Evan Mellett: 00:09 Welcome back to the third edition of my podcast, the Sports Run On, with your host Evan Mellett. The first occurring topics that we are going to be talking about today in sports, is one that just happened recently, pretty recently, has to do with the running back Kareem Hunt. You probably know about him, he was on the Chiefs and probably one of the best running backs that there has and well, they’ve had, in probably a good while. He was very, very talented. But he, unfortunately, was kicked off the team for a domestic violence assault against a woman he had just met that night. So, but nonetheless, I guess the Browns’ organization think that people need second chances so, they took the risk and went to pick him up. They picked up Kareem Hunt as their running back.

Evan Mellett: 01:01 Which now with him and now Nick Shaw, Baker Mayfield, Antonio Callaway, and just all the other weapons that they have, really can make them a front runner for the NFC North, having with the same division as the Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals, if you did not know. So, it would give them pretty good shot, especially in the, Playoffs which is something as you would know, if you’re a Cleveland fan watching this, Playoffs is not exactly something you guys hear all the time. When you hear Playoffs, you usually think “parade”, because we’re in the Playoffs this year. But no, I think if Baker and then they get aligned behind those skill position guys, I think that it won’t be like a special year, like a special like, a once in a million year every time you guys make the Playoffs like, “Oh, we just made the playoffs again,” like, and I feel that could easily be what it turns into for the Browns. But, not coming back past the Browns just coming back to Kareem Hunt, just in general and then people giving him another chance after the bad act that he committed, just brings up another topic of what people remember in the NFL.

Evan Mellett: 02:06 As you can see, if he wasn’t– the reason Hunt came back, the reason Ray Lewis, the reason some of these guys came back, that probably wouldn’t have usually, is because their skill level. Their skill level that they have and the skill level that they possess and the want for the people to see them play, the want for people to see them, just to see them play. They pay extra millions to say, “Ray Lewis, he’s a Hall of Famer, one of the best line-backers of all time.” Like, whoever your friends are, “We need to go see this. We have to go see, this could be one of his last games whenever he’s getting older and they let him back into the league. So, let’s pay the extra price because, I mean, Ray Lewis is there; one the best line-backers to play the game.” And that’s probably what they’ll say about Kareem too if he gets as good as Ray. I don’t know if he’s as good as Ray Lewis, but he might. And there have been many people over the course of the year that have got second chances, which I mean, in some cases I agree with, some cases I don’t. I feel like people do deserve a second chance, but second chance comes after. There’s a certain type of thing you have to do for a second chance and there are some things that if you do it, I don’t know if you really deserve a second chance.

Evan Mellett: 03:08 Some of these things that would be in that category of you don’t deserve them, have already been given people a second chance for. So, it’s just– and then after this, of course Kareem Hunt, after Kareem Hunt was able to come back, that just fueled the conversation was, “Oh, why is Colin Kaepernick not getting to play? Why is Colin Kaepernick not getting to– why is he not getting the look? Why is some team not coming to where he is?” Like, why is some team not saying, “Oh, we need a quarterback. We need like an option quarterback. Let’s go get Colin Kaepernick.” Because I’m sorry to break it to you, but I might have to. There could be a reason besides that he kneeled for the flag that he might not getting drafted. And that could indirectly be for the reason of he’s not that good of a quarterback. I mean, he’s not a bad quarterback but, he’s not a Patrick Mahomes. He’s not a Tom Brady. He’s not a Drew Brees, and he hasn’t been even at the peak of, you know, at the so-called “peak” of his career. Which, I mean, some say he hasn’t even hit that yet because he didn’t get a chance to hit it and might not.

Evan Mellett: 04:10 But then that’s– it’s just the question of should he get an option he he took a knee, he did not physically assault someone like Kareem Hunt and also teammate Tyreek Hill who also was on the Chiefs and got one of the MVP’s for them. One of the things that had to do with this is just like, having to do with Ray Lewis and Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt is just like, what do we look at? Because the NFL puts on– I’ve touched on this before, but the NFL puts more impact on who will make them the money not– or putting like are the people that are playing for this audience, do they have good character? Do they have good morals? That’s not what they’re asking. They’re asking, “Can they, pretty much, can they ball? Can they play to the highest and can they make the game the most fun for the viewers to watch?” Which will, then again, get them more money, which will give them more watches if it’s on TV or so on, and so forth.

Evan Mellett: 05:03 Now moving up, now staying with football by going down kind of to the college, draft wise, while actually having to do with a comparison of the college and with the pros. First the pros of, this just happened recently, the asking for the acquiring of Antonio Brown, not the asking for– the inquire. Him inquiring for a trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, which most people saw happening. He wasn’t getting the catches he wanted, but he was– he didn’t have for his– I’m pretty sure for the 10th season in a row, he did have his 10th straight 1000 yard receiving season, which is one of the top in the NFL right now, streak wise. But I mean, he’s just– some people would just say he’s turned into a diva, him and Le’veon, and now they want out, they want to go on to a different team where, I guess, they can do and say what they want and they won’t get in trouble and get put off by the team by them because of how good they are and which will probably mean they’re going to a sinking team.

