Evan Mellett: 00:09 And on the clock for our first draft pick will be me. I’ll be drafting Saquon Barkley, running back New York Giants. Up next, will be my sister drafting.

Female Speaker 1: 00:22 Who apparently is very sad, because she was about to take Saquon.

Female Speaker 2: 00:25 I was about to take Saquon Barkley, instead I’m going to draft OBJ.

Evan Mellett: 00:33 Next up will be a good Juju. He’ll be drafting Patrick Mahomes.

Female Speaker 1: 00:38 Just like put him in there. Back to the drawing board for mama bear. 

Female Speaker 2: 00:44 Well, you have 30 seconds. 

[Cross talk]

Female Speaker 1: 00:48 I do and I’m going with Ezekiel Elliot, the bank man, the banker.


Evan Mellett: 00:55 Next up is you.

Female Speaker 1: 00:59 I am, alright. Coming around again. I can’t help it my favorite, Juju. 

[Cross talk]

Female Speaker 1: 01:10 Pittsburgh steeler!

Evan Mellett: 01:12 You’re up good Juju. 

[Cross talk]

Female Speaker 1: 01:18 One taken Mahomes in turn for taking Juju.


Evan Mellett: 01:22 Who’d you pick? De’Andre Hopkins Houston Texans.


Female Speaker 1: 01:28 I’m going to secure my QB one with Watson.

Evan Mellett: 01:32 Deshaun Watson with the pick. Are we picking Christian McCaffrey?


Female Speaker 2: 01:39 Why do you do me like that?


Evan Mellett: 01:41 Sorry Julia. That’s how it has to be. Next up, I’ll be securing my quarterback in the pick of Drew Brees.


Female Speaker 2: 01:48 Now I’m on the clock?

Evan Mellett: 01:50 You are Jacksonville Julius.

Female Speaker 2: 01:52 I’m going to bring Julian Edelman to my team.


Evan Mellett: 01:59 That is a good pick, I like the pic.

Female Speaker 2: 02:02 Big fan as well.


Evan Mellett: 02:10 You picked Michael Thomas to the team. 

Female Speaker 1: 02:12 Mama Bear picks Baker-Baker touchdown maker. 

Female Speaker 2: 02:16 Another QB in the books.

 Evan Mellett: 02:18 Did you pick him? There it is. Oh, it’s you again.

[Cross talk]


Female Speaker 1: 02:26 Number 13 of the 2019 Fantasy draft.

Evan Mellett: 02:31 Just want to let my viewers know you have to remember with the picks that me and Mama Bear are in, we have to wait a long time to draft but whenever we do, we are going back to back so we have to make our picks count because if we don’t, we’ll be waiting six or seven till we get to pick again. You have to remember that in this– in the way we’re drafting this year.


Female Speaker 1: 02:49 Alvin Comera. 

Evan Mellett: 02:52 Good pick, I like the pick.

Female Speaker 2: 02:55 I pick 14, the Bears’ defense.

Evan Mellett: 02:58 Okay, okay. Yeah, we’ll see.


Female Speaker 1: 03:02 Got to give a shout out to the US women’s national team and pick Zach Ertz.

Evan Mellett: 03:05 Zach Ertz, tight end. I will be securing my first receiver of this draft with Tyreek Hill. Maybe, winning maybe. I pick Travis Kelsey, Kansas City Chiefs, tight end. Jacksonville Julius is on the clock. 

Female Speaker 2: 03:23 I’m on the clock now and I’m going to secure my first running back and choose James Conner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Female Speaker 1: 03:30 Oh, good pick. Love that pick.

[Cross talk]

Evan Mellett: 03:35 Who’s on good Juju? He has secured David Johnson. 

Female Speaker 1: 03:41 And mama bear goes against her gut on this one with Le’Veon Bell, New York Jets. That one hurt a little being a Pittsburgh Steelers season ticket holder, but you got to do what you got to do for fantasy. And next up, Devontae Adams, Green Bay Packers wide receiver. 

Evan Mellet: 04:05 George Kittle is taken. Jacksonville Julius are looking at their notebook there, dumbfounded right now.

Female Speaker 1: 04:13 I’m dumbfounded about your last pick.

Evan Mellett: 04:16 Mine?

Female Speaker 1: 04:17 Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.


Evan Mellett: 04:18 It’s all tight end. It’s all point tight end for 49ers.

Female Speaker 1: 04:22 He should lose points just for that name.


