Evan Mellett: [00:09] Hi, everybody, it’s Evan and welcome to the fifth episode of my podcast. To start off as episode we are going to talk about something that is going to be coming up in the future. And that is a three-day special, that is also having to do with what is going on with March Madness, what’s going on, what’s going on with daily videos, and also coming out with the daily videos is going to be a three-day March Madness like webinar, possibly. Let me know if you want to see a webinar, let me know based on likes, I might set it like maybe something like a light goal at the beginning of one, if you want to see a webinar instead of a podcast, you can see like what I look like. If that’s something that you’re interested in, like you hear the voice, but you want to match the voice with the face. Maybe that’s something we can arrange. But let’s get into sports, that’s what you people came here to listen to and that’s what you came here to learn about. You came here to learn about what’s recent in sports. 

Evan Mellett: [01:01] And going off March Madness, as we know after the Zion show, and then if you did not know he took a slide and the Duke UNC game, which he proceeded to lose very badly. And preceded a blow out, the side of his shoe giving him a mild knee sprain, which is really giving Nike under some heat after what happened with him. And now having to do with that, that is turns Duke after dropping out of the number one spot in the polls, which has now come in with Gonzaga, they have now come their way, made their way up and they are now number one in the seating and the NCAA seating, which I mean can change a lot. We still have a lot of weeks to play. But I mean, we’re getting down to the end of it. I mean, as you know, March comes after February. So, I mean, as we started, we started at March 19. If you’re wondering, that is today, that we have our playing games, that’s whenever it all starts, everybody starts going crazy. For high school kids you shot or fall, they watch it on their Chromebook, I mean it’s all that. And then also going off of that, we’ll go from basketball, but we’re also getting off that into the NBA, having to do with the NBA. Who’s always a spot of NBA who’s always a spot of conversation?

Evan Mellett: [02:07] Yeah, you know who he is? It’s LeBron James. And this is usually for a different reason than what you would think at the beginning. Usually you think, Oh, it’s drama because oh, maybe he’s only going to get to 60 wins and not 70, this year. Note, this is if he’s going to make the playoffs at all. It’s funny enough, actually, they have double the chance of getting a lottery pick this year than they do on making the playoffs of pulling the lottery pick. Which is a lottery pick as for usually the worst teams to help them get better in the next year, being a 29 and 30 saying oh playoff LeBron will come out. It’s looking like there’s a chance that playoff LeBron has come out. And that just hasn’t been enough, it just hasn’t been enough in like an overall to bring the team up because that’s just may have turned into more of a team problem. Going off LeBron, LeBron usually has MVP talk not always after this, but one of our MVP candidates will, I’ll talk about the whole race in a little bit.


Evan Mellett: [03:00] But one of the big MVP talks, which we’re going to talk about today is the talk of James Harden. He just broke, yes, he had a 32-game streak of 30 points or more averaging 32 points in that third, in that stretch. Which is one of the best we’ve seen in a long time like a very long time. The shooting and the ability to just make plays on the court is just, it’s been absolutely phenomenal is what it’s been, which is why we’re going to now look also for the playoff race. We’re also going to look at like what Harden, and how the Rockets can help their chances in that. Now, first, we’re going to as I said before, first we’re going to get into the MVP conversation. What’s the MVP conversation? It’s the Most Valuable Player, usually rooted the best in the NBA and who has the best season. We’ve had, we do have a couple, LeBron is always in there, he’s never not in there. But this year, it’s looking like it’s Yarnis and Ruccuumbo, it’s James Harden and Paul George. 