Evan Mellett: 06:03 Some said that AB could be going to the 49ers. Some say that if AB went to the 49ers, it’d be a waste of talent. I mean there are just are a lot of What If’s and there have been a lot of What Ifs when it comes to trades and sports and there always has been a lot on. “What if he goes here? What if he goes there? Where’s he going to go?” Nobody knows. Like, same with Anthony Davis for the Pelicans. He’s just another one in the NBA. He’s wondering like, “What if he goes the Lakers? What if he goes to the Celtics?” I mean, it’s just, all this, all this stuff that all this like, What If’s that always come up. And then that’s all– going back with him with AB. Speaking of AB when it comes to college, the transition would be Kyler Murray, because you saw, or most people saw, a video of it that AB posted on his Instagram of a little while back with him catching passes with Kyler Murray in the training facility, as him being one of the better– probably one, and now that he’s officially announced he’s going to be coming to the– he’s going to be officially going to the draft, he’s probably might be coming as one of the better quarterbacks. Not one of the bigger ones, but probably one of the better ones running passing wise.

Evan Mellett: 07:11 In that case, he probably would be one of the better quarterbacks in the draft. So, then he wanders, then with him coming out– how does and then– just with the effort of him coming out, not even having to do with the NFL, just having to do with other quarterbacks coming out of college, such as Will Grier from West Virginia, or just many other quarterbacks. They wonder like, “How will this displace people?” If he goes number one, how would that knock people down? They’re saying I mean, Grier could fall as far as, maybe even, the third round from going from maybe a low second to a third just because of that extra receiver throws off the way that the mock draft picking order looks like, and like what each team needs. It’s different each round and depending on what they get every round. But I mean, again, that’s only mock draft. That’s not the actual thing. It’s not– like they have to figure out what they want to do more anything more than just like, “Oh, let’s, let’s just do this.” But now moving over to the NBA; speaking of teams that haven’t done very well and are looking for draft picks, it would be, you could look at the Suns.

Evan Mellett: 08:13 The Suns have probably, I think they do, now officially have the worst record in the NBA. You have 18 wins, your past, you’re about to be at the All-Star break, the odds are there are teams of 61 seasons and you’re failing to get 20, with I mean you have talent with Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton, the two main players on their team. But then, everybody has come out with the hashtag on all social medias, #tankforZion. Because as you know coming up, you have Zion Williamson, coming up who was probably going to go to Duke for one year and go on to the NBA, same with most likely RJ Barrett. Because the talent that they have, they can already bring to the level of the NBA, they can make teams great and they should be a sophomore in college. Somewhat like LeBron, which is– I don’t know if it’s an unfair comparison to make with what Zion can do and the power he shows on the court. I don’t know if that’s an unfair comparison to make, but I think he just– it might be a fair comparison to make between Zion and LeBron because Zion controls the game.

Evan Mellett: 09:16 I don’t know if he controls it as much like, when they talk about the “Triple Threat”, he can go around you, he can pass it, or he can like hit the jump shot. Zion, I feel like nobody like, if Zion’s standing out at the three-point line he’s dribbling up about to like, and you’re guarding him, I don’t know if anybody has a chance. “Oh no, Zion could pull up and shoot a three right here and then he could just knock it down.” I don’t feel like you have that same worry as him as LeBron. I mean, of course you have to worry. He’s like, he’s like 6’10”. He can go around you and throw the thing down right on your head. Because he’s tall enough to be able to see the court such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, for the Bucks, which is the 6’11” point guard. Everybody thinks the Greek freak, as they call him, has helped Milwaukee to second or third in the East right now, which has turned into a tough division after the departure of LeBron. But it’s just turned into– well the East has just turned into a big fight but then everybody’s like, “We should tank for Zion.”

Evan Mellett: 10:14 But then who should tank– like you’re tanking for Zion, but will he do what you need? Then also coming out most likely is RJ Barrett and then that asked, you need a big man because you already have Ayton but then Zion could play the four with Ayton playing the five. But then there’s some people say RJ Barrett. Let Ayton play the five and let Barrett play the two and Booker play the one. Because Devin Booker, he’s still a good athlete. There’s nothing to look down upon, when it comes to Devin Booker. I mean, he’s still a good athlete. But then of course, there’s all the trade negotiations. Klay Thompson will be in free agency. And there are many– he’s one of the top ones and I think like Harden and Kyrie Irving will both have player options on their contracts after this year to be able to come out and go into free agency, if they, if they’d like to. With Kyrie looking like it’s a possibility that he does, with him coming out and saying that he owes nothing to the to the NBA– he owes nothing to Boston and to the fans. He needs to go where– what’s best for him.

