Evan Mellett: [00:09] Hello, everyone and welcome back to the 22nd edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. And this edition of the podcast, it is time for our predictions, it’s time for prediction Friday. You don’t know what prediction Friday is, it’s where I am predicting, what I think, what will be the winner of the NCAA and NFL games that are on this weekend. We will start out in the NCAA with number one. Number one Clemson will be against Syracuse. I have Clemson winning this game pretty easily. Because I mean, it’s looks like Darren early a lot of rank matchups this week. I mean, no, I don’t know if there are any remote teams are ranked in the top 25 at least this week. But I mean, I still think they’re a chance for upsets. I just don’t think Clemson’s got to be one of them. I have them probably winning 42-21, because I think Syracuse, I think they’re a good football team and they’ll put up a fight. But what would be a fight that Clemson won’t be able to like just, like I think they’ll score a couple time, but it won’t be anything close to what they need to beat Clemson. 

Evan Mellett: [01:03] Number two in the country will be Alabama, they’ll be going up against South Carolina. And this one I have Alabama, South Carolina has struggled a crazy amount recently like they’ve lost, they’ve firstly lost in North Carolina and which was one of the big losses that they have this season. So, I think, but I also just think no matter even if they wouldn’t be able to beat South Carolina, I still think Alabama’s just going to take care of business, just because they’re definitely the better team in this matchup and that’s for sure. I think it’s going to be interesting to see, to look and now, these teams or this would be for some teams probably the first game for some and some not. But the first Sunday will be their first game in back in conference which as Alabama they’ll be playing in the SEC. So, this will be their first game back in conference in South Carolina. I think Alabama will definitely take care of business. Number three up on the list, we have Georgia, nobody taking our Arkansas State. This was, this will not be a very competitive game, as these two teams wanting definitely, playing different conferences Georgia as a power five team. I think Georgia is winning this one probably. I’d have 49-7, also Bama, my Bama prediction will probably be Bama over South Carolina. Probably 56-10 and five in the battle to South Carolina, and 49-7, for number three Georgia over Arkansas State. Up next in the fourth spot this week we have LSU, they’ll be playing Northwestern state. I definitely think this will be even close for LSU, everybody at this point, if specially LSU keeps up here, they’re going to be looking forward to this iron bowl with Alabama and LSU which could be a top five matchup easily. Which I think a lot of people are looking forward to seeing it how, LSU have gotten a ginormous win at Texas last week. Next to the fastball. We have Oklahoma, they’ll be playing UCLA this week. This will still be a non-conference game. It’s a good game and it will be a non-conference one for Oklahoma. I think they’ll definitely take care of business. Jalen Hurts, I think who again show out against like, I feel like UCLA they’re a good team and they’ll be some competition. 

Evan Mellett: [03:09] But will they be anything close to something that like, push Oklahoma to their limits? I don’t think we’re going to get to that point. Although a hot one, we’re going to get to that point it might be Texas, or who knows when it will be here. You could honestly, as good as Oklahoma’s looked. It could be the college football playoffs that they get there. It could be the first time that they are pushed to their absolute limits. But I think this game is definitely a no brainer to go with Oklahoma. Again, the LSU, Northwestern state score. If I didn’t say for it, I’d say 49-10. LSU, I think they’ll definitely keep them shut out. And for Oklahoma, I would definitely probably say, I want to say probably 31-14, because I feel like UCLA will play some defense play. I don’t think they’ll put on like 50 on them, like Alabama or Clemson would do this week with 40 or 50. But I still feel like they’re going to put up a lot of points on them. Up next at the sixth spot this will be the Ohio State Buckeyes, they’ll be taking on the Indiana Hoosiers. This is a conference game for the Ohio State as they’ll start their conference against a pretty, a decent big 10 opponent. 

