Evan Mellett: 00:08 Hi, this is Evan Mellett, and welcome back to the sixth edition of the Sports Run On podcast. To start out this episode of this podcast, we’re going to be talking about something which is very prevalent in sports, which is money. Everybody wants money, all kinds of money, everybody wants the dollar bills, that shows usually where a person is going. So, to start that out, we’re going to talk about somebody who just made a very big dollar bills, a lot of them, which is Bryce Harper. He had just signed with the Philadelphia Phillies for a lot of money, 330 million a year, which is a lot of money per year. There’s a lot of money behind this, looking at now in 2020, maybe recruiting Mike Trout after he would go into free agency, with him not being the most happy in the Angels Organization. He could become to Philly. He also, in most people’s minds started out in a very good track, as he did not take number 34, which he had had in Washington with the Nationals, because there was an all-time great pitcher who was there, his name was Rory Holiday.

Evan Mellett: 01:09 He said that he should have been the last one to wear it, since he is a Hall of Fame pitcher, probably one of the best to throw out in the Phillies uniform. So, he’s like, “I’ll take number 3 instead. Because I want to honor the ones that came up before me”, which is usually, if you’re trying to honor the ones that came before you, you’re usually stepping into the right. They already like you because you’re honoring their tradition that they’ve had for a very long time or in an organization. Moving on, where the money takes us, funny enough, that’s actually what KD said, Kevin Durant, he was with the Golden State Warriors– basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, that’s what he said. He said that he’s going to take it, do it where the money takes him, which will most likely be out of Golden State, which could be honestly beat to the New York Knicks. Because if we’re talking about where big money is, you’re usually going to New York. At this point, the most prevalent– well, this is the most prevalent team in New York at this time. That’s not all everybody’s worried about now, that can– that’s months and months down the road. What everybody’s worried about now is the playoff picture. 

Evan Mellett: 02:08 What I mean by playoff picture is, who’s getting in, who’s just like sitting there because there are a couple of teams, one of them being the Heat that is just sitting there, looking to like climb into that final A spot, just to get a chance to play on, to see if they can have a chance at maybe playing a team like Milwaukee first round. Then over respective West Side, be Golden State if they can sneak in with an 8th but it’s just– there’s a lot of different match-ups, and everybody’s like, this is where there’s a lot of speculation with the match-up to have to do, like with these different games because it’s like, “yeah, Raptors might lose game one, but they’ll win the next four and win the series 4-1 or they’ll win or they’ll win one, maybe lose one and then win the series 4-2. It’s whoever can beat them best at seven which is why some are saying it’s harder to hold with a team for as long as there is. Probably looking up in my best bidding, at the playoff picture, if it ended today, one of the better match-ups probably would be the 76ers and Celtics.

Evan Mellett: 03:11 Most are saying the Celtics– and this would also go with another free agency which would be Kyrie Irving, he’s looking– he’s already came out and said that he owes absolutely nothing to Boston and will leave if that is what seems fit, which he probably will end up leaving to go into somebody in free agency same as KD to see where they go. So, you know both of these teams wanting money and going to New York, we’ve also– talking about when it comes to New York Kristaps Porzingis, if you don’t know who that is, that is a starting forward for the Knicks, who is no longer a New York Knick. He is now a Dallas Maverick with Dirk Nowitzki, after a trade just went down, a very– not a blockbuster trade, but it’s still a pretty big trade and the fact that they’re– it’s looking like it could help Dallas have maybe half playoff implications, but we’ll see. Kristaps is probably going to be there for more of a long time, than they were just putting him for the second half of the season the way they want to.

Evan Mellett: 04:10 Moving on to another pro sport, we’re going on to the NFL. And with the NFL, it’s a mock draft, mock draft, mock draft, everybody’s looking at, “okay, Kyler Murray got number one, where will– if you’re a WVU fan, where will Will Grier go? He’s looking like there’s a chance he can go the Patriots”, there’s all kinds of different things that could– to backup Brady, there’s all kinds of– and a lot of this stuff is coming off as a lot of speculation because you’re not– most people, the hundreds of millions who are doing or talking about this or maybe even more, are not in the room or know exactly what these GMs are thinking to be able to tell you for a fact, “Oh, this, this is happening next, this is who they’re picking number one.”. If they did, then there’d be a lot less talk shows beforehand, trying to speculate. Also, having to do with the NFL, it’s Antonio Brown, he’s always a prevalent topic whenever it comes to this kind of– whenever we talk about the NFL, he’s looking at maybe getting looks from Raiders and possibly Redskins.

