will push Virginia Tech over limits Old Dominion is good to pull off an upset once in a while, but I don’t think it will happen this game.

Evan Mellett: [14:03] Number 22 we have Washington against BYU, and Washington had fallen after that loss to the Dallas Cowboys, who’s now one of the A team and our top 25 now, they are our number 23 spot. I think the Washington Oregon take care of BYU. I have this game going 24-7, and favorite the Huskies, Stephen Coldo, they’ll be coming up in our number 23 spot, they were playing Ole Miss, when I think, I just I think The Cowboys will take care of business almost. Again there’s another team that I feel they’re a little bit underwhelming this year as though usually good, but I just don’t think they’ve gone up to the standards of what people thought they would up to this point. They again, there are a lot of these teams that I say not about but they can definitely turn it around. To this I’m talking about to this point they’ve not exactly shown amazing like success so far. So, I definitely, I’ve counted in this 28-14. And in 24th spot we have Arizona State and Colorado. I definitely have Arizona State to win this one because I think the Sun Devils are very good team. I may not want to say very good, I don’t know maybe top 15 but I definitely think top 25, as they come up with the 24 spot this week.

Evan Mellett: [15:04] I believe Colorado, 21-10 this week. Then the finishing and last but not least, I think TCU they are a newcomer into the top 25, they’re playing SMU and not indifferent out of TCU. I know the SMU in a pretty some good High School game 31-20. I think this will be a higher scoring game and not. Now we wrap up the NCAA picks for this week. The Dolphins have officially said that they will start Josh Rosen override Fitzpatrick week three, which I think is interesting as my against Dallas. I think Miami has had an awful season so far getting blown up 59 to 10 then, 43 nothing like a lot of people wonder how much worse it can it get for them,

but, it’s just the fact that they’re just trying to try something new in that case. Same thing with the Giants, they’re also not having the most success winning at this point. 

Evan Mellett: [16:04] And there were the best three so far. Tampa Bay Buccaneers they’ll be starting Daniel Jones a quarterback. Dare to one of their top draft pick, one of their top 10 pick that they took last year out of the University of Duke. They’ll be starting him as they will be sitting down Eli Manning at this point. Now looking at our picks, the first week will be the Pittsburgh students will be playing San Francisco Forty-niners. Obviously there’s no bounce back game especially just because I feel like even after big Ben’s injury which I talked about in my last podcast, like he’ll be out for the season with an elbow injury, he will have to have surgery on it. I don’t know, why I’m a big fan of the Steelers and I that I have faith in James. I think he’s really good, if we get James Conner back and we get Sean Davis back on defense with the addition make of its Chris Carter. And from the Miami Dolphins, I think this could still, this team could so definitely win some games.

Evan Mellett: [17:00] I have the Steelers beating the Forty-Niners probably 28-21 is my prediction. I’m actually the Cincinnati Bengals against the Buffalo Bulls, I have the Bulls winning this one. The Bengals have been an okay team and they’re definitely not parsed anybody. So, I have identified the Bulls will win this 21-10. Up next talk about Miami I have them playing against Dallas, I think it’s a no brainer. Dallas is a pretty good team and Dak Prescott has had, in like two of the best games of his career the first two weeks of the season without a lot of people expected that. But I mean, he’s been playing very well Ezekiel Elliot after he got the whole contract figured out. But I definitely think Dallas will have a bounce back game. I have Dallas winning. I think Miami will put up some points but I think it will be a 28-14 win for the Dallas Cowboys. Coming up naturally the Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos. I have the Green Bay Packers, they’ve had their struggles, their margins, but I definitely think there’s definitely a good chance that they bounce back without question. I think they will win this game 21-17, I think this game is close enough and I think Green Bay pulls out in the end.

Evan Mellett: [18:09] Up next talking about another backup is Indianapolis. They’ll be fine the Atlanta Falcons this week with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones. I actually have an Indianapolis Colts, I think the Colts could have a pretty good game here against the Atlanta Secondary, that some people say it’s kind of questionable at this point. But at looking at them through the first two games, but I feel like it’s just, I think this could be a big mine. There’s a definite chance of being a show out game for them. I’m getting a feeling against this Atlanta team if they’re good, but they’re not great. And definitely one of the better games going on will be happening this Sunday, will be the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens. I have the Chiefs winning this one. The Ravens defense I think was stop on patching mounds. I don’t think it’s going to charge like six touchdowns, feels like and what that is averaging. He’s on average of 600 and it feels like it. I definitely do still think that they’re taking this game I think this is going to be a 31-24 game, which is going to probably come down to the Ravens haven’t made a game my touchdown.