Evan Mellett: [04:09] They’re still definitely the bottom half of the big 10, which is why, I think this will be a game they’ll probably be. I want to say 28-14, if you ask why does LSU only have four touchdowns? Like why don’t they not have more guests unranked Indiana? The Indiana teams? Like it’s because I feel like Indiana they’ve had, they always like to pull off like they like to play big time games like sometimes against big time people. Like last year they had a couple of good fights like Michigan, I’m pretty sure so, I think that Indiana will definitely come to play. I thought they usually come to play because I feel like yeah, they’re not having the best year in the world, but I don’t think they’re having the worst either. So, I feel yeah, Iowa State will win will probably be about 31-17, mine was, that was my prediction for that score. On the number seven spot is Notre Dame and New Mexico. Again, it seems like another no brainer here, as there’s no doubt in my mind Notre Dame takes care of business against a New Mexico team. 

Evan Mellett: [05:06] There’s I mean, again, it’s just, it comes down to the fact that these, it’s like, it’s not that these teams are bad but like they’re bad going up against these top 10 competitions. New Mexico State could do absolutely, when Northwestern State could do it or even Arkansas State, they get all those three can do amazing in their conference this year. But I mean, because they’re going up against the likes of Georgia, like Georgia, LSU and Notre Dame. I feel like it’s going to make them look like they’re not the best in the world, even though I’ve ever known as bad as some people think they are like, I mean, it’s not as bad as a luck because they’re playing against an opponent where they’re very, very outmatched. And next we’ll have Auburn and Kent State. It’s just mostly these top 10 they’ll really have a lot of top 10 matchups this like two different top 10 teams playing like we did last year. Last week, excuse me with Texas and Oklahoma, excuse me, Texas and LSU, playing in that in that top 10 matchups.

Evan Mellett: [06:06] But I mean so much why I think these, most of these top 10 teams could very easily roll in over here with a win. Yeah, some of them are still actually playing out of conference at this point. I’ve already scored them, was probably score 49-7, is what I’m thinking. I think they’ll put a note card for 42-7, is what I think for the Auburn and Kent State score. Up next we’ll have the University of Florida, they’ll be going up against Kentucky and this will be a conference game for them as this will be their first game of SEC play. I think Kentucky will give Florida off, like as we’ve seen Florida’s not deserve to be a top 10 team. As if you ask me why I say that, look at the Miami game, look at the film from it please. And if you just want to know and in short reason the Florida team plays that game sloppy and in a lot of people’s mind, I’m really sure one that game is Fordham. And I definitely didn’t at that point there. I think I’m pretty sure, seven in the country they didn’t deserve to be there. And I mean and that was week one more, and they were kind of on national primetime and they should kind of show it on national primetime that they kind of didn’t deserve to be there at this point maybe they will by the end of the season. 

Evan Mellett: [07:13] But the way they play in Miami they don’t deserve to be a top 10. Maybe not even top 15 team but I mean they still are, and they’re still winning. So, I did, but I think for five for this Kentucky score. I think Kentucky we have a fight like honestly, I used to be like a 31-21, Florida win. Like if I hope Kentucky will put up some fight, I think they definitely have some fight in them. And I think this one might on this Kentucky might push them down to like the end of the second half or or the fourth quarter. Where for to apply them pulled away. It would probably be what, it’ll probably be a good game going into the fourth quarter, but Florida may pull away then that’s my prediction. I feel that as part as number 10 is on a by number 10 the nation is on a bye with number 11 Utah. They’re playing Idaho State again, the youth I feel can definitely they’ve got a lot of hype. I mean, as you see some of the analysts on like College GameDay predicting them to be in their top two in their top. 

Evan Mellett: [08:06] And then I call it football playoffs excuse me, there’s hope for. And some people are like, like, what do you mean by this, I never like, I’ve heard of this team but they’re not like the best. Like nobody ever thought that hey, they when you think football powerhouse in college football playoffs, who do you think? Oh, I think Utah, there’s just, there’s aren’t a lot of people, I feel like would think that, unless you like some people who live in Utah probably think that, but I mean, they’re having a good season. Don’t get me wrong. Like right now the top ranked Pac 12 team in the entire nation. Like out of that conference, when again, in some cases, the PAC 12 is the strongest conference, there are a lot of things that can be said about it. But I think for I know Utah can come out early, come out and play big. And they could just keep on winning. But I mean, at this point, some people wonder if Utah, has proven themselves to be a top 10 opponent over like a Penn State who’s at 13, who will talk about later. I have probably Utah, in this game again. Probably a 42-7, again, because I just think this will kind of be, I think they need to win this game by at least 35-40 points.

