Evan Mellett: [00:09] Hello, everyone and welcome back to the 23rd edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. We will start out this podcast by talking about the NFL. The NFL has had many big things that have happened over the last week since we have spoken last. One of the big things that has happened this Sunday, as many injuries went down and there are many people who are looking for trades. We’re sorry, I’ll be talking about to the biggest injuries that people will know that, to that are injuries that will be long term and one that could be day to day. The two they’ll be long term is the Big Ben or Ben Roethlisberger, who’s the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’ll be out for the entire rest of this season with an elbow injury, as well as sustain in week two. It was really evident of like a play if you were watching the game of life whenever he went down. It wasn’t like evidence like “oh, that was the play that’s all. Big Ben got injured like sometimes you can see whenever they can hit oh, they like they broke her clavicle or like their knee popped out of place or something like that type of an injury like a season ending injury. 

Evan Mellett: [01:13] Such as like Nick Foles for the Jacksonville Jaguars, they will be accompanied by a backup for this week or if they were for this Sunday. It’s looking like Big Ben is looking like he would be out for the rest of the season at this point. And it’s looking like he still has three more years left on his contract that will go through the year of 2021. So, with him out, he has made a, he has come out and said to the public he has talked to his first-time post injury and post analysis of how long he has, and that he’ll be off for the season. He has come out and said that he is ready to fulfill the rest of his contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers and is ready to come out looking he’s ready to come out looking better than he ever was then he ever had. The next quarterback is sovereign injury, who went off into the season one, will be here for an extended amount of, extended period of time. And then Drew Brees, he’s a quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, he will be out six weeks with a hand, with a ligament in his hand being torn as this will result in surgery for him. 

Evan Mellett: [02:14] This is a ginormous blow for the Saints as they suffered a crucial loss and a big game against the Rams this Sunday. As the Renderer led by Jared Goff and Cooper Coff, but it’s looking like the fact of the Saints could be in deep trouble at this point. Just because the fact of he hurt his hand and I mean the best of the day. Coming off the bench for the backup to backup Drew Brees, would be Teddy Bridgewater and I mean he hasn’t exactly shown himself to be a starting quarterback at this time. As I said there are also players, one player in particular that was looking for a trade out of the place that he was at this moment. And that is Jalen Ramsey. This is very recent. It just happened this Monday. He was well crossing the trade after he lost last Sunday, there are going to be probably most teams in the NFL besides the exception of a couple they’ll be looking after Ramsey and will be wanting to give him money.

Evan Mellett: [03:13] Just because the fact for one thing, DeAndre Hopkins came out before the evident lost, evidential lost to the Texans and said this is the only guy he thinks that can stay with him playing man to man in the NFL. And at where most people have doubted DeAndre Hopkins the best receiver in the entire NFL. That’s like a really big accomplishment kind of to hear from the best receiver in the league that there’s only one quarterback in the league and that’s Jalen Ramsey that can stay with me, I mean he’s that good and he’s the only one that can stay with me. So, there’s no doubt in my mind that there’ll be many teams are coming after him and will be trying to get their hands on him. Just because of how like good he plays like he’s going to walk down corner ever since he’s come into this league out of Florida State. And I feel like he’s just going to get better, there’s, I’m definitely think there’s a chance that he gets worse. I think with the only place that this kid is going to go is up at this point. But I feel, so, I feel like this could really be a big thing for him. Like if he can get on a team that especially can be a playoff team, then he can show himself in big time game situations. 

Evan Mellett: [04:15] I really think that this can be like a big deal for him. And it can really like he can only be like, hey, I deserve more money because look, you got, I finally got to the playoffs. The thing that the Jaguars couldn’t do whenever I was there, for a multitude of reasons. But it’s now looking like the fact of like, he’s trying to say, oh, I’ve made these plays. So, I think I deserve more money because I’m making big time plays. And if he can make those plays all the power to him, he deserves the money. But I mean, it’s just going to come down to, can he make those plays? Which I believe he can, I’ve seen him play before, he’s a very talented corner. He’s very young which I’ll talk about later in this NFL part of this podcast about the young talent that will be coming up for the NFL. He’s not that young compared to some of the people that will be talking about with him coming out of Florida State. We’ll be talking about other names later such as Lamar Jackson, or Kyler Murray, the number one pick of last year’s draft. 

