Evan Mellett: 00:07 Hi, my name is Evan Mellett. Welcome to my podcast. The first thing we’ll touch on would probably be the Super Bowl. I mean it’s coming up, a lot of people watch it. You got millions of people watching it, it’s usually a big stage and again even for some people in this nation, they’re disappointed and some don’t, the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl for the third or fourth year in a row. And that, of course, brings up the whole issue of just Tom Brady and his want to like, his want of him getting there through, most people think, through cheating and getting his success through the ability of cheating. And they wonder like, with Michael Phelps, he had– he had gold medals taken away and for some stuff have– some people would say is like, he didn’t even spied on his, like, the Patriots spied on their opponents and it was proven. Michael Phelps, it wasn’t, some say his was less extreme than Brady’s was. So, Brady should get even more harsher of a penalty.

Evan Mellett: 01:06 But I mean, it’s just– it’s up to you, depending on what your thought is of who, like how– why the penalty would do, and if Brady should honestly get a punishment for it, and that I mean that’s just up to a personal opinion. It’s not up to who– it’s just like, honestly, it’s just personal opinion. And I mean, it’s just like, they’re just a lot of question marks surrounding this year’s Super Bowl. It’s a lot of question marks such as the Patriots will break and Brady has had success in most places but getting to the Super Bowl; he’s good at getting there but he’s had some struggles in the past being there and finishing there. Then you have the conversation of Gronk, with now retirement has come up, with now him coming out and saying that football overall, he said is now starting to take a toll on his body and mind, which he has started to come out and say just recently, and they’ve just like started talking. They started wondering like how long, how much longer will he be there? How much longer will Brady be there? I mean, Brady’s not– Brady’s a pretty big guy. But he’s not like, a Big Ben type quarterback that can take a bunch of hits and keep going.

Evan Mellett: 02:11 Like the question would be like, how long can Brady go for? Can he keep going like 5-10 years as he can go? And that’s like, it’s turned into the age-old question of how long can these legends last? How long can LeBron last? Can he make another 5 or 10 years to be able to play with his son? Can Brady make another 5 years, see if he can– so it could 5 more Super Bowls? Who knows? I mean, it’s just a question of like, where they stack up against the greats and like how much more of a resume do they need to build until people are like, “Oh, it’s like, it’s now a discussion of who like, who the best to ever play this game was in a certain position or just in general.” Like who’s the best basketball player to play the game? Most would say MJ, LeBron right now, he’s trying to build like his status, trying to build the “LeBron Dynasty,” as some would call it.

Evan Mellett: 03:06 And Brady some have said like, he just like– he’s already built a resume enough, why does he keep going? And that’s just, I mean part of it could be, he could play for 2 more years, win 2 more Super Bowls, the Patriots could officially have 7 and have the most in the NFL and he could be done, if that’s what he wants. But Brady is not the kind of guy to just leave something unfinished, he’s never been. I mean, yeah, he doesn’t have the best record in the Super Bowl, but most people whenever it comes down to it, they’re going to– their bet would be on Brady and it always probably has been, because he just, whenever it comes down to the moments he’s able to get the ball to the receivers that he knows can make plays, which brings up another point of him and his passes to Edelman. Julian Edelman, who also has been found and was off for part of the season for performance enhancing drugs, which is why they’re saying some of his accolades should be taken away for the use of that and unknown use of an illegal drug, which are steroids to be able to help him.

Evan Mellett: 04:04 So then, whenever Brady is throwing to Edelman, that’s just– they’re just so many question marks around that connection, about should they still be there? Since they’re both known cheaters. Brady was known to, whenever it comes to the issue of deflate, he has been known to– like he’s the one who took the footballs and realized that, like, they’re not where they want to be, and he didn’t say a word about it, which was like against his contract. Well not exactly against his contract, but I mean, it’s against morals itself, like then that could ask questions like, what else has he been hiding from, like, like, that he knows about when it comes to footballs or equipment, what else has he been hiding, that nobody knows about? That just brings up that age-old question. Then coming around again, some people have made something that’s called Coin Gate. It’s turned into like, whenever like Brady has the ball in the playoffs, and he like gets the ball to start then– and he’s like 18 for 20 out of his like, big game playoffs and he’s scored and just won the game there.

Evan Mellett: 05:04 But even though in like all those big games, he’s like 21 for 25 which usually is not statistically possible, someone say, “Ph we just got lucky”. Someone say, “You just need to look over at a larger period of time and it will like equal out,” then when you look out of those 21 wins like 17 or 18 of them are when they called heads like repeatedly called heads. I mean tails, yeah, they got a little lucky but maybe heads they’ve just been calling heads for a long time now and it’s just– it’s turned into something that’s like– it’s just turned into like what they do. It’s turned into a want for them to call heads which is going to give them like the upper hand and go down and just win the game. Then the next point that I’d like to touch on in this podcast will probably be the touch of how can the Rams, like everybody’s wondering like how are the Rams just be completely outmatched? Are the Rams– can the Rams give a fight to the Patriots? Even though they’re like the Goliath pretty much at this point in the NFL.

Evan Mellett: 06:01 With Jared Goff being not as experienced quarterback as Brady’s been and then the controversial call, which we’ll probably get back around to, in the NFC Championship game, which is why some people say Goff shouldn’t be there, like the Rams shouldn’t be there at all because it’s a past interference which I can’t say I disagree with, but I mean, yeah, it’s his fault he made the past interference but it’s not the Rams’ fault that it was not called. And they’re just like– the question just still asks like what– how does that work? Like how does it– and everybody’s like, “Oh, no, everything’s decided by the refs”, why are all these big games always decided by the refs instead of being decided by who makes the actual plays. And that Rams and Saints game, I’d like to say that I tend to disagree with that call ending the game because yes, that call made it so it could go to overtime. But in that overtime, if Brees wouldn’t have thrown that interception, and would have just gone down and scored and this wouldn’t even be a topic.