Evan Mellett: [09:06] And just as a statement game, they’re like we’re here, and we’re here to stay tight, saying to the entire nation. Even though a lot of people want a lot of people, like wonder like why you put them up, like Washington Oregon, Utah’s Oregon’s, at 15. Why do you put them up there? And the answer that I’d say to those people are just be the fact of how you even like, I’d say to that person, like, have you watched that you watch any other game? Like if you see how good there, like no, and I’m like, why is that? Because in like I live on the East Coast and I’m usually in bed. And that’s the point that a lot of people make is same thing with like Bryce Love last year, if you knew he’s a running back for Stanford that probably could have been the Heisman contention but I mean, a lot of people say that the reason he wasn’t and they picked like a two or Trevor Lawrence, because they got the more exposure because the people on the East Coast who watch football, you have like half of the nation asleep whenever they play because for the East Coast, that’s like two in the morning. Whenever we’re like, or at least one whenever these Oregon Utah start deploy. 

Evan Mellett: [10:06] Which is why, I feel like that’s definitely a lot of people said, “oh that’s very unfair”. And I honestly pretty much, I agree with that. I agree with that it is pretty unfair to do it like that, but I mean that’s kind of just how the times work in that regard. Now looking at number 12 of Texas against Rice, I have Texas winning this one pretty easily. Probably like a 40-42, that is my prediction for this one. I think Santiago would definitely look good and have a comeback game after this after their close loss to LSU at home last week. Number 13 is the team I talked about earlier, about people wondering why they’re not in the top 10 Penn State and Penn, this will be an ACC game for whether this will not be a conference game. Or may not be a good game, but it’s not going to be a non-conference game for them. As Penn State is in the big 10 and Penn is in the ACC. Never let Penn’s put their head down and an off year up to this point. Like I mean it’s on and off here but they’re just, there is an, they’re not expected to do a Penn State issue this year? 

Evan Mellett: [11:03] So, yeah, I definitely think being the number 13 team in the country, they’re going to roll over this one probably. I’m going to say 35 nothing, I don’t know if they’ll put up 40 on them. Or Yeah, probably 42-3, is mine, probably my prediction for this game. As number 14 is out and so we move on to number 15. Oregon, another team that I talked about, has been on the West Coast with a lack of exposure, this would be the second big team, them then Washington, maybe even Stanford are the four that most people talk about. And like the fact that they lack exposure, and that’s why they they’re not ranked as high as like a Ohio State or Notre Dame, because even though they’re as good as any of them, or maybe, well, I didn’t put up a fight with any of them. But it just comes down to the fact like as you saw, you have Oregon who barely lost Auburn and it was like right off like it was right down to the end. 

Evan Mellett: [12:06] And even after that you have Auburn, and they haven’t even won a game. And yeah, but I mean, Auburn already has an 8, and you have Oregon who’s at 15. Some people say. “Hey, if Oregon instead of in located in Oregon, they’re located in Louisiana like the University of Oregon was based out of Louisiana, they’d be a top 10 team right now because they’re just as good as awkward as they took them right down to the end. I mean, and Utah, I should honestly maybe be higher than that because Utah is better team than Oregon, which I think a lot of people think. And it’s  what a good amount of people think at least, but I mean, that’s just kind of that’s the stuff that they have to like work around like whenever you play for those teams, you kind of have to just, that’s kind of just a disadvantage to put out whenever you put out a West Coast team. Okay, so, now we’re going to be looking at, next on the list will be Texas a&m, they’ll playing a little more University. Texas a&m definitely will roll they did. They definitely some people think they should. They could have put up a better showing at against Clemson last week, but I feel like coming off of that loss, but I feel like there I think we’ll have a bounce back game against the team that they should probably beat by 5-40. So, the Oregon final 35 to 7, and then I have a Texas a&m Lamar final Oregon, Texas a&m Lamar final 42-7. 

