Evan Mellett: [00:09]. Hello and welcome back to the 19th edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. And this edition of the Sports Run on Podcast, we will start it out by talking about the NFL. In the NFL today, we are at the point where week one is just around the corner as week one will be this Sunday. There’s with week one being this Sunday there are still a lot of question marks coming from many different teams coming going into week one. Players signing and now trades too, but in the first place, what we’re talking about.it has to do with a contract negotiation is Melvin Gordon. He’s a running back, a very good running back to the LA Chargers. He is reportedly does not plan to intend to practice with the Chargers for week one, because of the contract negotiation where the LA does not want to give him the money that he feels like he deserves. He’s saying I don’t want to go to the practice because you guys don’t think I deserve the money that I think I do. 

Evan Mellett: [01:03] A second part of who was in that same situation is Ezekiel Elliot, Ezekiel Elliot he’s been holding out and he is been trying to hold out now for the entire season. He is looking like he will not also not report to the Cowboys training cable, so you can get a deal worked out most likely before probably Friday. Just because of the fact if he wants some time they probably, want to have a practice under his belt. But maybe not, maybe if they figured out Saturday that he could still play Sunday. But it’s not looking like the getting any closer as the most recent update is the Cowboys just become, as they say, which is more and more frustrated with Ezekiel Elliot the more that these conversations and going on about his contract. As he thinks he deserves a good portion of the money, but they really do not feel strongly about that. There’s also the question of him and Elliot Prescott, as the Cowboys have had, definitely had some contract issues as of recently. This happens every off-season with players thinking they like deserve this amount of money and the GM’s and the Chiefs being like you you ever shown us the production that shows you deserve this amount of money, type of show bill which kind of happens every single year. 

Evan Mellett: [02:12] So, now Ezekiel is in that position which Le’veon Bell was in last year. If you do remember with the Steelers, he is now on the New York Jets. But now with Zeke, it’s just it feels like as the cowboys and Zeke talk the Cowboys just said they’re getting more and more frustrated. As it’s just at the point where they just don’t know if they’re talking as much now, just because they’re frustrated because I guess Zeke is not budging is what most people can assume. From the Cowboys saying they’re frustrated with these talks they’ve had with him as of recently. One of the other teams that we will see that they had a new sign will be the Colts as Andrew Luck has officially retired from the NFL after his seasons there. Jacoby Brissett has come up as this now the starting quarterback for week one for the Colts. That leaves an open spot for backup position, but that position is looking like it has been filled. 

Evan Mellett: [03:03] The Colts have signed Brian Hoyer to a three-year $12 million deal. So, and he’s good backup quarterback. He’s been backing up Brady for a couple years, but after he had just been released the Bills had easily wanted to come and pick him up because they definitely do see something in him. But it’s just like, I think that he’ll definitely be a good backup for them. Another player that we’re looking at, he has got a contract extension as of recently is Joe Haden, and he’s got a two-year extension worth around 22 million from the Steelers which is a pretty good amount of money for him as he has shown good production over the last couple years to his contract. I feel like he can like, show better production but I mean this is still a good deal for him and for the Steelers. Now the one of the biggest talking points and has been for a while now is Jadeveon Clowney. He is a defensive end for the Texans who has been in conversation with the Texans and many other teams trying to get a contract settled, but is now figured out that Clowney will not be with the Texans in this upcoming season, he will be a Seattle Seahawk 

Evan Mellett: [04:11] Seahawks decided to sign him to a one year $15 million deal. Well, there’s something interesting whenever that comes with this deal. The interesting thing that comes with this deal is the fact that a part of that 15 million will paid by the Texans, because they still owe him a million from the contract with which they traded him away from which it says his contract that if that happens, they have to pay him the amount of money that they owe. And at this point, it will be a million, so, the 15 million he will be getting next year eight of it will be coming out of the pocket of the Houston Texans. And then also on just one other note would be that the bills have released for Sean McCoy and he has been picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs. He is being picked up for one year 4 million. If you remember my last podcast, if you haven’t, go listen, if you haven’t listened make sure you go listen to it. But if didn’t hear, he had been released and he was on the list of Veterans on the last podcast of Veterans who know they weren’t sure they were going to make the cut just because of their lacking production. 

Evan Mellett: [05:14] He was one of the bigger names on that list at this point. But it’s looking like, he I guess, to build into the production that they needed to from him at the least at this point. So, they have, then they released him, and he was cut from the team. But I guess the Chiefs did see something in him maybe using him as like a second or third back and their offense but or maybe even a bigger world than that. But I mean, it’s just looking like they’re having him for one year 4 million is the deal that they have signed him to. Now we will be moving on to the NCAA. The NCAA now is officially kicked off week one with the, probably the Game of the Week, which we’ll talk about later being number 11 Oliver vs. Number 16, Oregon, but we’ll talk about that later on in the podcast. 

Evan Mellett: [06:03] At this point in the podcast we will talk about a player who absolutely went off, and in his debut. Because there are many quarterbacks who had big debuts, two of them being Jalen Hurts who we’re talking about now, and Justin fields who will talk about later. Jalen Hurts he was, he is now the quarterback for Oklahoma after losing the starting position to a two years title holder at the University of Alabama after last season. He has officially transferred to the Sooners, and as they played their first game against Houston. And he received approval for three, three passing, he had three passing touchdowns and three rushing touchdowns to total for six touchdowns over the course of that game. He had a total of 332 passengers and 176 rushing yards, versus the 176 rushing yards is a career high for Jalen Hurts, even better than his career at Alabama. They’re just, they’re a lot of questions they still think, because the big 12 as most people know is a conference. That’s known for having big time scoring games, or early a lot of defense in the big 12 it’s kind of been like that over the past couple of years where there’s been a good amount of games go to the 60s or 70s, you need 60 or 70 points to win games in that conference. 