Evan Mellett: [05:13] So, I mean, and I think that just to say later I think there are definitely a lot of young talent in the NFL right now. It’s definitely going to make their mark this year. Up next is one more injury, he will not be up for the season or extended period of time and it will be day to day, that will be yet another injury for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers after taking a bad loss or like a horrific loss like somebody will say, week one to add first or to the 33-23 loss to the New England Patriots. Which appears you’ve seen that some people say they’re compared to the 2007 Patriots team that was that was able to go undefeated all 16 through their regular season. They’re projecting them to be some people say that could be better than that, which I don’t know if I agree with that. But we’ll talk about that a little bit later. But getting back to James Conner after they have lost to them and then they go on to losing to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday. I really think, I think, and then James Connor has had the injuries, so I just want to say, with Ben Roethlisberger now out and James Conner out having Mason Rudolph have to come in as the backup for Ben Roethlisberger. 

Evan Mellett: [06:15] He’ll be their backup quarterback and you have Jalen Samuels. He’ll be the second string running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers still have to come in. Samuels, I like him, I think he’s a very good very strong runner, but I just don’t think he has like, for one thing I don’t think he has experienced that James Conner does or anything close to it, just because of the fact of just he’s not like that experienced. Like he wasn’t playing right out of college, he’s always kind of been a backup coming out of NC State. But I feel like this could definitely be his time to shine. And if they, if the Steelers won’t even have a chance of making the playoffs, their young talents going to have to grow up a little bit. Masonry is going to have to turn into a quarterback they can make big throws and big-time situations. Juju is going to have to have somewhere close to like one of his best years yet, or like what will might be his best years. Right now, and then especially the defensive backfield after losing Sean Davis also to a shoulder injury. He is also lost in the loss of the Seahawks, I think the Steelers if any people will be looking at it like injury prone, they’re known for being a good team year in year out. 

Evan Mellett: [07:15] But then is there a chance that these young guys can really make a play. I think though there’ll be some people that just all around the league watch them just to see if they can still make it work with them having a very young core of a team and with some older players thrown in. And I talked about they have lost 33-3 to the Patriots, week one in Foxborough. Some people thought, oh, the Steelers we’re going to come out big this year. They’re looking good, Juju is going to come out and have a big game that was exactly what happened. As the Patriots defensive back for looks even more dominant than before. Their defense especially looks very dominant. But I mean, it’s definitely not what people are talking about. They are talking about the offense Antonio Brown. He last Sunday, has played his first game as a New England patriot and it looks like he’s clicking. Looks like he and Tom Brady are on the same page. Very like Just right off the bat, like just like this and they’re like they’re off and running. As A.B had a touchdown as they steamrolled the Dolphins who are now like really, the Dolphins as we’ll talk about, they’re kind l of like, there is deep in a hole as you can possibly get.

Evan Mellett: [08:16] With being out, being just losing in a record game to force 59-10 to the Baltimore Ravens and then 43 nothing to the New England Patriots. So, I think the Dolphins if there’s anything to talk about, wow, well, at least there’s the silver lining though, we’re not the Dolphins. I mean, that’s kind of hard to say. But I mean, it’s kind of true. There’s kind of, they’re kind of put at the lowest point that you could possibly be at this far into the season. Notice looking about like overall takeaways, number one would probably be the Patriots and just how with A.B, with they start clicking this could easily be as I mentioned earlier, this could easily be a 16 enough season for them, as somebody would say, they have a softer schedule. I’ve heard a couple of analysts say that they have a softer schedule than the years prior. So, if anything, that means I’d make it even easier for them to be able to have a ginormous year. And I mean if you have A.B, that’s just a guy that you have to double team going on with Julian Edelman, you know Josh Gordon then you have, you have a lot of young talent too, like Dorsett, he’ll be for them too. 

Evan Mellett: [09:15] And it’s just going to be like, it’s going to be a lot of young talents that would be for them, that will be there for the Patriots and it will really help out Brady, because they’ll have so many options. Not to mention he can hand the ball off to James White which was very balanced he and Rex Marco who are very accomplished, and they were quarter backs in the title run last year for the New England Patriots. Now they said before prime a second takeaway would be, there’s just going to be a lot of things shaken up with the Drew Brees injury and the NFC  and the Steelers having James Conner are injured and Ben Roethlisberger injured as the Steelers, Yeah, they lost, they might be able to face out Big Ben for the rest of the season. James Conner, like they weren’t banged up in there, oh, yeah, they’re going to put a couple wins together. They’ll finish like nine and seven and they’ll be in the playoffs again. But now, probably the city of Pittsburgh over anybody who’s worried, like is this going to be there like a year that we don’t make them, like we don’t make the playoffs? Like it’d be like a reason, there’ll be a reason why, oh, why don’t we just, don’t make the players locker started replaying.

