Hi and welcome back to the second episode of Sports Run On. Thank you for coming back for a second episode. Maybe it’s your first episode and if it is, and you– I would like for you to check out my first episode, which will be posted on Sound Cloud, but that episode was pre-Super Bowl. This is where it gets, not really more interesting, but just another big topic, which is post-Super Bowl. You know, refs, how the game turned out, Brady now has six rings, all the Steeler fans are sad because now they’re not leaders in Super Bowl wins. Then the Steelers have even more turmoil, it’s just not a good day for the Steelers. But that’ll probably be later on. What we’re talking about now is the Super Bowl in general. One, I mean, what stands out to you before is Brady has six rings, he’s probably now, he was before, in most people’s minds, the best quarterback to play the game and– or player in general to play the game. He’s probably just strengthening that, and he says there’s probably no chance he retires.

Evan Mellett: 01:05 Gronk, that’s a different story. He will probably– he might honestly retire after– he might, he says he’s going to give it a week or two to think about it and see what he thinks and how it works out in the long run for him. And if he’s like up for it because of the injury proneness that he has, which funny enough was one of the reasons that they lost one of the games against the Dolphins, is because they tried to put him in the back line of their Hail Mary protection. That’s something different. We’re talking about the Super Bowl. What does everybody point out, besides Brady, probably besides Brady winning a six obviously? Well, we cannot look past the lack of scoring, which is exactly what you saw in this game, which is a complete and total lack of scoring. You saw a defensive struggle, Brady in the first, probably all the way up to like halfway through the third, not playing the best football or probably not really even close compared to how he can play, compared to how good he is– the best football that he can or will be able to play.

Evan Mellett: 02:07 So, he just wasn’t able to play the way that he should, Aaron Donald and that star defensive line for the Rams, which I mean, thank goodness for the Rams’ defense or they probably would have been a lot worse than it was because they played just an outstanding game and did the entire game to be able to hold them to 13 points and that’s literally it. I mean, these people saying, “Oh, it’s going to be…”, like my prediction to the game was 31-27 whenever it was 0-0, whenever it was like 3-0 at halftime. I’m like, “Yeah, this is– I don’t know if my prediction’s exactly going to be right.” Because nobody expected a defensive struggle, they expected high flying, the Rams score 40 a game, the Patriots score like 38 a game, and then they just, they go back and forth with just a boxing match, pretty much, of scoring going up and down the field, just like you saw in the NFC and AFC Championship game, which they were both in, to be able to get themselves to the Super Bowl.

Evan Mellett: 03:06 But then, when we’re talking about the AFC and NFC Championship, we also have to go back to the Super Bowl, which is controversial calls, which is one place I’d like to start with this. I know I’m not the only one to catch this but, if you do look at the beginning of the game, that illegal hit which most people are like– it was on the running back for New England that hit like, they’re like, “Why did that even get called a foul? Like, why was that called a personal foul of 15 yards?” If you remember back, that could have and probably shouldn’t be, and it shouldn’t be like this but that was probably payback if anything. Because funny enough that was the same corner number 23 for the Rams who took that hit on Michael Thomas, which on the Saints receiver that did not get called, it didn’t get called at all. I mean that’s like, “Oh, this is one of the worst calls ever in the history of sports. This is just blatant. This is just blatantly bad.”

Evan Mellett: 04:03 It was like– and then it then came the shots at the Pro Bowl of blow whistles, not games, like telling the refs to like step up their act and not blow games for teams and their seasons because of it, and Drew Brees’ season because of it. And then in some cases, I mean then in some cases, the Saints too because that just ended their chance of being able to go to the Super Bowl. I mean the refs, and everybody now says after those calls, “Oh, the only thing that this game is based on, is just the refs. It’s rigged to the Patriots,” all this good stuff. Because every time the Patriots won, you like them or you don’t, everybody’s going to say it’s rigged to the Patriots, because they’ve won six, they’ve turned themselves into a dynasty, and it’s just– they’ve just gone on to be some of the greatest talent we’ve seen in a while, which they could be losing and growing part of that talent. Which also brings me to another point, which is the point of the second team. They’re like, most people aren’t going to do analysis on the losing team.