Evan Mellett: [13:10] Up next, UCF, they’ll be playing Stanford, I think this game will honestly be close, like I think it’ll be closer than a lot of people think that it will actually be. I have UCF over Stanford in a probably, in my prediction would probably be a 20-21, prediction for UCF. I think this will definitely be a close game. Up next is Michigan State they’ll be playing Arizona State, this again will be there calling, these teams are pretty good non-conference games with Michigan states. Another one that just should take care of business pretty easily. I think in this one it’s definitely Michigan State over Arizona State, it’s probably what I think this game will be closer than some people think. I have a 31-17 final on this one. And at number 19, it will be my upset. I have Iowa State just because I feel like they’re a really good team. Like I feel like, I will say every year they have a really consistent team and they’re all they’re always good to pull off at least one or two upsets every year, because I know Iowa State in the big 12 is sometimes an underrated team even though yeah, they have their off years. And I felt I did this, I found this one was my upset pick of the week, it would be Iowa State being number 19. Iowa that was definitely my upset pick for this week. 

Evan Mellett: [14:21] That’s it for them, they would get down to the end of the top 25 and be number 20. Washington State they’re playing Houston, as Houston and week one they got in some what some people would say dismantled by Jalen Hurts, with him setting records against them and their defensive backfield with some people watching the game saying a lack of tackling could have resulted, could be the reason for why that happened. But I feel like, I felt Washington State would definitely win this, because Washington State I still think they have a pretty good passing attack and I feel like it could definitely cause trouble for Houston’s defensive backs. So, I have Washington State for this one. Next up we have Marquette and Temple, this game could tumble given them somewhat of a game. But I felt Marquette, this is going to be one that they’re probably just going to roll through as they are there. 

Evan Mellett: [15:07] They’re a good team. like they’re not an awful team, but they’re not like a top team. But I feel like they’re still like, they’re a team that consistently is in the top 25 I think they’ll definitely take care of business and this one. Up next is Boise State and Portland State. Boise State will definitely take care of, that Boise State would definitely do good. I felt would do good in this one, this is a very good one, Boise State team as you saw in that game against Florida State with their comeback. I think that this is like, they’re a good team, I think for Boise State could definitely surprise some people. But again, as I’ve said before, they are also a victim of the yeah, we could surprise some people. We can be as good as UCF, but UCF based in Florida, and we’re based in Idaho. Like I mean, it’s that kind of stuff. I don’t want to like go on a rant about that, but I feel like you just have to say that whenever you I talked about how where these teams are. Right? Because that is absolutely part of it without question, where you’re ranked in the U.S, in like how many people see your games on average. And the only way sometimes that you’re getting seen by all these people is if you play an East Coast team. 

Evan Mellett: [16:10] Now we’re looking at number 23 Washington as a sovereign, the one right the biggest upset, they are number 14 in the country and have fallen nine spots. They’ll be fine Hawaiian will definitely be a balance back game for them. I’m a Boise State, Portland State game, I just want to reiterate what is the Portland State game by 42-10, 35-10 maybe. Boise State will win this one, then Washington, Hawaii, Washington will roll by 35 nothing is my prediction for that one. And in the number 24, we’re looking around it, at USC and BYU, I think this game could be kind of close, but I think I have a 28-14, USC Trojan winning, coming for this one. All things for me. I think this will be a, it could be an interesting game and I think USC would definitely pull everything even after the injury of JT Daniels last week. And then I knew one of our newcomers into the top 25 in the University of Virginia, they’ll be playing a very much struggling Florida State with a first day with a coach sounds very much on the hot seat at this point. 