Evan Mellett: [19:05] Honestly, I think they will win this 31-27, in a really tight game, it’s part of the Titans and in my opinion most likely my guess for what would be the best and like, was it just kind of game of this week? Up next is the Minnesota Vikings and the Oakland Raiders. I know Minnesota is going to take care of this one. I think Minnesota is, this going to be kind of a bounce back game. But I don’t know if, I think this could be the game for them against struggling Oakland team. Oakland team has been struggling ever since A.B went to New England. Next We’ll be talking about the Patriots. As only find the New York Jets and we should, the Patriots are just an agitator, so absolutely just clobbering people It feels like at this point. Just because it’s like they have way too many, it feels like on Sunday, was an It feels like your kind of playing like an All Star team because of how many options they have, especially on offense. Yeah.

Evan Mellett: [20:05] Well, in my opinion the best quarterback for game and Tom Brady, you have a very good running game and Rex Birkhead and James White and then you just have a plethora there’s a word I would use for them, they were a bunch of very high talented receivers. Antonio brown join Adam, they’re just many more than just those two. But I have the Patriots to win this 35 nothing, honestly I think the future is high, but the Jets will put up points against them. Especially without Sam Donald. Up next will be Philadelphia and the Detroit Lions. The Philadelphia Eagles, I think they will win this one, again I think Detroit they’re still struggling a little bit. I think Philadelphia, they are struggling but even without DeSean Jackson, I think they can still get the job done as he went out. Yeah, with an injury for this game and most likely, for the next couple weeks at least.

Evan Mellett: [21:02] Up next, is the Carolina Panthers against the Arizona Cardinals. Carolina had an interesting dilemma because a lot of people thought after the injury ankle injury the Cam Newton that will become the starting quarterback for them in this week, but it will not be it will be Kyle Allen will be taking the starting role for the Carolina Panthers against the Cardinals. I this will be a good game, honestly. But I think the Arizona Cardinals might win this one, I think Kyler Murray will win the game that they were to put up against the Ravens and that’s secondary. If there’s no, there’s definitely, I’m going to put up a like a very good amount of points on the Carolina Panthers. Just as add the Philadelphia Detroit score being 21-10, favorite Philadelphia. And I have Arizona beating Carolina 28-24, I think this could be definitely a close game. I think Arizona pulls out in the end. Up next, I have the Giants against Tampa Bay. I think the Giants, will win this one now Daniel Jones as I said earlier with a firm bounce back game, that question they need it like very valid of a bounce back game and just a very good team win. 

Evan Mellett: [22:07] And I think that could definitely happen against this Tampa Bay team. They’re good but I got this, it’s very early in the season. I did say that was a big game for them, and I think they will win this game 21-14 Giants. Up next we have Houston against the LA Chargers, however the LA Chargers are still out Melvin Gordon and most likely will be four weeks six or seven, which is at least three or four weeks more without him. So, as I said we slide, I mean Houston gets the job done to Shawn Watson go under Hopkins. Yeah, they don’t do they don’t exactly have an established running game at this point with Warren Miller injury. But I still think Houston takes care of business 24-10. Up next Michigan New Orleans, finishing out the four o’clock. Indian New Orleans and Seattle, I definitely think New Orleans. I think New Orleans will still win this. I think Seattle is a good team but I don’t know, I still think New Orleans like yeah, they might have lost your breweries but I think they have a backup quarterback. And Henry Bridgewater who isn’t, it isn’t like bad he had receivers that he can definitely get the ball to. 

Evan Mellett: [23:14] The Seahawks is good, but I don’t think they’re great, I don’t think they’re good enough to get pass, I know I’m very, I’m not what I think that’s good is good. A very good New Orleans second day with Marshall L’amour and many others. Then now look at RAR Sunday Night Football game as we wrap up this episode. We will be looking at the Cleveland Browns and LA Rams. This is one interesting pick that I made. I think the Cleveland Browns will definitely win this game. I think this will be a bounce back game for the Cleveland Browns. Even after that you have for that big win against the Jets. I think coming back I think this could definitely be a big win for them. As I said the final score this game will be probably 35-20 I think this, they’re going to put up at least 30 to 40 to beat the Rams, who are also have a very high powered offense. Then our last prediction will be the Chicago Bears and that’s the Washington Redskins. 

Evan Mellett: [24:04] The Chicago Bears I think have a bounce back and it’s very much and I think a lot of you will say they are very much a struggling team than the Redskins. So, I think the Bears definitely come back and get this win 24-14. With that money and that prediction, this wraps up the 24th edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. I want to thank you for listening. I also would like to remind you that if you’d like to, another way to listen to the Sports on Run Podcast, we have now been accepted and we are will be on iTunes and Google Play. So, if you have yours, make sure to go check us out there. And make sure to go give us a listen, comment what you think and also remember, comment down below and there’s a new story specifically you want me to talk more about.  Maybe it hasn’t made the headlines, but you want me to talk and what you want to hear my opinion on in the next podcast. Make sure to let me know. Now with that said, I want to thank you all for listening to the 24th edition of the Sports Run on podcast.