Evan Mellett: 00:09 Hello everyone, welcome back to the 21st edition of the Sports Run On podcast. In this podcast, we will be talking about week one of the NFL season and week two of the college football season or NCAA season. Starting out with week one of the NFL season, one of the big points everybody’s talking about is Antonio Brown, as he has been traded, the first bench released from the Oakland Raiders after a very short extent with them, not even playing a game with them, is now signed with the New England Patriots. He has signed a one year $15 million deal with 9 million of the 15 guaranteed. This really brought kind of some shock into the world of the NFL, for many reasons. One of them is because AB, they say went to the Raiders and got officers to go to the Raiders because he wants to be the number one guy, and most people thought his mind shift must have flipped at this point. 

Evan Mellett: 01:06 Just because the fact of how he is now the Patriots, he had to have known going in, that he’s not going to be the number one receiver on the Patriots, as they have Edelman and they have many other targets like door set. But, now a lot of people are saying his mentality has turned from, “I want to be the number one receiver”, to “I want to win”. And I kind of wonder like, I feel like many people do because there are many other teams that he could have gone to, that then he could have been the number one receiver for. But now we figure out from the latest news that the Patriots have been wanting AB for a while, they even tried to trade for him for seven years ago. The Steelers denied that trade to be able to send AB to New England. As for week one, the Steelers and Patriots did end up playing, but the Steelers did get good– very much dominated. Tom Brady already looked like he was in postseason form and the defensive backs of the Steelers, it seems, just could not hold the line whenever it came to this game. Just because it felt like every pass Brady just had open receivers running wild for the Patriots as they won this game 33-3.

Evan Mellett: 02:09 Kyler Murray, the number one pick in the in the NFL Draft this year. He had become his NFL debut for the Arizona Cardinals, they would get the win and he looked good and then he didn’t– like he didn’t look great. He didn’t look awful, they did have to go to overtime to get the win. I still think it was very– a strong performance and it definitely give the Cardinals a hope of what he can turn into for them, as in the fourth and overtime he had only gain time and winning drives. I think that his week one was definitely a very good week one for him and I think it really gave the Cardinals a lot of hope. Now I’m looking at another team who has a young quarterback at the helm, is the Cleveland Browns, they have Baker Mayfield. But they ran a very tight game with the Titans and then in the fourth quarter, it just broke loose as they were at 21-nothing in the fourth quarter by the Titans to lose this game by about 30 points, which is crazy, when you think about all the hype that has been around the browns in this postseason. 

Evan Mellett: 03:10 Getting OBJ now to go with Jarvis Landry, the point of talent that they have and Nick Chong running the ball with Baker Mayfield, a quarterback, it’s crazy the amount of talent that this team has. But it’s also crazy to think about the fact that they just got beat by the Titans team with Marcus Mario who I mean he was good last year, but the Titans weren’t expected to be anything, this was expected to be a pretty good win for the Browns. But I feel like this didn’t really do it for the Browns as they took an awful loss at that, which I mean like probably a really demoralizing loss for them. Baker Mayfield has come out and said that he really– they’re going to keep up the mentality of the underdog mentality going into this season. You got to think that he wishes he had that game back. I feel like the kind of mentality that Baker is having, going forward with this, because I feel like he realizes there like there isn’t a lot that we can do here like I mean, we can mope around about it or we can just go out one football games.

Evan Mellett: 04:09 And that’s, I feel like that’s the kind of thing that the Browns need to do because it’s not like the Spurs team. The Spurs team will face adversity going through the way all teams do, but I feel like the Browns can bounce back, they can get to like a 500 or over team. This one, this loss definitely did not help their confidence, getting a win in week one coming in, with all the hype and all the people somehow getting on the Browns bandwagon after them getting OBJ, I feel like it would have really given Cleveland a lot of excitement if they were able to get the win, but unfortunately they were not in week one. One of the teams, in another division, the Baltimore Ravens, they did, they had a week one to remember and some people would say embarrassed the Dolphins in week one, 59-10, which is crazy it’s the most points scored, 42 which is what they had at halftime. It was the most points scored ever in Ravens’ history and 59 is the best scored ever by the Ravens in a single NFL game in the history of the Baltimore Ravens. 

