Evan Mellett: 00:09 Hi, my name is Evan Mellett, and welcome back to the seventh edition of the Sports Run On podcast. Over the last week, we have had many things happen, mostly in the NFL. In the NFL, we’ve heard a lot about trades, what might happen and what might not happen. But now over this last week, it’s really turned into seeing like, how things will probably unfold having AB, Antonio Brown, leaving the Steelers organization after his run in with Big Ben and the turmoil and end up skipping a game. And his turmoil with Big Ben leading to him having $3 million, $50.125 million contract for going to the Raiders and going to Oakland. Also, with his teammate, Le’veon Bell, he will also be not in this Steelers organization anymore as he will take his talents after sitting out and not using his talents in 2017, even though he proceeded to still work out.

Evan Mellett: 01:08 But he will move on from that and would take his talents to New York, where some kind of expected because he was kind of wanting to go where the money was and where the money was for him– where the money is usually in sports is in New York. But Bell has the opt in for somewhere between a $52.5 to $61 million contract a year for over these four years or then it can go up and down for the effort of production that they think that he’s giving to the team. But already knowing from 2016, he’s coming in having more carries, touches and catches and touchdowns by himself in 2016, than all the Jets running backs combined had last year. Which– and that also led to the dropping of Isaiah Crowell, who was just cut off of the Jets roster because after the addition of Le’veon Bell. But staying in the– they’re not in NFC north, but now being in the NFC north, we just had a pretty big face walk into the NFC North picture and his name is Odell Beckham Jr. 

Evan Mellett: 02:08 Yes, you know him, the one-handed catch guy that like literally sent this country into shock after he made that catch. But he will be coming into Cleveland coming up with Jarvis Landry. He will be walking with a five-year $77 million contract which they’re giving him big money for the hope of production for him coming out to really help them make a playoff push with the Ravens, then trading Joe Flacco which has also happened and have Lamar Jackson. And then the Bangles are okay and then the Browns also, going back to the Browns, have have 11 picks in the upcoming draft to really make a team come out the way they really wanted to, to see like where it can go, like what can it unfold to. So, like OBJ– to see if OBJ can just take this team to the to the next level which could be winning division, making the playoffs and then just send in Cleveland like crazy. Especially if they can go even farther than that to championship, to championships playoffs. 

Evan Mellett: 03:08  Another team that has contender, that has had some problems before is the Jaguars, they would hold their team to like 14 points but then their offense would struggle to get 14, which it really sucks for them because our defense in Jalen Ramsey who is usually one of the highlights on their defense, has done all that he possibly can to try to give them a fighting chance to be able to give them a chance for the playoffs and they just haven’t been able to put points up on the board. That might not be the same next year because who they added, they added Nick Foles, they added the playoff weapon, the Tom Brady killer, he has many different names. And so, he’s looking at trying to give them a boost after them probably going away from 03:52 [inaudible] after he did not get the job done for them, going after what happened with him just not being able to put 14 points up. Maybe turning this into– like giving them a chance to win the division, with also the Texans coming back around

Evan Mellett: 04:08 Deshaun Watson looking like, in that same division, looking like they could really kind of give them like, have a fair fight. Now, going with the money, we are moving over to the MLB, we are again talking about Bryce Harper. He is a very much a conversation going to the Phillies, as I said last podcast, which will be down below, if you want to if you have not listened to it yet. But right now, he’s not looking for playing, he’s more looking for recruitment for people around him in the recruitment of Mike Trout off of the Angels, who will definitely help him to try to give them a max contract. And to try to help him come to Philadelphia to give them a real play and make them a real playoff contender. In the MLB, they try to win a World Series and for Philadelphia. At this point, we’re going to stay with pro sports, the one that we have not covered yet is the NBA. The NBA, where you wonder like the big question now is LeBron.

Evan Mellett: 05:07 LeBron James, will he make the playoffs? Right now, the Lakers are 31 and 37, at this time, fighting for a chance being 15 and a half back from the leader like over the number one seed, which is the Warriors. But being I think four or five games back from having a fighting chance of getting into the playoffs. Then everybody wonders with the team crumbling around LeBron and we’re starting to maybe realize that maybe you don’t just need LeBron, maybe you need some legitimate players around LeBron. They don’t know, as some said, it’s a five-person game, it’s not just LeBron, like you have to do a little bit more than that, to be able to win yourself, get yourself into the playoffs, let alone win an NBA Finals. It’s not just him, as some brought up in the past. Let’s look at the upcoming playoffs, we’re looking at a pretty good look under way as we have boxing warriors in the West and East leading the charge. And then on both sides, we really have some teams such as the Kings and on the west and in the East fighting for playoff positions, which aren’t really certain. 