Evan Mellett: 04:28 I’m going to make my position for my flex which will be my– pick will be Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams. My second receiver of the draft, I’ll be looking at Mike Evans,Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jacksonville Julius on the clock. 

Female Speaker 2: 04:49 Do you like opera?


Evan Mellett: 04:51 I do. 

Female Speaker 2: 04:52 Do you like apples?

Evan Mellett: 04:53 I do. 

Female Speaker 2: 04:54 Well, how do you like dem apples? I’m picking Justin Tucker.


Evan Mellett: 04:57 That was a very intense lead-up. He’s picked Greg Zuerlin, Los Angeles Rams that is a very underrated pick, as a lot of– a top rated kicker in the league and a kicker as some people know can win or lose your fantasy game which can be kind of gut wrenching if you can lose it based off your kicker, which has happened to people I know before. 

Female Speaker 1: 05:22 Mama Bear drafts Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, love some receivers.

Evan Mellett: 05:30 This isn’t a very interesting pick, as a lot of people would say because Julio last year, he had many targets, but he failed to get into the double digits as receiving touchdowns as Matt Ryan look closer to Muhammad Senu whenever he got down to the red zone which could be which is why a lot of people say he’s controversial as his projected draft is this high up this year. As Matt Ryan looks, usually looks away from him when going to the end zone. 

Female Speaker 1: 05:52 It’s not nice to make your mother cry in the middle of fantasy draft. Next pick, Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals running back.


Evan Mellett: 06:01 This is an interesting pick, just because the fact of if the Bengals won any success beating the Steelers, Browns or Ravens this year, they’re going to have to have success running the ball on the ground and Joe Mixon is literally going to be the key to that. If the Bengals can whirl run, they can they can definitely put some wins together this season.

Female Speaker 1: 06:19 Okay, I’m not crying as much now so that’s nice.


Evan Mellett: 06:27 He picked Donovan Cook, Minnesota. 

Female Speaker 2: 06:31 Alright in my flex position, I’m going to draft Evan Ingram, New York Giants.


Evan Mellett: 06:41 That was a nice pick. I like that pick. With my pick, I’ll be picking Harrison Buckner, kicker, Kansas City Chiefs. Oh, now after trying to fill my life, I’ll be looking for my defense to fill out the starting line-up for team minimal. And picking my defense I’ll be taking the Saints defense.


Female Speaker 2: 07:05 I’m going to go forward and draft the Steelers defense.


Evan Mellett: 07:10 Questionable pick as they have been burned many times in the last year. My flex pick may run contrary to popular belief. Antonio Brown, Oakland Raiders on Team Juju. 

Female Speaker 1: 07:29 Starting to fill out my second tier. I’m taking another wide receiver because as I mentioned, I love those wide receivers. Keenan Allen, Los Angeles Chargers. 

Evan Mellett: 07:40 That’s a very good pick I feel like, as he’s a very solid guy to take. 

Female Speaker 1: 07:45 And next up, because I just feel like the Cleveland Browns are really going to show up this year, Nick Chubb running back.


Female Speaker 2: 07:57 No! Alright, my bench has begun, I’ll draft Alshaun Geoffrey of the Philadelphia Eagles as my first bench player.

Evan Mellett: 08:13 I am on the clock for two picks. For my first pick, it’ll be my running back on my bench, I’ll be taking Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans. 

Female Speaker 1: 08:22 Where did he play college? 

Evan Mellett: 08:25 Alabama. And with my second pick, I’ll be taking my backup quarterback for the year, this will be none other than Tom Brady.


Female Speaker 2: 08:38 That’s a good one. 

Evan Mellett: 08:39 It’s a good one. You have to also remember, just a note out there to all my fans that are drafting. Remember, one of the biggest parts of drafting is to make sure you draft players that– it might seem pretty self-explanatory, but you got to make sure you draft people who as I ran into last year, make sure you draft people who have different bye weeks. As last year, I had three- fourths of my team on a bye for week nine. So, make sure especially when you’re drafting, do not draft people who all have bye, on week nine because that can really be upsetting. That’s what I’ve been looking at through my drafts like the most important part of drafting is making sure everybody has a different bye week, so your subs can come in like when they need to.

Female Speaker 2: 09:22 With my backup QB, I’m going to go with Famous Jamous. 

Evan Mellett: 09:27 Famous crab legs Jamous. Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys, ring in cowboys. Venture sheep. Mama bear is on the clock.