Evan Mellett: [10:12] But I mean, every year there’s teams that’s cursed with injuries, but I mean the Steelers kind of in a stable that they’re usually in there with New England fighting for the AFC and now something like the Chiefs can be a Staples. As there are some teams that are just in there every year looking also over the NFC as the Saints are one of those teams in the AFC. Speaking of the AFC, the Ravens, they’re also in the Steelers division. They are off to a crazy hot start with Lamar Jackson looking at like, looking like a quarterback which would some people would be like, of course he looks like a quarterback. Some people just add Lamar Jackson’s as how a lot of, got a lot of flak coming into the league just because of the fact of he’s, some people thought whenever he came in at least he was a run, he’s a quarterback, but he had a run before pass mentality. Even though in that 15 %-win, week one over the Ravens, over the Dolphins excuse me. He was just here, he played terrific in that game. But I mean a lot of people, he’s still just kind of get flak because a lot of people haven’t said he hasn’t shown himself in big games like Devin one big, like they beat Arizona and Kyler Murray week two, they beat him at the end. 

Evan Mellett: [11:15] But it was again at the end with Ricardo Silva, as some people say is struggling and I feel like the Ravens they’re definitely off to a hot start. And that Mark Jackson’s really starting this, this looks like if he keeps up this pace, this could turn into like a record-breaking year for him. Number four, just a big issue that we’ve now seen. If you watch the Pittsburgh Steelers game Sunday, you see the issue of coaches challenging pass interference calls and the Steelers there was a very controversial one that got turned, it got reversed as there was a play down field where it was not called past events with Pete Carroll, who was the coach for the Seattle Seahawks he decided to challenge the play. And it will end up being reverse calling it pass your fears on those dealers giving the Seahawks a first down. But I’ve, I think it’s just the fact of like, a lot of people are upset, and I’ve heard a couple people say this before fans mostly which I mean, I still agree with, is why are we letting coaches challenge plays? Because isn’t that kind of just going with the fact of, aren’t we kind of letting the Refs makeup calls? 

Evan Mellett: [12:15] The garlanding kind of like fabricate something that hey, it’s just kind of like an air. Like hey, heat he touched him before the ball got there, but I mean, like what do you call that? Initially known landing, we all understand, we don’t want another Saints and Rams. We’re seeing a team ends, because of a blatant call and the refs don’t call it. A lot of people say that they should, it should just be like they’re still upset because they’re like the ram show just made call. The Saints should be going to the Super Bowl. They should have gone to the Super Bowl last year, they might have still lost to the Patriots. A lot of people think it wouldn’t have mattered, that we wouldn’t have this call of like, you’re able to challenge and Refs are able to just kind of makeup past reference calls, like that aren’t even known. Or that some people yeah, some people just think they just kind of, sign, in some cases just make up calls. I don’t know if I really saw anything there. I mean, I know him as a professional Ref, and I know a lot of people didn’t see anything in there either. But I’ve been of course the Steelers, it was called the white one, because Pete Carroll did challenge it and then they reversed it going off like a review, which would never happen in years prior.


Evan Mellett: [13:17] And then the fifth takeaway that I have saved for week two, is just the fact that there’s a lot of great young talent in the NFL. I talked about earlier Collin Brown or Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield there’s just, there’s so many great, Baker Mayfield will be playing Monday night. But there’s just so much great talent that’s coming with these guys Collin Murray, I think he’s starting to step up, he’s trying to be calm, he has stepped out. He’s starting to step out on his own more than not, just because the fact of I really think he’s like trying to start to calm down. Like I was actually the number one pick, like everybody expects, oh, you got to be good right off the bat. No, and it takes some time and I think they’ve realized that Collin Murray or is he starting to step into is, he’s like starting to feel as though like you starting to feel it out. And he’s starting to understand like what his place is, and how his office work. Kliff Kingsbury their head coach and like what this offense is meant to do. And like how the speed is supposed to go at no faster no slower type thing like trying to just figure out like the cork, like just to stuff and how this offense runs, and I can’t, the best way to run together. 

Evan Mellett: [14:16] So, I feel like especially with these young talents, yeah, it might take a year, but I feel like Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson, like if they, I felt like, I talked about Lamar earlier with his big season, a chance at the big season. I just felt like it took him like a couple years to like out of Louisville, and in the pros for the Ravens. So, I kind of feel out the offense understand, like, what his part is, like, where the reeds are, where they’re most going to be in. I mean, sometimes you only understand like the reeds only going to be there. And whenever you play that team, like that’s why some people think Brady has an edge because he’s played every team multiple, like probably 10s of times just like every team in the NFL. So, he’s like, oh, I remember from last year, because I played you before and I remember that this corner didn’t play well against this receiver like these rookies, don’t know that going in like that. One receiver always has a career game against a quarterback like yes, they are in the stat sheet or it says like the conscience of my receivers always going to make a crisp cut across the middle. But he might not always make a crisp cut going to the sideline type of thing.