Evan Mellett: 11:12 But some say why this could be his last year in Boston or he could keep going with them. Some says one of the best teams in the east and should be a favorite to win it. Even though you have the rise of the 76ers after the addition of Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons, I mean, he’s playing as good as he can, and their starting five has turned into a very good starting five. And then Jimmy Butler, that’s the other one which they’ve acquired this year. They really started to turn the team and turn the tides towards the 76ers. Then of course you have the Raptors. They’re just strong with Kawhi, Kyrie, and then they got a new big man after Valanciunas just left them. They’ve turned into definitely a big competitor, at this point, also being up there with the Bucks. Well, Warriors will be in the West, so it’d be Bucks, the Celtics, Sixers, and the Raptors, but yeah.

Evan Mellett: 12:08 And then probably as for the West, it’d probably be Rockets, Thunder, they’re starting to make a rage with Russell Westbrook, having nine straight triple doubles, not always scoring crazy. He had a 13-11 in 11, but he’s been getting the job done. And then those games, I think they’re like 72 in those nine games, he’s been having triple doubles. Like, he’s been showing up, and so has the team. The team has also been showing up, which is why they could easily be a contender. Them, the Lakers, who some say could fail to make the Playoffs. Some say they are a power net that right now at 28-28 or might be 29-28 with about two games back in the Playoff race, which could say, “Could this be the first year LeBron fails to make the playoffs?” And then the question was, “Was coming to LA a good idea?” Then surrounding LeBron, it’s the question of, “Could he get Klay Thompson looking like he might come to LA next year?” There’s just– no matter what team LeBron goes to, there’s going to be speculation because LeBron’s good and when you have somebody as good as LeBron that’s talented, you want to build a Power Team around them.

Evan Mellett: 13:07 You want to build like– and so kind of not really a dream team, but just like a team that can really like, they can battle the Warriors because now that the Warriors have DeMarcus Cousins and they’re pretty much running a five All Star starting five, and like main five with, then now the two Splash Brothers, Curry, Klay Thompson, you have a KD, obviously then you have Draymond Green running the four with KD running the three, Curry and Thompson running the one-two. And then you have DeMarcus Cousins finally coming back. It’s turning into a very good player for them, of the Pelicans, where Anthony Davis might be coming from, coming in as their five, which was usually the part where they were missing and have been, for a good part of the season. But I mean the basketball is just going to come down to a really, it’s going to be an interesting second half after this All-Star Game, which should be fun. I mean the All-Star Draft, Team Giannis against Team LeBron, and then it’s just having a lot of fun. I think it should be a lot of fun with the skills competition.

Evan Mellett: 14:03 The two honorary guys, Dirk Nowitzki and Dwayne Wade, getting their honorary All-Star Games because they’ve been, combined they’ve been in the NBA for like 40, somewhere between 40 and 50 years. Combined, like 20 each. So, I think– I like that, that they’re honoring the, they’re honoring the guys that have like, especially with Dirk, they’re honoring the guys have stayed, I mean Dirk’s like, I think he’s on his 22nd year with the Mavericks 21st or 22nd. I mean, that’s a lot of years to stay with one team. Some people say a lot of people should model around Dirk because in these days in sports, especially with like with AB and then Kyrie wanting to trade, AB for football, it’s like Dirk’s amazing, because he’s actually showing what loyalty looks like. He’s showing loyalty to the program, loyalty to like, I mean, loyalty to the process, which he has showed in Philadelphia, which as you see an uprising and 76ers to maybe hop on the Sixers bandwagon. Because who knows? This could be a year where they fight for the East championship.

Evan Mellett: 15:02 In some cases, after LeBron left, I mean LeBron left the East and now all of a sudden now there are four or five teams that are automatically fighting for when two or three of these were just like in the shadows, they weren’t doing a lot because oh, they knew LeBron was like it was like a mixture. It’s like Brady, a mixture in the AFC Championship. It’s just like, a question of like, always just going to be there because he’s good. He gets the calls. He’s going to be there like Curry in the Western Conference Finals. I mean, it just makes sense. And this wraps up my third podcast, I want to thank you for coming to my third podcast. If you want to hear me talk about anything, like specific. I know I talked about just usually just the topics that are at the top, like what most people are talking about for that day or for the last week, but if you have anything like, “Oh, I want to make sure that he talked about my team because I’m a really big Buffalo Bills fan. I want to hear you say or I want to hear you talk about like, the NHL.” Maybe if you want to hear me talk about the NHL and then something big that just happened in there, I can definitely talk about that.

Evan Mellett: 16:02 So, let me know in the comments section what you want to hear me talk about next. Thank you.