Evan Mellett: 05:09 And this game came down and bad enough for some of the Miami Dolphins to one to one– a trade away just because of how bad this game went for them. Lamar Jackson had an absolutely incredible game for them as he threw five touchdown passes. I mean, it was just kind of everything was going right for the Ravens here, I mean, but like they gave up a touchdown to field goal or some points felt like it wasn’t fair because of just how much they were scoring and how easy they were scoring. Now, we’re looking at the Chargers and Colts. Chargers beat the Colts in overtime, even though minus Melvin Gordon, as he is looking like he will not be back to week six or seven for them whenever he’s– when they’re thinking that could be the time-frame when he could get a new contract. So, that’s looking like, if you’re wondering that’s probably if you’re a Charges fan, when you will most likely see Melvin Gordon again will probably be leaving six or seven. This was a tight game and I mean they were in it with Austin Elker to win the game in like a walk off fashion, they got a running touchdown in overtime. 

Evan Mellett: 06:09 They scored a touchdown at 130-24, they probably would have wanted more because this Colts team, as we know if you listened to my last podcast, Andrew Luck and his retirement from football as Jacoby Brissett will come up and take over the helm for the Indianapolis Colts so, I feel like, you knew that the Colts were really kind of shaky and I also think like– I think this is kind of going to be a harder loss and not for the Colts just because I feel like you lose somebody like Andrew Luck they’ve had for so many years, for Brissett come out and show and got a win and show the Colts like organization just in total “hey I can come out and get wins for you”, I feel like that could really have helped them out. I feel like it’s kind of a tough loss and it’s also like a big– it’s a big win for the Chargers, to show guys like, “we can win games without having Melvin Gordon, even without our star which we’re going to have to do for like six or seven games most likely before he signs a contract”, it’s not like, “oh without Melvin Gordon, we’re going to just lose all the games”. 

Evan Mellett: 07:09 No, we’re still a team without him but I feel like it’s just came down to the Chargers, they got that big win in the Colts, this could be a show of their season, if they let a couple of slip away from them. Now, we’re moving on, we’re talking about the Cowboys, the Cowboys have come shaky into this year, but I mean they have– they did look very good, that first quarter especially. Somebody went in there and saying he’s one of the worst starting quarterbacks like out of the 32, it was because he didn’t really have a very good season last year, but I mean they do come out– they put a Johns team that isn’t very good with Eli Manning. I mean they won 35-17, a win for the Cowboys over a team that had– where the Johns weren’t expected to do a lot this year anyway. Some people just expected for this to be like Eli’s last year for Daniel Jones comes in and takes the helm, the backup but that’s some people’s opinions. And then it also did of course help cowboys is this one, as they had Ezekiel Elliott back as he kind of signed a contract mere days ago to be able to be eligible to play week one and he scored two touchdowns for them making them– that really helped them out. 

Evan Mellett: 08:15 And it could definitely have been a difference in this game having Ezekiel Elliott and being able to establish the run in this game. Now moving over to the NCAA, in week two, the premier game in week two was number six LSU and number nine Texas. This was a close game for most, it definitely looked like from the beginning probably second through– the first quarter was kind of going back and forth. But definitely the second through fourth quarter, it definitely looked like the LSU team was the better team. I mean, Texas held strong I mean, it was still a close game and ended 45-38, LSU got the win in Austin, which is a big win for them, and probably a big confidence and resume booster to be able to get that big of a non-conference win. It takes some– people say take some just a scheduled team like that as there are some teams that whether it’s a  non-conference teams, they schedule like how– and what some people call cupcake teams, which are like, kind of free wins where you like pay them to come and play you. 

Evan Mellett: 09:14 But like because you know you’ll beat them by like 70, like FCS teams. But I mean so it does take something for both these teams to schedule a top 10 opponent because some of them it’s like a rivalry like Iowa State, stuff like that. Like that’s like at a conference but unless you’re in Texas, you don’t exactly have beef, or like a rivalry as some people would call it. But I feel like it definitely gives kudos to both of these teams for scheduling a top 10 non-conference team, week 2, in only just the second week of the season. One of the other big games was number 12 Texas a&m at Clemson. Clemson just came out on their defense to kind of shut a&m down this game. Trevor Lawrence looked incredible as he usually did because, I mean he looks like he has a professional arm, he looked like he did last year. Some people wonder why didn’t you come out whenever you were freshman because that would bring your stock already higher, coming off winning the national championship as a true freshman. 

Evan Mellett: 10:14 Looking at it, having one of the best arms in the entire NFL, some people ask why won’t you just come out then? It’s looking like he’s probably going to take at least one more year at Clemson before he makes a first-year decision. Does he want to come out? Or does he want to stay in? In my personal opinion, if you’re wondering, I probably do think he will come out after the second year. I think three years might be pushing it. It might just be the Clemson team being hopeful he’ll stay three years, I don’t know if it was like really true that he’s going to stay for that long. Like, I think that there’s a chance but it’s like a really outside chance at this point, especially if they can win the national championship in back to back years. Now, at the game that– and some people call like a waste of four hours, which was Michigan and Army game. This game did not make Michigan look very good overall. I mean, they didn’t look awful, well their offense did, their defense didn’t look awful. 