Evan Mellett: [03:57] After Paul George has showed up as more, in some cases a defensive threat and also in some cases as an offensive. Hoping the thunder playoff race wise get into a very good spot as you can say, one of the better ones looking like they’re the third or fourth in the West which is definitely should get them a home or maybe it won’t, but at least definitely get in with the record and the season that they’re having so far. Then we talked about James Harden who had the 30-point game, we will speak not of the thunder and we’re going, we couldn’t move into playoff races. And the playoff races that we’re going to be looking at, like who’s your favorites? This world, I mean, just like March Madness, there’s a lot of speculation that happens here, having to do with the playoff races. But that’s the playoff races have turned down into mostly, was four teams in the East which everybody said, “oh LeBron left now”. It’s a conversation in the East, it’s Boston who in some cases people are saying isn’t an option because they’re falling apart from the Inside.

Evan Mellett: [05:00] Milwaukee with Yiannis, who was coming out and making an absolute statement, which is why he could have MVP this year. Raptors and Kawhi Leonard, who just got a big win over the San Antonio Spurs couple nights ago. And I mean those are usually the big three that you’re going to hear talked about when it comes to this kind of race. But I mean, you most people’s favorites are going to be, but Seventy Sixers and Inbox are probably going to be your two favorites when it comes to, who they think in the East. In the West, it’s usually the Warriors, and somebody, it could be the Warriors and Rockets who knows. It could be the Warrior and Lakers as LeBron pulled off a crazier thing than that, but it could be Warriors, Thunder, it could be Warriors, Nuggets, there are a lot of different chances in there with young teams that are really starting to play. They’re like really starting to play well, like very well coming down the stretch, but it’s just going to turn into like some people are saying the Raptors are good. 

Evan Mellett: [05:59] But they’re good, but to the point of if they run into somebody like they have a good series, like first couple series with, like they’re feeling good going into that game, they could they could easily win that series. Maybe in six or seven over a team like them, probably like the Celtics. More after you see the Kyrie turmoil, as him saying he owes nothing to Boston it could be very gone in the near future, but he’s also thinking that he, they’re saying that he’s not playing very well anyway. So, just get him out of there, get somebody else in there, you know, we’re looking at Kyrie probably going to the one, I don’t know there are a couple different teams out there. It just turned into a lot of speculation of where it could be going from here on. Going from that into another pro sport where you’d be talking about the MLB, which I mean does, it hasn’t got a lot of talk so far because the seasons just started. But of course, one of the big names who still has got to have a contract beside that name and money coming into his paycheck and being besides as not from the actual team is Bryce Harper, who is now still looking, the Dodgers are still not saying that they’re out of the race yet.

Evan Mellett: [07:01] But they’re all, they’re still saying that, I mean they’re doing okay in the season, role in the like four or five games in. But they’re saying they like him as I mean, a power hitter to really like strike their lineup to make it. So, it’s like, it’s very, it’s a lot easier for them like they need that cleanup hitter that can really, and he’s a really good right fielder too and he’s not just a hitter like you wouldn’t just be a DH for them. And as I said with the mid-season voting, it’s just turned into like, I mean we’re a couple games in some people are hitting hot streak. Some are I mean, they probably rather hit hard streaks at the end of the year than before, when you have some five and out teams at this point. Same with like the NBA, yeah, some teams are like five now, but then they end up like thirty and five, because they just had that hot streak of their easiest games of the year and then they just start tanking. So, there’s a lot that can happen, I mean, some it’s just an update and vote in like the seeding but I mean it’s just, there’s a lot of ways that this can go and fold. 

Evan Mellett: [07:56] Moving on next to another phenomenal pro sport which is the NFL. The NFL most people know and having to do with the Kraft investigation. Who is Kraft? Kraft is a team owner of the New England Patriots, who just won the Super Bowl, who’s now been found on prostitution charges with different people in Miami. Now looking, it happened or at a Spa during, right before the AFC Championship Game, it happened with two different people who they now have writing of it happening right before the game started, like a couple days before the game how he spent a time there. And then they saw underground cameras of how, of like what happened, which I mean was not going in his favor. It just brings up more conversation of work in this go, how much can his hurt him They talked about the other time where the Colts head coach, he is not the head coach now, but he got fined $500,000 for having a DUI. Which I mean, and some people say they actually holds the coaches at a higher standard than the players. Because I mean, you can have somebody who’s just fat on their fourth like marijuana charge, and they’re not getting cut from the team because, oh, they can play. 