Evan Mellett: 05:04 But I think that if you’re Sean McVay, I wouldn’t be down on yourself, I would be like, “This is just another roadblock to our dynasty that’s about to happen. Maybe this is just the starting line, we’re about to take off.” You have Sean McVay, who’s the youngest quarterback in the NFL, and Jared Goff, who’s only a second or third year player out of California, the first round pick for the Rams, and you guys are already playing at the highest level, winning NFC Championships, going and giving a game in the Super Bowl, and you’re some of the youngest guys. I think if, it’s my personal opinion, I think that’s your next Patriots, your next Patriots are the Rams, because they’re young, they’re experienced and they’re ready to go. They have a defense that obviously got them there, as you can see how Tom Brady threw about two and a half quarters, and then a little bit on. I mean, 13 points is nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, their defense played a heck of a game. I mean, if you’re the Rams and you’re in the Super Bowl, and you don’t take even one snap inside the Red Zone, it’s going to be hard to win games.

Evan Mellett: 06:04 I mean, still the Patriots did only take one snap inside the Red Zone. But that’s I mean, that’s just how it be sometimes. That’s how it is sometimes whenever it comes down to winning these games. Maybe– you don’t always have to take a snap in the Red Zone, or you don’t always have to take– I mean, it’s just whoever scores the most points win. Which is why I think some people say all this was a lackluster game. “Ha-ha. When did you fall asleep? I fell asleep halfway through the third,” and all of this good stuff. No, I think everybody would agree that this has turned into a pretty much a lackluster trade. They’ve turned into a lackluster, not a lackluster trade, lackluster game that has just turned–I mean, and some cases just turned people off of the NFL. More and more people, they’re like, somebody made the joke of like, “Why are so many fans dressed as seats?” And that joke is because there are so many open seats, people just– they got the tickets to the Super Bowl or like these private corporations and nobody showed up.

Evan Mellett: 07:06 I mean, you wouldn’t think that you would see that in such a ginormous venue where you could have so much publicity, and all of this great stuff, and then it just turns into something that, in some people’s mind just fell flat on its face. So, I mean, I think the Super Bowl, I don’t think this one again was decided by the refs. I felt like it could have been over quicker if the Patriots would have had a couple of drives that just weren’t stalled and then that first– I feel like if Brady were to score in that first possession instead of getting picked off, I think that they could have been, it definitely could have been a different game. And it’s just from there on, there are going to be many more discussions, and the Way Too Early predictions for next year, which most of the Chiefs having the best chance, but I mean the Chiefs are still yet– the Chiefs are a team where they just keep making it to the Divisional round or the Championship but they just cannot– they can somehow not make it past that, which is why, I mean, I want to put faith in them but I mean, I don’t know how much I possibly can.

Evan Mellett: 08:08 So, and they put the Way Too Early as Brady and– recognize Brady is finally in discussion for best player ever. He was in it before this season, but he’s in it to win it now. He’s in it for real now and I think he would be, I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be in it to win it now. After that Super Bowl, we’re also going to turn on to another topic which has got kind of the sports world, especially for an NBA basketball fan, kind of going against– not going against each other, just it’s like a big trade. It’s a big trade is what it is. And the big trade is the one for Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis should try to send– Anthony Davis, the Lakers are trying to get Anthony Davis to come to LA. They have a super team around LeBron to then fight with the Golden State Warriors from NBA titles for years and years to come. But then you see that, then you would think that, “Oh, if you put Kuzma, you put Lonzo, you put Ingram, you put a center and you put two draft picks for one guy, only Anthony Davis.”