Female Speaker 1: 09:46 I’m taking Kerryon Johnson, Detroit Lions, running back.

Evan Mellett: 09:51 Interesting pick, interesting pick. He’s going to have to have a big position in their offense this year as the Lions are looking to struggle coming into this season. But I mean, if he can really turn into something, he can really give them a boost going into the season.


Female Speaker 1: 10:05 And my only repeat up to this point from last year, De’Vontae Freeman, running back, Atlanta Falcons.


Evan Mellett: 10:13 Up now is good Juju. I will take my second kicker to protect me when my first kicker’s on a bye, which is Stephen Gostkowski, New England Patriots. 

Female Speaker 2: 10:32 I’ll secure my bench tight end and draft none other than one Vince McDonald, Pittsburgh Steelers.


Evan Mellett: 10:41 I will be now on the clock for two picks. For my first, I’ll be taking a bench receiver in the likes of Adam Thielen, Minnesota Vikings. And I think I just messed up.


Female Speaker 1: 10:55 How? 

Evan Mellett: 10:56 Because I’m pretty sure that Adam Thielen and Tyreek Hill have the same bye week. Oh boy. Looks like the trades are going to have to happen before week 12. 


Female Speaker 1: 11:11 One-minute left. 

Evan Mellett: 11:13 And with my second bench pick of these two, I will be taking a second running back, in the likes of Melvin Gordon, Los Angeles Chargers.


Female Speaker 1: 11:25 I’m on the clock now and how could I be the Jacksonville Julia’s if I don’t pick the Jacksonville D on the bench?


Evan Mellett: 11:33 Select the backup running back who could start, really, any week. Leonard Fornet, Jacksonville Jaguars.

Female Speaker 1: 11:44 It’s time for me to go back and get a kicker. Robbie Goal, San Francisco.


Evan Mellett: 11:52 Is he is my starting kicker?

Female Speaker 1: 11:54 He is my starting kicker. 

Evan Mellett: 11:55 Okay, I wasn’t sure if you’d pick the kicker yet. 

Female Speaker 1: 11:57 I had not, I was going on my bench first. 

Evan Mellett: 11:59That’s good. That could be costly, but we’ll see how it turns out.


Female Speaker 1: 12:03 And next, tied in for the Tennessee Titans, Delany Walker.

Evan Mellett: 12:13 Alright. I’ll pick my backup defense, and go with– the Rams defense, Jacksonville Julia is on the clock.

Female Speaker 2: 12:24 Going to get a backup kicker. Will Lutz, from the New Orleans.


Evan Mellett: 12:32 I’m going to be getting my backup tight end in the way of David Njuku, as he had been, he was a big target last year for Baker Mayfield and will have to be a crucial piece for them to get a winning season this year.


Female Speaker 2: And you’re still up with pick 57 of our fantasy draft


Evan Mellett: 12:52 I’ll be picking a backup receiver in the way of Cooper Cup, LA Rams.


Female Speaker 2: 13:00 I’m on the clock, with two more bench players. As my backup running back from the Green Bay Packers, I’ll choose Aaron Jones. 

13:14 – 13:21 [inaudible]

Evan Mellett: 13:22 George Jacobs, the Raiders.


Female Speaker 1: 13:23 FLying counterintuitive to be a West Virginia University mountaineer, I’m taking as my backup quarterback Kyler Murray.


Evan Mellett: 13:35 The number one pick of this year’s draft. Jacksonville Julio looks like the front office is having some turmoil across the table.


Female Speaker 1: 13:42 Filling my last spot is my defense with the Philadelphia Eagles. My roster is now full, and my draft completed for mama bear.


Evan Mellett: 13:56 Thank you for drafting with us. 

Female Speaker 1: 13:58 It’s been my pleasure.


14:00 – 14:12 [inaudible]


Evan Mellett: 14:11 You’ll pick the best tight end available in OJ Howard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My roster is now full, and I’ve completed my draft. Thank you for drafting with this.


Female Speaker 2: 14:25 With my last bench, I’m going to choose the bells defense. 

Evan Mellett: 14:31 Good pick, good pick. And I will be up for the last pick of the 2019 blue male fantasy draft. And with that pick–

Female Speaker 2: 14:42 Pick 64 goes to–

Evan Mellett: 14:43 Matt Brian, kicker, Atlanta Falcons. Our draft is now complete. Thank you for listening.