Evan Mellett: [09:03] Another having to do with sports is Michael Crabtree, who is from Oakland, who I’m going to talk about in a second. The Raiders has now been cut from the Ravens after one year even though they thought that it could be a chance that they’re, it can move on farther than that, but it’s really, it hasn’t turned into anything else. He did well for them. I mean, they went to the playoffs with Lamar Jackson from Louisville, but I mean he hasn’t made anything absolutely crazy happened with them so far. So, I mean now they’re looking for like kind of another alternative option to maybe have another way with him. And now always a topic for conversation when it comes to the NFL is the Pittsburgh Steelers, because the Steelers, of course now people are saying all they’re folding from the inside out, now they’re going to lose, Bell and Brown. Who’s going to take him, is he going go anywhere? Where will A.B go? Or is Bell going go? I mean, they say Bell can go to the Jets, then where would they go? Then like would they be able to have the cap space for that? 

Evan Mellett: [10:01] And then they said Jerry Rice that’d be great for the A.B to go to the Forty Niner’s, but then they’re not sure if that would work out for cap space, because there’s a big negotiation in cap space about where these guys want money, and they want to make sure they go to a team where they can get the football. Which is in some cases people say, “oh, that’s why A.B was upset because Juju Smith Schuster is getting the ball. And James Caan is upset because of the franchise tag that was just recently put on him, or it’s not going to be put on him. There was a call out and said they will not franchise tag him and they will they will let him leave the organization. Translate from Crabtree into Oakland, Oakland has now struck a deal to play the 2019 season in Oakland. Oakland will have a football team for his upcoming 2019 season. It didn’t go very well last year, but I mean, who knows it could be a turnaround maybe Jon Gruden only need one year to be able to get the team into shape about where they need to go to make it from a four and twelve, to a twelve and four. We’ve seen crazier things happen as like, something like a five and eleven, totaling eleven to five.

Evan Mellett: [11:00] Some turn around like that for the Colts, who made a ginormous turn around, to make them into a playoff team as you know today and then be able to beat the Texans in the first round if you do not know of last year’s NFL playoffs, which again ended coming back to craft in the Patriots winning their six Super Bowl to tie the Steelers for the ring count. I just want to thank you again for coming out to this podcast. I want to also remind you that we probably will set a light goal. So, if we do hit that like oh, I would be more than happy to, probably the coming days up, probably we’re looking at sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth or seventeen, eighteen, nineteen days before March Madness starts. And I could put out an agenda, if that’s what you like. One I could show it like at the beginning of the video, on like a whiteboard or something like that. But it could, it’s a March Madness special talking about who My favorites are, what teams, where to where I think the teams will go, who the names that you need and know, or some that really, who your sleepers like, who’s that one Cinderella team? That you’re like, oh, there’s no chance that they’re getting out of the first round. Wait, they’re already in lead eight.

Evan Mellett: [12:00]  I mean, there’s always one of those teams, and I have my opinions as I’m looking as I feel like going over the facts that I think that you need to know whenever you’re picking. Because I want you to be able to remember these stats, because these stats that I’m going to look at could affect you in more than one game, which could really be the reason why you could win a tournament and like your work ten, and maybe win you some money if it comes down to it, because maybe you need that jump from that fifth to that third spot because that’s where the money pool is. And maybe this could be a big difference for you getting there you those extra couple points in the first round and second round where they’re like, oh, it doesn’t mean a lot. But if you get like out of like thirty-two games in the first round, if you’re able to, like inside get eighteen and get twenty-four, that can really help you a lot down the road. Those sticks can be the difference in getting fifth or third if you have a tight race in your play at wherever you work or just as a family bragging rights or even for a plaque. Maybe you, your family’s very competitive, and that’s just what they feel like they want to do. I just want to thank you again for coming to the fifth edition of my podcast.