Evan Mellett: [17:07] But I think we would want their struggling team, I think that it with FSU starting like that, I have Virginia on this one. It might be closer than that, I have a 31-24, I think this could be one of the closer games to watch. But I feel like Virginia will pull this one up as Florida State has been struggling, but I do think Florida State will come out to play because they could, they need this game. Just for the fact of to, their coach needs this game to sit, they can get him off the hot seat after having some bad losses open up this season. Now that rounding out the NCAA will move on to the NFL. With the NFL the first game we talked about on Sunday will be Baltimore and Arizona. I have Baltimore rolling through this one, Arizona is good in column. Murray as they, he was able to fight back and get them a tie last week. But I definitely think Baltimore will roll through this one probably a 28-14 victory. Up next is Cincinnati, San Francisco, now these teams are the best, but I think Cincinnati have no doubt will roll. Probably in this one notes they’ll keep them, they’re rolling this one probably a 31-21. I think San Francisco and Jimmy Graham, so that they can put up some points that I don’t know if it will be enough to absolutely win this game.


Evan Mellett: [18:14] Up next, we have the Chargers, without Melvin Gordon as it is looking like he went off, he won’t be back until week six or seven. But I still have the Chargers, and this one is Austin Walter, as he won the game for them last week. He’s looking like he could definitely, he’s not going to, he’s not a Melvin Gordon, and everybody knows that. But he could do, it’s looking like he might actually be a better alternative than some people might have thought. Up next is, Minnesota and Green Bay. I think Minnesota will take this one. Minnesota is a good team this year. So, yeah, I have faith and maybe more than some people that Minnesota could have a good winning season and make the playoffs. And I think some people have doubted that, but I feel like Minnesota though. They’re going to win this one, probably. It’s looking like the, one this one and just saying that Chargers and Detroit score, it’s looking like will probably be 28-14 Chargers, then the Minnesota Green Bay score will be, I’m going to say a 27-21. 

Evan Mellett: [19:09] Minnesota win over Green Bay, and I think this one will come down to the end. Up next we have Jacksonville and Houston. Jacksonville’s defensive backfield have been struggling very badly. Which is why I think this is going to be a ginormous game for Shawn Watson and DeAndre Hopkins as Hopkins had them here. He had zero drops all last season and had these three just last week. So, I think this is a big rebound game for the Texans and I think they’ll definitely take care of business, probably 31,31-10 with a struggling Jacksonville defensive backfield. Up next we have New England and Miami this could be an upset game because this is, Miami is the worst place or Tom Brady is like, specifically played over his NFL career, but I think this one was being, like be way too close for comfort. I think this will be like a 28-21 game, because for some reason Miami, even after being blown. 59 to 10 by Baltimore in week one, they just for some reason have a knack for playing well against Tom Brady, it’s like out of the one team that does.

Evan Mellett: [20:08] But I think this will still be a 22-21, victory for the Patriots. Up next we’re looking at Buffalo and the Giants. The Giants have really been struggling especially this first week, won against the Cowboys. Which I mean, it did help the Cowboys week one thing, to figure out and seek back at that for that game. I feel like this is not our thing and right the train just yet as they have some key players aren’t going to come back until week Six, such as, or like later down the season such as Golden Tate. Well. they have Corey Coleman who also, he’s going to, he’s out injured probably out for the entire season. But so, I definitely I think Buffalo will get it. Will Josh Allen and Buffalo get a win here. Up next are the Steelers and Seattle. I think the Steelers will win this one they’re going to rebound after taking a brutal loss. I say brutal and that’s probably what a lot of people call it losing my 30 at New England, in a Prime-time game week one. And just getting them, and some people would say I use the word dismantle again. For the Steelers defensive backfield as that’s coming look like what Tom Brady did to them and in most people’s mind, but I thought I think Pittsburgh will definitely rebound in this game at home.