Evan Mellett: 06:10 We weren’t sure– exactly sure how like, with the Heats, Dwayne Wade, and what his, probably might be his last year, but most likely will be his last year looking at, will they be able to get into the playoffs, even have a chance at the AFC to maybe even try to put on the spot a miraculous seven game, who knows? Seven game series win versus the box who they would most likely be playing with the box being a very steady one seed even after the loss of the Phoenix Suns who had the worst record in the NBA a couple nights ago. Another big topic which we will be sticking around basketball, is NCAA. Of course, for all the Zion fans out there, yes, he has come back. No, we do not know what Zion is eating for breakfast because that’s what ESPN is concerned about right now. But, with Zion’s return, he looked like he was pretty good with what was happening and like what was going on. Because he was just getting into the Syracuse game, they bounced them out, it wasn’t a very hard game, he took off, did like a very forceful dunk in the first couple minutes of the game, first about five minutes of the game looking out every turn. 

Evan Mellett: 07:16 The other thing that we see and as everybody says March Madness, we have already seen that come alive very much so in two teams, one that you might know, the number one team in the country or might not be now, the Gonzaga Bulldogs, the Zags– who as they thought in the West Coast Conference, WCC, they were looking at a clear win after blowing out Pepperdine right before the championship game which saying they walked into face St. Mary’s. Which in some case, that’s just kind of a dud. I mean, they had a dud, St. Mary’s was undefeated, they were coming in knowing that they had to play for their season. Gonzaga didn’t have to and St. Mary’s just– they played the lights out. Beating Gonzaga and upsetting the number one team in the country really kind of making a statement that, “hey, we’re still here”. Well, I mean, not to say we’re still here, because now they have the automatic bid, but just making the say like, “Hey, don’t pick against us. I mean, we still have some big win potential maybe for a round or two in March Madness”. 

Evan Mellett: 08:15 As that approaches, in the next coming weeks of the madness, who will win, who will win their office party, I mean, their brackets, who will Trump pick to win his bracket. I mean, there are a lot of questions coming around March Madness. Another thing having to do with the madness is the big 12 conference, who is it? It’s WVU, WVU has come on strong in the conference after having 13 wins, in the end, yes, 13 wins in the entire season. Yes, I’m not mistaken. They’ve come on strong as a seven seed which I mean is okay. It’s not bad. But I mean, coming on beating Oklahoma, number 10 Oklahoma, whenever the Oklahoma player who could have tied it went to a 72-69, he was going for a three and he had the open shot but he had his foot on the line, stepped in, the shot one in any way, but ended up being 72-71 for Oklahoma– it ended up slipping away from Oklahoma at the end. Then moving on to the next round with WVU. 

Evan Mellett: 09:13 The next round would be the round of Texas Tech, where they’re like, “oh, we’re young. If we lose this game, we can just blame it on our youth”. Yeah, we’re not into that. Because if you don’t know the name, you might want to, Derek Culver and Emmitt Matthews Junior, who had 28, a seasonal career high too because he’s a freshman and season high, in that game against Texas Tech for a win where they controlled the game a good amount of the time was 16 point– with a good 20 point lead at some points of the game when they just came out. And Culver on the other team, the main score for Texas Tech could not do a lot. He tried to force up a shot at the end to try to tie the game, but it just wasn’t happening, and that’s how the game ended. Keeping WVU’s run alive for who knows, a 13-win team making into March Madness, who knows? Maybe it’s possible, maybe it’s not. We’re just going to have to see how that unfolds. So, and then after talking about WVU’s run, now we’ll wrap up the seventh episode of the Sports Run On podcast.

Evan Mellett: 10:14 I want to thank you all for coming and listening. If you– if some of the things like bright star, which I talked about before, you did not understand like how I talked about it before, I would very much like for you to go down below and look at maybe, if you have some time, maybe look at a couple of them. Maybe if you only have 15 minutes, you can just look at one of them, maybe look at the most recent ones, maybe you understand some common themes that led into like– talking about the AB trade. I talked about who the top contenders were last week. So, maybe you can look at that to understand who the real top contenders were and if that really happened, which one of them was Oakland. But again, I want to thank you all for coming to my sports podcast and peace.