[00:09] Hi everybody, this is going to be a very big podcast as we have a very big couple days or not really couple days, but a good amount of days coming up in the near future which we are probably all looking forward to. This will be March Madness, if you’re like not really into basketball or you know actually, what March Madness is. Just to tell everyone it is like, it’s the postseason tournament for NCAA basketball, where the best teams are 64 teams. One through 16 play in a bracket format, where one in 16 playing and then eight or nine are usually the closest, one to sixteen are usually not, because of like the best difference in amount of talent, going from team to team. And today’s special I’ll be talking about looking at my pics on my bracket, looking at this year, we will probably go clockwise going East, South Midwest West and most likely to finishing out. 

[01:00] We will start with East. Most of them will stay the same, I have google, which I think is more private, I mean I’m with most people where I have do quit in the first round, for the eight, nine which is a questionable game. I have VCU, I think pointed out UCF is showed pretty tough the show, but I feel like VCU can pull it out when it needs to happen. Some talks about have talked about Mississippi State kind of fallen off maybe a little bit but no, I feel like they can still handle Liberty pretty well. Virginia Tech, I think can handle the 810 winners, even though there are common kind of a hot streak kind of feeling it now, after winning their conference tournament. I still think they can still, they’re still up to the test to be able to definitely handle what is going to come their way. Next will be Maryland against the playing game, Belmont I think played a pretty good game against Temple. But was it a good enough game to beat Maryland? I don’t know, Maryland’s too as been a pretty good team. They’ve been often on this year, but I feel like they’re going to be able to turn it up whenever it needs to happen. But we’re just, it’s going to have to come down but this one could be one that comes down to who shows up to play on that certain day.


[02:01] Next, would be your three and 14 LSU vs EL. I have LS you and this one looking at maybe probably a pretty big difference some people ideal but I feel like LS you I don’t think there’s really a question my mind the seven against 10 which is always kind of kind of interesting game because the 10 shows up to play this can be a really interesting game. Dr. Louisville taking care of business against Minnesota. The gophers I mean that they’re looking like they could have a chance but I mean I feel like Louisville moves on to the second round. And don’t play the last pic for me for the first round of the East Michigan State. I think would take care of Bradley even though there is always that 115 that maybe slips the game but i think i Michigan State holding strong for that one. We will now swing around to the south. Look at the number one seed in the southwest Virginia most likely winning over 16 Gardner Webb we’re on for sure. Nobody’s for sure about them after their little kind of slip up. But after that we’re looking a good 898 between an Oklahoma team who ended up getting knocked out by Western


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NU who wasn’t even in the but against a Mississippi team that’s played well this year but not extremely well. I saw Mississippi taking care of business to move on to play Virginia on that second round. This is we will now start with one of my upsets I didn’t know I didn’t have any upsets and up in the East Division kind of played it safe there but this will be my first one because I feel like Wisconsin’s good they just got anyone else so early that big 10 tournament just Ethan half just did not come out of play like I really thought he would in Oregon looking like they’re real. They really played well in the PAC 12 going away a championship game they were they really played well. To be able to probably earn them a spot for my first upset actually funny of my first upset of the day would be number fo Oregon over number five, Wisconsin. Next up on the list will be number four Kansas State playing UC Irvine, UC Irvine Who’s that yeah, that’s it’s that they could be one of them the ant eaters, but I think I have k state the top team in the big 12 take care of business there.