Evan Mellett: 11:11 But their offense, four turnovers, couple picks like Shia Patterson, the quarterback for Michigan, the Wolverines. He didn’t look like he was on his game literally at all. I mean, he looked like he was on to a point, but I mean he looked very off for being like the number 7 team in the entire nation. As like in week one kind of what you described it as it’s kind of the Florida-Miami game. Like it’s a top ranked team playing an unranked I mean this could even– people could say this could even be more than that. Because Army is not even a power five school, at least Florida took struggles to an FBS school that’s power five Miami plays in the ACC. Army plays the independence and runs a triple option offense, which was getting yards like I mean, it was 14-14 at half time. It was a very much a defensive game and all 14 of army’s first half points were scored off a fumble and a pick. That’s really interesting to think about. 

Evan Mellett: 12:08 Michigan, really a lot of people were like, “oh this game should have been a blow-out”, if Michigan like didn’t like, throw the ball around, playing a very sloppy game, at home. The game was 21-21 with five seconds left in regulation and the Army kicker brought in their guy in front of 100, 000. They had a freshman kicker, it was his first kick and he pushed it wide right, that would have won the game, that would have pulled off probably one of the biggest upsets in history. Army pulling up number seven in front of I think was a 102,000 people were in attendance that day in the big house in Ann Harbor so it’s like, Army had a chance and I feel like everybody knew. Whenever these like teams that aren’t ranked get a chance, I think a chance to make a game or a field goal or it’s tied and they have a drive to win the game, if they usually can’t convert and this game gets extended out to overtime. Usually they’re going to get out way by the better team, which is why most people whenever they guy pushed that 55 yarder that he kicked so that’s no absolutely no gimme.

Evan Mellett: 13:12 But it’s also a fact that a lot of people were feeling that this game was probably over at that point like, it was– Army had their giant chance to pull off the Cinderella upset, and they got pushed out. Telling out another upset that didn’t happen is USC, they really get a big win after you losing JT Daniels with a torn ACL. They had a ginormous win against number 20 Stanford. They beat them 45-20 which is a really crazy win, as you see. Stanford is a top 20 team and USC is unranked and they out at one point, having a bad boss the week before. USC they kind of just came out to play in this one for like most pretty much all the games with USC, you could see just came out to play just because of the fact of I mean, they just dominated the ball, they dominated on both sides of the ball. Their time of possession was also good. I feel like they really just dominated this ball as you can see a 25-point win over a top 20 team when you’re unranked, that’s a big confidence booster. 

Evan Mellett: 14:10 I don’t really care who you are, but I feel like that could definitely be a big confidence booster for them. And still, arguably probably the biggest upset of the night would be number 14, Washington. There was the final game in the night was the West Coast a lot of people didn’t even see that this game happened until the morning after. Unless they were like other people on the East Coast didn’t see because they were all asleep, was number 14 Washington got upset by unranked California the Cal Bears. They beat them 20-19 at the end, it was a very good ending to this game. But I thought Washington really didn’t play to their top potential, there were a couple teams that just felt like– and I feel like it’s kind of a trend. Like Florida was that team last week that they just, they didn’t play up to where, like they were ranked. They didn’t even close to what they were ranked at. There were a lot of teams in this week that had on some close finishes that probably shouldn’t have. They’re also a lot of blow out games, I feel like, in this week, in week 2 of college football, it felt more or less like, there were a couple like a more or less, it was kind of like a close game or blow out more or less. 

Evan Mellett: 15:12 Like with the top 25 at least, because some of these teams won by like 50, like then there were some teams that were top 7, that were taking a double overtime by a team that’s not even in the power five conference. Yes, they’re FBS, but they’re not even in a power five conference. With that said about the NCAA, I want to thank you for listening to the 21st edition of the Sports Run On podcast, make sure to subscribe down below to the podcast so you’ll know whenever future podcasts are going to come out and also make sure to look down below. If you’re on my website or if you’re on– wherever you’re listening to this podcast on, make sure to look down below because we did a family podcast, if you missed it, we drafted our fantasy team and we put it out there me, my mom, my dad and my sister did a family draft that you can see and listen to and like think about the picks that we had. So, if you find it interesting or you just missed any podcast, make sure to look down below because they’ll all be down below for you to be able to listen to. With that said, I want to thank you for listening.