Evan Mellett: 09:08 They’re not getting Anthony Davis and Drew Holiday. No, they’re just getting Anthony Davis. And they don’t– and they turn it down. They said, “Oh no. We need four first round picks, which are four players.” They’re trying to ask, which the Pelicans are right now, they’re literally trying to ask for a starting five and two bench players, for just Anthony Davis. Which then they proceed to turn down. They turned down the first offer; some say because they could be waiting for Boston to see something that– again now after Kyrie has said that he doesn’t owe anybody anything in Boston and he might be gone the next year, because next year would be Kyrie Irving’s free agency. Who knows he can land in LA, which then they go after him, and they can also the other key factor for them who’s losing his contract after this year is Klay Thompson, one of the Splash Bros– Splash Brothers who was on the Golden State Warriors. Then this is just– it’s like a blockbuster trade because I mean, Anthony Davis, the uni-brow, he’s a force inside.

Evan Mellett: 10:09 So, anybody would like to have Anthony Davis, if they had the option for him, because some people don’t have what they need to give to him. It’s just turned into a whole conversation with LeBron. So, LeBron, the last couple games hasn’t played because of “load management,” by the coaches. Half the people are like, “What the heck does load management mean?” They’re like, “Why– you really need load management? I’m paying hundreds of thousands to come and see you play, and you think you need to go out for load management?” Or “I’m going to rush you for the playoffs that are like four months away?” No, I don’t think everybody’s looking at the load management the way they should. The funny enough is if you look at load management, when LeBron isn’t in there, who is able to get more playing time? Ingram, Lonzo, and Kuzma, and what are they looking to be doing? They’re looking to be leaving the LA Lakers franchise. I think load management is not what you should be calling this, you should be calling this “Try to get new players, to see who’s worth enough to trade for Anthony Davis,” this is not a “Oh, LeBron can’t play now.”

Evan Mellett: 11:10 This is we have to get some film to show, “Oh, you should give us Anthony Davis because look at all these guys. Look at the numbers they’re putting up.” To do that you have to take LeBron out. Because it’s like if you keep him in, you’re going to have to play him. You don’t dress him then just not play him. You don’t bench LeBron; you’re going to be even more of a topic in the sports world. So, you just bench him for a “load management”. Which then– and that is just turned into the conversation with Luke Walton, the coach of the Lakers, and LeBron about how complete his future is with the team and will he be there in the next couple years to see this team grow or are they going to have to get somebody who they think is more experienced and is more ready to take on the job that they’re willing to give. But I think it’s interesting how they’re just– I just think especially that this NBA postseason is going to be interesting when you have all these star names going to be like off their contracts. There’s going to have to be big name contracts signed this NBA postseason. Then you’re also going to see, there’s a long time to play.

Evan Mellett: 12:06 The only thing that’s really for certain here is who’s going be lottery picks because they have like three wins at this point in the season and have literally like, not to point out one, but like the Phoenix Suns. I mean, they’re not having the season that everybody– they didn’t have a great season last year, but they’re like, “Hey, maybe this could be a turnaround for us,” and it’s not looking like it will be. So then, that’s really all you have for sure. I mean, we’re not really sure about– we only know a couple things for sure, and that’s LeBron still playing on a very high level and Giannis, the Greek freak, is just still a force to be reckoned with, the Raptors might look like they’re being for real, Kawhi coming over to there could be a reason for them to battle for the East. Joel Embiid, is just still trash talking his way, Draymond Green is still not getting caught for the fouls– that some players get thrown out of the game for, because he’s– some people just think he’s cheap all together. Sorry to all you Warrior fans out there.