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They played pretty well they played a solid just a pretty solid get all the way throughout the year they played a pretty solid game. Next we have Villanova and St. Mary’s Villanova. I feel it’s a better team than what the record has shown in past throughout this season. And they suffered a couple losses early and St. Mary’s is kind of hot teams they’re saying this could be an appt this they could be on upset alert because of just St. Mary’s first goes in and beats Gonzaga to win to get their automatic based on the reason they’re here to then play on to see if they might to see if they can wiki winning, but I don’t know I think Villanova Jr. I can take care of business in that department. Next up, we have three against 14 it will be Purdue against Old Dominion. I thought if you have a good feeling Purdue they’re not going to have lunch up with this game. There are pretty talented team that will fail. They’re not really going to have a lot of trouble taking care of an Old Dominion team, Cincinnati and Iowa IF Cincy in this one. I think they’re going to come out and play a book probably a little bit more than Iowa but this I think this could really be a close one day


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CN Colgate HI have a good feeling about 10 see this year they look like a strong high scoring offense which I feel like all offense wins you games got to put the ball in the basket but I think Tennessee’s come out and I think they’ve played well throughout the year even though they lost I was like oh they lost to Auburn but I think yeah that’s also my if you look average shot 73% from three that might catch up to them as I might talk about later, but I have tendency taking care of business. Now moving down to the Midwest. We will have number one North Carolina I think take care of business over Iowa who knows we don’t really know about this. Have you ever thought was possible but next we have the Utah State Washington Washington was to Oregon point now for you really high pack i thought was a really fun to watch Pac 12 championship game. I still think Utah State is going to take it in this one because I think they’re I think they’re overall the better team. I like about Auburn. They will come up next in this against New Mexico State. But I think Auburn even though they might not shoot the lights out from three they might come back down to earth a little bit after that.


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Crazy performance I think they’re still going to take the win their Kansas and North Eastern Kansas loses this there might be some brackets broken because I think not really broken because I don’t think a lot of people had the money but I think some had them going pretty far and this one, which I mean, I haven’t going a couple rounds, but Kansas I think that they’ve played well throughout this year ended WU season to be able to go to the big 12 championship game and then that’s I think they take care of business. I was saying Ohio State i think is also an interesting one cuz Iowa State. They played well in the in the in the big 12 tournament very well. I said I think it’s kind of like might be could very possibly be a sleeper team. I think they’ve played well, but I don’t know if they’re going to be able to pull out a win size and it’s still at stake. I was stating this one. Houston, Georgia State, I still think us is getting a lot more press than they really deserve. I think they’re a good team, but I don’t know how good they’re going to show up in the bay. Because a lot of this is just what team shows up in the big time scenarios whenever it really matters. The most.


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In that and we’ll see we’re going to have to really see if that’s Houston that steps up in the big time moment. Going down to the seven vs 10 matchup down in the Midwest We will see you Wolford playing Seton Hall everybody is like seat Hall they play good they’re they’re really talented team but I don’t know there’s something about Wolford that I feel like the way they can shoot the three ball and play as a team. I really think I have a feeling that they are going to show up to play I think they’re really going to show point take care of business coming down it will be Kentucky against Alba nine Christian I would hope Kentucky to win this game if they don’t again, we might have some brackets broken. But who knows. Who knows this could very easily be your it’s probably be the craziest and most unlikely but who knows this could be your covenant 15 that beats a to who knows. You’re moving down to our final which will be bottom left corner if you’re looking at it, which will be looking now at the one verses 16 Gonzaga against fairly Dickinson who ended up winning last night and they’re playing game. I’d still the Zacks taking care of business, Syracuse, and big


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I’m just I can’t give the I can’t give knock serafina out of my bracket without giving them at least one win because Bay Hi I’m just as he has a tendency to just go when you guys density get the job done and then mark and then going down is probably probably I think probably maybe one of my favorite games to watch a movie in the first round and some would say one man team market having Howard averaging 37 a game none john Moran for Murray State really helping them like helping them just starting and getting into the tournament looking at may quit possibly being a top prospect for how good he plays at it I had the six four frame that he stands that but I ended up having Murray State and this one because I feel like john Moran I think that he’s he has the hype and he I think he’s gonna might be able to take that and again just go with it like really make his way through and really go with the hype that he’s getting and use it like as motivation. Next up is FSU and Vermont. I have FSU taking care of business. I think they’re a good team. I don’t know how far they can go. I think they can always take care of business here buffalo