Evan Mellett: [21:17] Next, we have Tennessee and India, and Indianapolis, Tennessee had a ginormous win against the Browns they kind of just the world the Browns hype train week one. Because the fact of they beat the Indianapolis, 21 nothing in the fourth quarter and kind of been, won by 30. Whenever this game was really close, but I feel it, I definitely feel like the Tennessee will definitely win this one, as Indiana, Indianapolis excuse me a soul trying to search for kind of an identity after the loss, after Andrew Luck retires and carries, Jacoby Brissette, with summit and phenomenon a lot of NFL experience come in as your starting quarterback. I’m actually with Dallas and Washington, Washington. Dewayne Haskins. They’ve lost and also struggled, it’s looking like well Case Keenum to as he started week one for them. But it’s still looking like Dallas was looking at what they did with the Giants, they look like a pretty good team in that game 

Evan Mellett: [22:06] So, I think that there’s a chance that they roll in this one over this Washington team. Then again, I feel like them the Giants are kind of looking for an identity here as they’ve had as their injuries and just like a lot of questions on the depth chart. Up next, Kansas City Oakland. This game is really going to be close. I was surprised when my bigger blow out games. Excuse me again, I forgot. So, my prediction for the score for New England and Miami I have a 28-21, New England over Miami. For Buffalo and the giants, I have Buffalo winning this one, 31-21. Pittsburgh over Seattle, I have Pittsburgh,114 over Seattle. I’ve Tennessee winning 28-7, over the Colts. I have the Cowboys getting a 31-17 win over the Washington Redskins. I have a, now getting back up to speed, I have Kansas City win of 28 and probably 28 nothing over the Oakland Raiders, I think there’s a good chance they could be shut out. Then now looking at the next one, we have the Chicago Bears against Denver.


Evan Mellett: [23:11] I have the bears winning this one, 21-7, I think Denver there’s just some teams that have had key injuries in the NFL. Denver being one of them. And I feel like it’s just there are a lot of teams at this point that are identity searching in the NFL right now. Like who we are, who are going to fill these holes for us type thing. And I have to call it one this one 21-7. And now we come down to the probable what some people would say the biggest game of the week, which will be the New Orleans Saints against the Los Angeles Rams. The both of these teams are going to be contenders for the NFC, for the NFC to go to the Super Bowl as they’re the ones who had the controversial call last year. The last time the last time they played any very kind was very controversial, which ended up sending the Rams to the Super Bowl as the pass interference was not called which ended up in this season. Making pass interference is reviewable after that call the last time of these two teams play.

Evan Mellett: [24:05] On the wall in twenty-eight dogfight, here a 31-28 at the end as New Orleans and Drew Brees, they had planned to make a comeback last week to be able to beat the Houston Texans at the very end with a field goal. But I think they will win another close one against the Rams. And now to finish out the Sunday games we have the Philadelphia Eagles the Atlanta Falcons. Are the eagles in this one? I think they’ll win this game probably 17-10. I think this will be another close game. But I think the Eagles can definitely take big indoor definitely make do. And at this point, like I think Atlanta is a good team, but I don’t know if they’re good enough to, because I think the Eagles are a pretty talented team this year. Now finishing out we have our Monday night game which will be the Cleveland Browns against New York Jets. I think the Cleveland Browns they are, they definitely have to come back. I think they’re a good team, and I feel like Baker Mayfield, OBJ Jarvis Landry, Nick Job, I didn’t go definitely come back and I really don’t win games like, do I think that they’ll get nine and seven? 

Evan Mellett: [25:08] That’s probably not my prediction for them, but I think they could they’re definitely going to come back and get a win against the Jets team that’s really hurting and now after center hasn’t ruled out from that game Monday after having Mama being sexually ruled after the game. One is I think this should definitely be a win for the Cleveland Browns. And after talking about that Browns and Jets game, this will wrap up the 22nd edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. Make sure if you missed any of my other videos, they will be down below. So, make sure to go give them a listen. And also remind you, if there are any teams like especially in the NCAA, or like, oh, you didn’t talk my team has a big game. Yeah, I know they’re not ranked, but they have a big game. Could you talk about it? Absolutely. I can talk about it. Because make sure to comment down below like what team has the big game, like who they’re playing, and give me some information or like, tell me what games playing. I’ll make sure to talk about that in my next podcast. With that said, I want to thank you all for listening.