Evan Mellett: 07:00 Because the effects of him getting sacked, the ball– him getting hit during interception then the Rams to go down to win the game and just made this into an even bigger topic. And NFC is not the only place championship game, NFC Championship game is not the only place we have controversial calls. Another controversial call you’re going to see in this is the call of another thing having to do with Brady, is the point of him having like more of a not getting caught– getting in some– what some people call ghost calls. Like, over the years, he’s got some calls that just they’ve been like, or the hands to the face right there. It’s been like, like there was– that didn’t even happen. It’s like a ghost must have hit him or something like that’s why they’re called ghost calls, where everybody’s like, “oh, Brady’s good”. But, like whenever the game comes down to it he just throws the ball down the sideline because he knows he’ll get a pass interference no matter where, what stadium he’s playing at. And I mean, there might be some bias towards that but if you look at it over the years, you’re going to see a comparison of him getting calls.

Evan Mellett: 08:02 And then they come back to All Stars get calls, I mean LeBron if he travels, the whole 9 times out of 10, he will probably get fouled, not just because of how big and good he is, just because he’s LeBron James. I mean Curry, if he’s not hitting threes that night, maybe he’ll get called for a foul that maybe would just get him to the line to get him points. I mean, it’s kind of stuff like that where it’s like some of it’s like, they get calls. Like, if you if you’re a professional athlete and you’re a really known one like you’re a well-known one, as known as a star, or in some cases the best play of the game or the best– in Curry’s case, maybe even the best three pointer to play the game, three point shooter. Like, you get calls, you get you get calls that go in your favor whenever usually, they’d just be called even but, in some cases, they’re like, “oh, the refs make the decision”. There are biases and that New Orleans and Rams game, the three refs that were there, all had some connection with LA, 2 lived there, 1 had lived there longer than the LA franchise has ever been there.

Evan Mellett: 09:01 And then wondering how you– even if they are the best refs, why you would pick three LA refs, even though that’s literally all the way across the country to come down and do a ref in a New Orleans game. Which I mean, there was some calls that did go to the Saints, which is why they’re wondering like, some people would say, “oh, it’s even. It’s the luck of the draw of what they call for you”, and I have to tend to disagree with that. I don’t think it’s the luck of the draw. I think there is some truth there being calls where it just goes the way because the refs have bias towards the team, for some reason or another. Well, in the AFC Championship game with Brady thinking that he got hit in the face, I mean, the hands on the face call which was really crucial for them, I would also come back to that not being even that crucial in this game either because– it comes back to, if you’re the chiefs and you can’t stop them in overtime on three straight third downs, a third and nine and two third and 10’s and you can’t get the ball back for your offense. That’s– it’s kind of a shame on you, honestly.

Evan Mellett: 10:01 Because your defense needs to step up and get a stop. I mean, if everybody said, also says when it comes to Brady, if he wouldn’t have– since Brady threw a pick on that play, there had to be some kind of off-sides calling before you know there was and maybe if it was just one down they wouldn’t even call it anything but, oh, coincidence, whenever Brady makes a big mistake in a big game of course there has to be a penalty. But I mean, if it’s your defense, I think part most of it’s the Chief’s defensive fault for the fault of not being able to stop them on a third, third and nine and two third and 10s because you have to be able to get off the field if you want to win big time games against a really, really good team. Which in some cases, they say the Patriots were having an off year, they said that, “Oh, this can be the year the Patriots go out in the divisional. They’re probably the AFC Championship looks like it might actually not have New England in it for one year”. It didn’t end up being at New England, but like in Gillette, but it also– and it ended up being in Arrowhead with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Evan Mellett: 11:00 But I still think part of it, you shouldn’t blame on that role, you should probably blame it on your defense, on that call, on Brady. And then also they say this is not the first time that Brady has got those calls, one of the– I think it was his second Super Bowl that he won, he went there because of, you probably remember if you’re old enough, a crucial call, called the Tuck Rule, he got– they thought that it was a fumble or a interception, but it ended up calling it incomplete, which if it would have been one of those, that game would have been over and the Patriots again, probably would only have four Super Bowls to this point, if it wasn’t for the Tuck Rule. But again, Brady, they’re saying because of like the atmosphere or where it was, it was in Gillette at that point, of course, that’s what people are saying. But then it keeps going on a loop of like, how it happens, like how every time it’s in Gillette, it turns into like, “Oh, all these calls are going to the Patriots”, no matter how or what happens.

Evan Mellett: 11:56 I just want to thank you again for coming into this podcast of mine, my first ever podcast. I hope to see you next week and to see you follow on with this because I think the more– it would help me even more if it could help get the people who are listening to this, like, if you want to see a topic or you like, maybe you want me to talk to someone specific or like you have a topic like, “oh, I think this needs to be discussed”, I want to hear what your topic is. Let me know. I mean, let me know like somehow like on the podcast, like if there’s like a chat, let me know, yeah or comment below. Let me know. Like what, like what you want to see. Let me know like if there’s a controversial like, in the NBA or like, well, like if there’s a big trade that goes down the Anthony Davis trade, that’s turning– it could turn into something big with the Lakers and making another All Star team around LeBron. I just want to thank you again for coming. I’m going to try to do this once a week, this podcast, so there’ll probably be a post-Super Bowl to see if there might be some controversial calls or something, I could go over in that one. I just what to thank you again for coming in my podcast.