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against the playing game buffalo against the winner of Arizona State and St John’s I saw a buffalo take care of business moving on in this one next up closing it out for the first round be Texas almost close and that would be Texas Tech in Northern Kentucky of Texas Tech one in this even though they can Ricardo off but I’m in a somewhat kind of expected more from them in the in the conference tournament. But I still have them taken a hard like when I don’t know normally hard just a big win kind of next opening to Nevada and Florida somewhere saying Florida they played better competition they are going to show up I again I know that it’s kind of like a Wolford. I think they might show up in the moment and really like give them a good game. I think they could really show up and like how and how like get a win here being the seven next up would be and then finishing out the first round be Michigan and Montana. They’ll finish it out having Michigan probably winning looking like the win this one who knows some said Montana who knows that there’s just so out there them an avenue in Christian who knows they could be the upset. I mean who


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You MBC Who’s that now we know who that now we know where that school is and it’s actually a school by just some people didn’t know before that game that like like, What even is that school like no one even knew like where is it like what is it moving into the second round or not probably not going to go through all games I’m gonna probably some highlights of probably good ones and I say I’ve do can VCY just started the same way I’ve Duke and VCU taking care of business. I’ve Duke when the VCU game of the Mississippi, Virginia Tech and Virginia Tech and maybe a hard fought win LSTM Maryland I think I’m gonna have to take the Tigers of LSC on this one. I think they’ll play tough then this is kind of a funny game because a Louisville at Michigan State I think and Gleevec, and if they show up to play this game, this game could come down to the end. They’ve had some really good regular season battles that I just don’t know if I can feel them come standing up to the task like they might they could possibly have a hard game against Minnesota. So I have Michigan State and that one, moving over to the south averaging and taking care of


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Business against Mississippi well probably just be one and done. When the Oregon Kansas they can fly or go and kind of ride a wave after be Wisconsin but I think case they can just knock that wave down and just put them away in the first half not even make this a game moving down from there and then to the Villanova Purdue I like Villanova in this game j right. He just he’s done a lot for this team. And I mean winning it last year looking to try to win back to back titles. I think you can do a lot for this team and maybe we get done the win. Now looking at Purdue Old Dominion party looking like they could be the team. So now moving out of Cincinnati and Tennessee I’ve Tennessee really taken to produce standing when I think they’ll win it pretty easily. look now at look now at UNC in Utah State I don’t think that will be a problem. I think Tar Heels take care of business. Next we’re looking at Auburn Kansas. I think this is one of our might come down back down to earth given Kansas a way to win it. IO stay in haste. I know I said Houston gets a lot of press but I think part of it might be worth it. So I the Houston progress the one here


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Woodford Kentucky game I think Kentucky takes cut maybe maybe a harder fall victim and some might think and the Zags and Syracuse I think they hymes run ends here as I think he will fall to today’s Zags. Looking next would be Murray State and FSU. I think FSU ends john Moran run at this from for this one man team Buffalo and tech stack. I think buffalo could give them a game adding Texas Tech. hold strong in this one. And then they stop is Nevada, Michigan. I think Michigan takes a stronghold and I think they could very much win it at the end. Now as a soccer background, we were now down to the sweet 16. And this Duke and Virginia Tech and Virginia Tech has given them a game before but it was just like Duke was able to put them away at the end, which I think could definitely happen again. So I am going to my elite eight and the OSU Michigan State I think Mitch, I think LS you Michigan state’s going to come come out and want to play more than LS you in this one. So I think they’re probably going to be the ones to take care of business.