Evan Mellett: [07:14] But and I feel like he, he fit in perfectly in that regard of just like, he’s a heist. He’s used to score high with Alabama game in game out. So, I think he’ll be perfect for that. And you know, never give Oklahoma like, they definitely took him in the right direction. But then it just comes into question. Yeah, he completely ran the team that they’re playing. Well, let’s remember, who was the team that they’re playing? The team that they were playing is Houston, which is an American League team, and so they’re playing the big 12 when the Red River Rivalry, and he did this against like, number, a top 10 team in Texas. And then he proceeds to do this. Now, that’d be impressive. I mean, it’s impressive nonetheless. But if he did this against a team like Texas, then they will, the entire nation, I’ll give him the Heisman type thing, or maybe not, maybe not that but it’s still putting him as a front runner. Just from that game, but no matter what it’s still an impressive showing for him as his debut. 

Evan Mellett: [08:06] Another quarterback that I talked about with his debut is Justin Fields, as he could not win the starting quarterback position at the University of Georgia or just was not interested in the way that they were going with the offense. So, he received a transfer to Ohio State and be their starting quarterback beating on Tate Martell for the starting quarterback position in there this offseason. And really as OSU wins this game, 45-21, beating Lane Kiffin who was the old off, who was the old coordinator for Alabama. He’s now the head coach of Florida Atlantic. Justin Fields as most people think he couldn’t have looked better. Like I mean he did everything that he needed to in this offense. And he made all the passes he needed to, he made the all the leads, he showed with his legs that he is a definitely without question very much a dual threat quarterback. All these games are kind of coming down to the fact of, hey, it’s yeah, you’re clobbering these guys and you’re looking perfect but it’s Florida Atlantic you’re not playing you’re not playing Michigan or Michigan State.

Evan Mellett: [09:11] And then for Oklahoma, you’re not playing Texas or you’re not playing like a top 10, you’re not playing a top 10 team like Texas. You’re playing Houston which is an American team. So., I mean week one, yeah, they were, they absolutely like going crazy but Fields and Hurts. I mean, yeah, we’ll see what they can do whenever they’re pulled up against competition now it’s really going to push them to their limits. Like top, I’m talking about like top 10 competition for both of these quarterbacks. But nonetheless, they both had very impressive debuts for their, and for being the quarterback of them of the new college that they’re out for the season. Now talking about the not, the probably the game of the weekend. The only top 25 matchup this week for week one was Auburn vs Oregon. This is this game again, this game was probably, it couldn’t have been a better game. Like I mean, it came right down in the end there were scoring going both ways. And it was a really impressive game played by both schools. 

Evan Mellett: [10:03] But I mean Auburn, did proceed to come out in the end, as Burnett a true Freshman quarter back drove them down the field, and proceeded to throw a game winning touchdown, with under 10 seconds left to be able to seal the game for Auburn which he ended up winning. Ended up being the game winning touchdown for the University of Auburn as that was it’s just kind of like a big step for them as Auburn, he looks like he could be the quarterback for all in the future. Yes, again, this is only one game, but this is a big game he came in. This is a big environment for him to like to try to go into, it’s just a big game scenario with all replays a lot of if you didn’t know that. I think they play six going into preseason top 25. They play six top 25 teams and their schedule this season, which is why Auburn has to be used to playing and winning in big games, if they want to have a winning record. Like honestly, if they don’t have a winning record and even be more eligible. They got to be able to win and big-time games, which I mean he showed right here. I’m ready to step up and like get the job done for my team. 

Evan Mellett: [11:02] And then just finishing out here, we are talking about two teams that were right, they were top last year, and they will be top again. Which is Alabama and Clemson and Georgia for that matter, these three teams are all top last year and it’s looking like Crimson Tide, who was quarterback for Alabama, Trevor Lawrence who’s the quarterback for Clemson and Jake Fromm was the quarterback for the University of Georgia. Both literally just looked like nothing really changed, it looks like midseason form like literally, right at this time. Like they’re making the read that they had to, they are head wide open guys, they’re just putting their putting a point, like crazy amount of points. As Alabama did beat Duke by a good margin and Georgia, and Georgia beat Vanderbilt, by a good margin. And Clemson beat Georgia Tech by good margin. It’s like all these game for blowouts. And I mean you kind of expect because these are probably three of them and probably Oklahoma and Ohio State is probably it’s the expected probably like top four or five that will be fighting for it the end of the season. I mean, of course, there’s always like a dark horse in there, like maybe Oklahoma loses a costly game. 

Evan Mellett: [12:07] And then that’s where like a dark horse of like, some people have Texas as a dark horse or LSU, somebody like that as a dark horse. But I feel like for now, until they really have like a bad loss or probably to it because of how just how strength of schedule works. When it comes to the cold football playoffs, how these teams just because of their strength of schedule, they’re going to have to have two or three losses for to be a, then have a reason to just kick them out. Because, yeah, we lost the game. Then we look at where the four like and said, yeah, man, we lost the game that we shouldn’t have. But yeah, we’re the big 10 champions and that’s a power five conference, and we are the big 10 champions. So, you have to feel like they really have to lose two or three games just because strength of schedule and I mean, it’s not, it’s highly unlikely that these teams will just because of how talented these teams are. And what that said talking about these quarterbacks. This will wrap up the 19th edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. I want to thank you all for listening. I will also be predicting games every Thursday on this podcast. 

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