Evan Mellett: [15:14] Like he made, maybe he was maybe just because the fact of the way he runs his routes there like he runs a crisper slant and he does a fiber out. It’s just like, it’s that stuff that we’re like there are a lot most teams, whenever they play a cover to this always beat seven. Like, I’m always going have this an audible, like I always have an audible in the back of my head for cover two cover three beater if they automatically come out in that. And it’s just that, that just comes with being in the NFL for more years and I feel like Kyler Murray he can run, he, I feel like he has definitely start to set into his own. If he like especially whenever he gets a couple of wins and then just a couple of them maybe a season or two under his belt. Kind of in position with Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield is at this point. Now we’re going to move on to a quick segment on the NCAA. They didn’t have a crazy week three, but it’s looking like they will have a pretty exciting week four for all the fans. As week three, the only thing that really happened was there were three newcomers that were able to jump into the top 25 and that was the California bears the Arizona State Sun Devils and then the TC Horn Club were all able to jump into the end of the top 25. 

Evan Mellett: [16:18] But the thing that I really want to get to just now, is talking about there are three main games that are top 25 matchups that can completely flip like the grid for some of these team seasons. And there are three of the big ones that are going to happen all in one week. Well this the first game of them would be Michigan and Wisconsin this game is going to be big, especially for the big ten. And especially also if you’re if you’re an Ohio State fan, of course you’re going to definitely have your eye on this one for you to see who the real threat is to you, to your big 10 thrones. Is it Wisconsin or is it Michigan, because of Michigan wins just makes that game at the last week of the season even a bigger game, but if it’s Wisconsin, it could it’s going to be the big 10 championship would be the first time that you meet them? The second game I talked about would be the Texas A & M Auburn game. Auburn, this is I’m pretty sure the second team out of six top 25 teams to play this year. As they did win that, they would orthogonal any five teams that they play this year they did win that crazy game against Oregon in this second week of the season. 

Evan Mellett: [17:15] So, with Bone next on that game winning touchdown pass in Texas A & M they’re trying to rebound especially during that week two. They also had a big game week two, I guess number one Clemson where they didn’t definitely do not play their best game if you watched it. They definitely did not play their best game. So, they’re definitely looking for a bounce back whenever they get there because this would be their next chance to play a top 25 opponent and really show what they can do. The big game that will be eight o’clock, it will be the biggest game of them all and will be Georgia and Notre Dame. This is ginormous game especially good for college football implications because Georgia going down the road if they can win this game. Is this going to have absolutely, to like bigger than a lot of people could think playoff implications, saying that they’d be a top 10 Notre Dame team this early in the season that was even wider down in this season. So, and I just think that those are definitely the three biggest games in Georgia, Notre Dame would definitely highlight those three just because this, that’s the one game that is a top 10 versus top 10 matchup. 

Evan Mellett: [18:13] And it’s eight o’clock primetime game and it would just be that all the spotlight will be on them. Just for that fact like it will be on, and it will be on the national networks like this is just a big-time game, no matter what team wins that if they’re looking like oh, we deserve to be in this bowl, or we deserve to be in the college football playoffs especially. This is definitely a game that they could point to, like this is a top 10 win that we got early in the season like this isn’t later down in the season. And with that said, I want to thank you for listening to the 23rd edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. I like to talk about those top 25 games Michigan, Wisconsin, Auburn, Texas A & M, and Georgia Notre Dame, if you’d like to see my like full analysis, or like mostly score prediction of what, who I think will win those games, that will be coming out this Friday. So, make sure to subscribe down below. So, you’ll know whenever the next podcast is going to be coming out. So, you’ll know, you’ll be able to listen into my predictions and I mean, also let me know on this one or on the prediction video, like, make sure to comment down below. 

Evan Mellett: [19:12] Like if you disagree with a pick or like, you think there’s a big topic that I missed like that I should have spent more time on or maybe in the upcoming week your team has a big game and you’d like me to do like a little segment want to make sure to reach me out, because I’m definitely open for doing many different teams or like talking about many different stuff that maybe isn’t like the ginormous news. Like it’s maybe it’s kind of like a side story, but you want me to focus more on that, because like that’s your team. So, make sure to comment down below if you like have other stories you want me to focus more on in the next podcast. With that said, I want to thank you all for listening.