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Virginia, Kansas State, I really think that Virginia is going to be the team to like they play. They play a very strong game defensively. So I think they can come out and get the win. They’re going over Tennessee. I think it’ll be closer than some people think it could be. But I think Tennessee still gets the win there. You won’t see Kansas. I just don’t think Kansas has the team that they’ve had in past years. So I think he once he gets the dub here, and the Houston Kentucky game, I really think that Kentucky is going to hold strong knocking out of Houston team that some thought could go far, but I’m not getting that feeling. So now now we’re looking at the Zags and the Seminoles. Looking at the Zags having a look at the size with the wind and this one. Next up would be Texas Tech, Michigan. I the Wolverines taken that one. Now it really gets into the interesting games going from Elite Eight to the Final Four than two championship game. So I might go a little bit more into detail on these ones because these are very big games. So look at first be Duke Michigan State game. I have Duke and this one, I think Michigan


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They can hold strong but I think design and art and Barrett will really take over in this game to really make the difference for them. And the Virginia Tennessee I’ve seen a lot of brackets I’ve gone both ways in this game because I think Tennessee they think has a pretty easy road. Virginia they think can really make it there but I actually have tend to see you know, maybe a lower lower scoring game than there used to because of the top presence that Virginia gives them or or problems they might give them but I still have Tennessee and a hard fought victory. UNC Kentucky I probably I have UNC Kentucky they, the freshman I and some cases I think the experience could run into them. This is where they were they funding now I think is this is where they lost last year and the Elite Eight, but I think this is where they’re going to get to before in some cases their age might just run into them or like run back up on them realizing that they might not know how to play in these big time scenarios where UNC has a more mature group when it comes to winning these games, and Zach’s and Michigan


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I’ve also heard very mixed responses for this exit Michigan game, the Zags or the Michigan’s a very good team for with Brandon Clark. Look at that one does x best player. I think that he and their inside game can really help the Zacks perform well in this one, helping them get the win helping them move on to a very interesting Final Four as there is three one seeds, but I think this would be a very interesting one to say.


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So now looking at Duke and Gonzaga, I’m really going to talk a lot about these games because I mean, these are the biggest ones. But so looking at Duke and Gonzaga, I’m thinking dude probably in this one because I always said I think can take over. I think he can really be a presence and really have a strong presence in this game. Gonzaga. I feel like the inside game can handle it to some degree they’ve already be we got to also remember that Duke is might be part of it that Duke has already lost once to Gonzaga this year is a very close game at the beginning of the year whereas I on did play funny enough so it wasn’t like all we did.


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Amazon but Amazon did play in that game I think it’s going to be hard that whenever they run into each other do is going to realize we’ve already lost this team once that ain’t gonna happen again. So I felt it’s gonna be a hard fought victory but I think do can might take it at the end was ion and Barrett really making big and having to have really big impacts and to be able to pull one out of there so move on him national championship game to play then play the winner of Tennessee UNC and my bracket but now moving over to that Tennessee UNC game I’m really looking you and sees a really experienced group I just really liked Tennessee this year they look like a really strong team offensively, they’re able to score points there to score points will and really hold with some teams that some people thought they can get lost with Yes, again, they lost to Auburn that you shoot 70% from three you’re going to be hard time being anybody but now I think it could it could be a chance that they can really hold tight here and really make a real difference in Hold tight to be able to to really win and go on to the championship game. Now we’re on to the big one.


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The big one of them all, which is the national championship game, we have Tennessee and we have Duke. I like Tennessee and this one again, a high scoring team. I just like when I see a team that can really like match teams points, the points I really liked, I really like to see that kind of a team. Because there are to see they’re going in knowing that they’re good, everybody knows they’re good, but I’m just feeling like Admiral for them were really one of their top scores were really helped them be able to push an edge and have an edge in this one because of how well he plays and I think you’ll help have a pretty good presence inside to be able to to be able to really make a difference to be able to help them cut down the nets this year. I just want to thank you for listening into this special edition going over my own bracket. Let me know down below what you’re thinking of winning what you agree with what you disagree with who you think could be a big upset maybe think Tennessee cold game might pull out on a miracle and I’m like maybe it will that’s the madness of March but let me know down below.


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What you’re thinking and what your thoughts are of how the how my bracket when who I winning the my comments on certain teams, maybe you have a favorite team or not and you kind of didn’t like what I said or maybe you did it just to like let me know down below what you really what you liked and what you didn’t like what I said in today’s podcast. Well thank you all for coming out to this special edition of the March Madness podcast.