Evan Mellett: 05:10 As two teams, at this point there are probably more, but because they’ve already said there’s nothing happening in the division with him, they’re not letting it go down where there’s going to be stuff in the division that happens like, they won’t trade him to another division team, no matter like what they get for them. They’re looking at some pretty big bucks for him, looking at probably a couple, multiple players and maybe even a pick for as good as he is. Even though in some people’s mind, his best years are already behind him. Moving with Kyler Murray, he did play two sports, which is the conversation of what he’s going to play in pro, which would translate into a college sport, which is everybody knows what month is it? It’s March, and what does March mean? It means March Madness, it means bracket on top of bracket, on top of bracket, every possibility. Possibility that all 6 teams winning, and it turns into a 6 team, Final Four who’d win that? What happens if all eights beat nine but then eight loses one and one loses to a game winning shot to two who just got beaten by three or whatever? You know what I’m talking about there. It’s madness. 

Evan Mellett: 06:17 The President makes a bracket, everybody makes a bracket because ESPN has its bracket challenge, all of you can get a million dollars paid from Warren Buffett if you can get a perfect bracket all the way through everything, you’ve never missed one. Nobody’s even got close. Nobody’s gone forward to first round, or maybe one person, he lost in the beginning of the second. So, it’s incredibly hard to do. It’s about– I’ve also looked it up, you have a better chance, at in your lifetime striking the lottery all for over 100 million dollars eight times in your lifetime, than getting a perfect bracket, those are the odds, if you were wondering. Then speculation before that, let’s just back up before that March Madness is closed, but what do we have before that? We got to get some automatic bids. We got to get some tickets punched, we got to get our Cinderella teams in first. That team that you’re like, we don’t even know where they are, but yeah, they just made it to the Elite Eight because they just– it could be Kentucky, it could probably be one of the big powerhouses.

Evan Mellett: 07:14 Oh, wait, who knew Florida Gulf Coast is now, from a couple years ago, who knew that now they’re walking their way into the Elite Eight? Who knew that Middle Tennessee, from exactly last year, who beat Michigan and will walk their way into the sweet 16? I mean, there’s always that Cinderella team, and this is the big time of seeing who that will be. Who can punch their automatic bid? Because, that’s why some people they’re like, “oh”, with the Ohio Valley Conference, they’re like, “Who cares? Who cares?”. Some people say they’d rather watch those than anything else, because you know that there’s going to– they’re going to put their entire season into it because their entire season’s riding on the line. Like, if dude doesn’t win the ACC championship, they’d get in because of an automatic bid, because they’re that good. But no, if you’re getting a team like Texas Western, for instance, they’re in the Ohio Valley Conference, if they– win and their season’s over. That’s why those championship games, they usually come down to the wire, they’re fighting for every single basket that they can get or shot of that they can get because this could be the reason of them going home or them going in. 

Evan Mellett: 08:16 So, maybe, in some cases like North-western last year going to their first tournament in like, in a couple of decades, like there are some that have drought and then it’s like, this could be the magical year, like this could be it. And then people just fantasize about, “oh, we want a conference one, but we could have the automatic bid, our entire town could go crazy. We could be on the map for once”, and then it is just all the great stuff that happens with March Madness. But I mean also coming with that, with March Madness, there’s a lot of heartbreak that comes with it. All the heartbreak of not having to come down to know if it comes to a conference championship or tournament, knowing that if there’s 12 teams in that conference, there’s going to be 11 that are going home and it’s just not– it’s going to be try again next year. You did great, but try again next year, you didn’t prevail in the tournament. The tournaments which are coming up now. Speaking of Duke, as I use them for an example of a team that will get in automatically. So, like there is a chance that Zion Williamson might be ready for the ACC tournament, funny enough. 