Evan Mellett: 13:01 But– and then it’s just come down to this, because there’s a lot of NBA still to be played, and the playoffs are going to be, I think are going to be really interesting, especially when it comes down to these finals. Because I think there are two A groups like for them. I think the Final Four, I think are going to be the most interesting probably because the Final Four, they’re usually the four best teams, and  I think they will be. My prediction will probably be Raptors, Celtics for yeah– for the East, Raptors, Celtics, probably 76ers and Milwaukee, that’d be my four. And the game semi-finals, depending on where your standings are, any of those four teams could win it. Or like if you look at the West, you could have, you’re probably going to see Warriors, Lakers, if LeBron can go back to his prime and play the way that he’s been over the last couple years, Oklahoma City Thunder, and then maybe another team could squeeze in there, but those are the big predominant three. I mean, you always hear a lot about– well OKC, I think also has had kind of an underrated year, with Paul George actually showing up to play this year, averaging about 20 a game which he should anyway.

Evan Mellett: 14:00 He’s already been a defensive helper out, just in general. I think the Thunder look like, some people thought they didn’t have a full team, like a really solid team coming in, but they’re winning, being third in the West is not something to just look down on. It’s something that you need to understand. This is good. This is really good. And it’s really, I mean, it’s getting stuff done. It’s really– it’s making it happen. Then the Thunder that’s why I think that if anything they can contend for a title, even more than the Warriors can, because if you look at them, they’re giving the Warriors games losing by a possession or two. Which I mean, say Westbrook hits another shot or two, maybe hits hot, like maybe instead of hitting two shots he hits six in a row, where they just keep feeding him because he’s the hot hand, that game could easily, instead of being like 130-126, it could be 140-132 in a shootout; Thunder win. And they take a game in Golden State. That’s what I’m saying. I think that these finals are definitely going to be interesting.

Evan Mellett: 14:55 And of course, you’ll have your dark horses, your team that it’s going to be like, “Okay, so I think the Bucks are ours for sure.” Wait, what? They just got beat 4-2 in a series by a team that was just everybody thought was going to fall off the earth, barely made it, and now they just hit a hot streak. They hit a hot streak of now they’re winning series after series. Now we have a different four.  I mean, you’re always going to put in what your prediction for first four, your safest bet is the top four teams rankings-wise, but I think even especially in this one, I think it could be a little bit different. I think especially with Anthony Davis, again the Pelicans, they could probably be rebuilding, and the Lakers could have just made, if they get this to go through. Oh, my goodness, if the Celtics get this to go through, they could easily be a for sure in the East. They get to walk their way there. They have a big man because of, of course the age of Al Horford, the center that they do have there, from the beginning, and I think Anthony Davis, which is even a more of a force inside, when they think Horford, is just in some case is holding them back. And then you have Tatum who’s playing at exceptional level for his age, Kyrie is just playing like uncle Drew, I mean, he’s his nickname. He’s just playing the lights and shooting the lights out.

Evan Mellett: 16:01 He’s playing like an MVP, which I think he is. I mean, which as you can see in the All-Star voting, he is. He’s an All-Star and deserves to be one just like Giannis, LeBron, Paul George, Durant. So, I mean, and that’s just the thing. I mean, the All-Star game is part of it, but it’s also part of I think the best teams go to– the best players of the best teams usually go because you’re going to go there because you’re going to be a better player for teams that have a better record. That’s kind of just plain and simple. And I just want to say thank you for coming out to the second podcast, the second Sports Run On podcast, and I just wanted to make a second one to back-up especially post-Super Bowl. I want to talk about post Super Bowl. Again, let me know in the comments if you will like, well, what you want to see me talk about, something more. Or if you just want to like say, “I like what you’re talking about. Maybe could you even talk more about this?” Like, maybe you want to hear more about the call and what I think about the NFL next year and how it’s going to be, or a topic of maybe an AB trade, if that goes through to the 49ers, or something to that mark.

Evan Mellett: 17:06 So, let me know in the comments what you want and what you want to hear. I mean, if anything, the best way for me to know what to put out to the audience is by the audience. You’re the guys listening; you’re the guys getting the listens to me on Soundcloud or wherever this would be, on multiple platforms. Let me know what you want to hear. I want to put out what you guys want to hear. Thank you.