Evan Mellett: 09:15 He’s looking at maybe helping with that mild knee sprain, which could in some cases help him to be able to help his team a lot more than he could before. I’m not done with the NCAA, but we will circle back around to them later. Right now, I’m going to talk about the ICC. Who in the world knows what the ICC is? It’s the International Cricket Council, its conference for cricket and a lot of people from other places play cricket, because in other places that their sport, such as New Zealand or Ireland. They like cricket. So, if actually, funny enough you’re like, “oh my gosh, Evan”, or like, “oh my gosh, what are you doing? Like, why are you talking about this? When you just one from Bryce Harper to Ireland’s international cricket company, like what are you talking about?”. I’m actually talking about one of my friends, that I go to school with, he said that I’m like, “you should subscribe”, which I also think you should, if you look down at the bottom of the page, you will see put in your email and your name, and you can put in some suggestions after you subscribe. 

Evan Mellett: 10:16 “Tell me what you think I should talk about and he’s like, “Oh, I think it would be funny like that you should talk about the International Cricket Council next, because I think it’s a very big deal”. And I’m like, “Oh, yeah, I might talk about it. But I got to know some feedback of how you want me to do that”. I’m like, “Hey, so maybe you should hit that subscribe, and then maybe you should send in a feedback note and then we can put out what we want to do, like put me in what you want. I’m not afraid of learning things”. I mean, they ended up putting ICC in, but one of the other options was like drone racing, professional drone racing. It’s an it’s an incredible sport to watch. It’s really fun to watch. But it’s just like I mean, who knows– ESPN doesn’t covering international drone racing, they’re covering March Madness, which I talked about before. But now circling back around after the ICC. In the ICC, there was just a couple of competitive matches between Ireland and New Zealand and India, South Africa.

Evan Mellett: 11:15 So, those were only the close games, they came down to the last couple runs, couple of the other ones didn’t– weren’t crazy about it. A run-in cricket is kind of like baseball, but you only go to first and then you come back home, and just make sure not to knock down the sticks, which is kind of like a batter’s box, there’s a lot of different rules to cricket. But coming back around– swinging back around a March Madness to kind of finish this one off. Some of the people I know who’ve been saying about the March Madness, talking about the March Madness, I’m like just reiterating what that is. Leading up to the days or a couple days before when March Madness starts, I will be doing a three-day event, it’s probably going to be a live. And we’re going to see if we can possibly be a live event, or it’s just going to be recordings of me doing this. Because I’m going to try to do something more of like a webinar type, so I can show you a whiteboard that I’m looking at like tournament wise, bracket wise, whatever, like, however that like would work out.

Evan Mellett: 12:14 And we’re going to go through like my picks, what are the stats you need to look at whenever you’re thinking about stuff, whenever you’re thinking about big games that could turn, as I said before, can help you win, like a family bracketology, or lose it by those couple points, you just knew you needed it in that first round, but you just could not manage. So, that will be going on, it’s looking like it could definitely be more of a webinar type. I will definitely keep you posted on and I will want to put up if you want to let me know down below, like sending me feedback. Let me know if you want to like an agenda beforehand so that I know. And that kind of thing. If you want to watch, you might–maybe you want to stay more organized. Because maybe you want to make sure you see a day like one, you’re not crazy about but you want to make sure you see a day because I want to make sure I hear these stats, like introductions are cool, but I want to make sure I hear these stats. So, make sure I’m on day two of the three. So, if you want an agenda, let me know in the feedback. 

Evan Mellett: 13:09 Let me know like what you want to know when it comes to like– what feedback you want to know if there’s any, like extra stats or a team you want me to talk about specifically because you’re like you’re a ginormous fan. Or I mean I could let you know maybe give you a shout out depending on like how it goes. And that would wrap up my sixth podcast. I want to thank you again for coming to my sixth podcast. As I reiterate, if you would like me to talk about something, please let me know by subscribing down at the bottom of the page and letting me know in the feedback of what you want to hear about and also let me know, I’d like to know about if you want an agenda or something, if you do plan on listening to this March Madness, I call it more of a like a March Madness Special at this point. And let me know like what you want– or even let me know especially for more of an upcoming, let me know what you want to hear about, what sports do you want to hear about. Maybe you’re not even in the US which is where I’d be broadcasting from, maybe you’re not even in the US and you guys are playing something that like, a lot of people don’t know about you want to like put it on the map, you want me to talk about it for maybe a little section of this.

Evan Mellett: 14:11 I’d love to, if you let me know, I’d have to know what it is because if it’s not on the map, I might not know what it is. So again, I want to thank you all for coming and goodbye.