Evan Mellett: 00:09 Hello, everyone and welcome back to the 18th edition of the Sports Run On podcast, in this edition of the podcast, we will start out this episode by talking about the NFL. The NFL is now going into preseason week four, there are still many questions out on the table for players of what teams they were assigned with at this point, one of the big ones being Genovian Clowney, a defensive end from the Texans, wondering who he was signed with in the fact of, it’s looking like he’s going to talk to many different teams over a trade negotiation for him, looking like he might go somewhere even though all the Texans fans think they should sign him because of just how good he is. The other big star that will be holding out will be Ezekiel Elliott, he is still holding out and without a contract from the Dallas Cowboys, and might not have one before the season finally starts up. Now, in this part of the NFL, we’re talking about some of the veterans this will be kind of like a segment in the NFL, which we’ll be talking about veterans that are endangered of being cut.

Evan Mellett: 01:10 They’ve been in the NFL for some seasons, but now they’re kind of slowing down and they’re kind of– they might be in danger of being cut from the team that they’re on at this moment. The first one we’ll be talking about is the Demariyus Thomas. He is on, now on the New England Patriots, he used to be on the Denver Broncos as he had a lot of success on the Broncos for the years that he was on there, being Pro Bowl for some of those years. But now, on New England they’re saying that he is kind of slowing down to a point which is why it’s looking like he might be getting cut after this year, it’s looking like. The next player that we’re going to be looking at is Lesean McCoy. Lesean McCoy play for Buffalo. He has been with buffalo for a while now, but it’s looking for the fact of he’s– he has been kind of slowing down in production just because the fact of he is getting a lot older which is a question of will he stay on the Buffalo Bills or not. The next one I’d like to talk about would be Terrelle Pryor. He is an interesting case as he has played quarterback for some of his career but has also played receiver for some of it.

Evan Mellett: 02:12 He is now on the Jacksonville Jaguars as he has bounced around from many NFL teams throughout the span of his career. He’s bounced around to many NFL teams. The next player we’re talking about would be Carlos Hyde. Carlos Hyde, who has also been on many teams. He is now on the Kansas City Chiefs as the Chiefs already have a strong run game and pass game looking at Patrick Mahoney to lead the pass game, throwing to Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelsey, if the Chiefs have a good run game, they can really definitely be a Super Bowl and probably a favorite to win the Super Bowl this year over the Patriots coming out of the AFC. But they’re not going to do that unless they– if they’re one sided, that’s not really going to be able to work because teams can then tee off knowing that they have to only pass the ball, they don’t have a balanced running attack, which is very important, that you need to have a very balanced running attack, a this point. There’s just a question of this again, Carlos Hyde has he has spent most of his career on the San Francisco 49ers, how much can he get the job done for the Chiefs at this point? 

Evan Mellett: 03:11 Just in the fact that he is getting a lot older which is the– I feel with most of these players, as they’re veterans, they’ve been going into their probably– they’re going into the end of their career, even like just like period, they’re going into the end of their career. But I mean, it’s really just going to come down to the fact of even producing for us, sometimes they’re on the same team, sometimes they’re in different and then they were off the team such as Carlos Hyde, he might– he’s put off the San Francisco just because maybe of a lack of production, which could be a case for many of the people that we could be talking about on this list. They can be put in this situation because of the lack of production. And also, they’re on the team that they’re on because of the lack of production as they were taken off the team, such as Demariyus Thomas who was on Denver or Carlos Hyde, who was on the 49ers. One of the next ones who is also on a different team is Torrey Smith. He was a very good receiver back in his day, which honestly wasn’t that long ago, whenever he was playing with the Baltimore Ravens, whenever Joe Flacco was there. 

Evan Mellett: 04:09 But now, after he was traded to the Carolina Panthers, it’s now looking like he could be on the verge of being cut at this point just because the fact again, he’s just putting another boat that the people were talking about of kind of slowing down in production. And if you can’t keep up with the production, they kind of have young athletes that will. That’s why every year it’s just gets harder for these veterans and for like really any veterans unless you’ve like really solidified your spot such as Tom Brady like, if you’re these guys that are kind of like on the bubble, it’s like you’re kind of just making– not really pay check to pay check but maybe you’re just making the 52 men roster, you’re always scared coming up, you’re getting older and they’re more guys coming in that are younger than you and they have more years left to play than you do in the NFL because I mean it takes a beating on you playing in the NFL for as long as some of these guys have. Another guy that’s played in the NFL for a good amount of seasons is Rex Burkhead. He has also bounced around a lot of teams going from New England, he has also been on the Cincinnati Bengals, as he has also bounced around just many teams, it’s kind of like a pinball effect it feels like.

Evan Mellett: 05:10 Just bouncing from one team to another. He’s also now back with New England looking for the fact of will he be able to keep going in this fact? Like, will the production be able to keep going for him? One of the last players that we’ll talk about, one of the veterans trying to make sure they don’t get cut is Tramon Williams. He is a defensive back for the Green Bay Packers. He has also been, he’s been on the packers for four or five years now, he’s very pretty consistent D back but he is coming down to, I’m pretty sure fifth or sixth year. He’s coming down to the wire of his career. As the average NFL career is only four years so most of these guys that we’re talking about them on this list, are most likely already made it past what most players will make it to in the NFL. He’s another one where it’s just like the receivers are getting faster because they’re younger and he’s getting older, which is why sometimes it’s harder to keep up with them just because they have fresher legs, they sometimes have better stamina just because they’re younger and like these guys are getting into their late 30’s, early 40’s and Tom Brady sake. 

Evan Mellett: 06:11 But it’s just– it’s getting down to the fact of like, they’re getting older and the guys are coming up younger, with just every year that makes the position they’re in harder and harder just because the fact of everybody’s getting younger and they’re not getting any younger. The last veteran that we’ll talk about is Laquon Treadwell. He is a receiver out of Ole Miss who’s now on the Minnesota Vikings. The reason I say he’s out of Ole Miss is because this will be a maybe the reason why he hasn’t had the production he had as he suffered a gruesome leg injury on a– right at the goal line in Ole Miss in his college playing days, which has definitely no doubt, I mean, it’s hard to get around that affecting a player especially like a receiver who has to like get out and make sure they outrun, just to get himself open to give the quarterback something to throw to him. But I feel like that’s definitely affected him going forward. And now he’s on the Vikings looking like– he’s been in the NFL for a couple years like he’s rehabbed well from that broken leg, but I mean, nobody’s going to come, nobody’s going to tell you that, “Oh, he’s completely back. Like no question, he’s completely back”.

Evan Mellett: 07:15 Like, it’s not– that takes a toll on anybody. If that happened to anybody, it will take a toll on them just because of like that, it was a gruesome injury, how he got his leg bent, just like in the way it should not bend. It’s just like, it was a really gruesome injury for him. And those just running down the list of probably the top eight veterans that are really in danger of being cut just because of, most of them because of a lack of production. They’ve been in the NFL for, most of them over what the quote would be, like four years in the NFL, but they’re still really in danger of being cut at this point. Just because the fact of they really just need to– the production is kind of slowing down on their part because they’re getting older and they’re getting into the older-older ages and– from NFL standards and the guys that they’re playing– the guys that keep coming in because every year there’s a new crop that comes in, for every position, like the guys that are drafted. And these guys are just, they’re young, and they’re coming in and they’re like they’re good like they’re talented coming out of these schools. 

Evan Mellett: 08:14 Now with that said, we will be shifting over to the NCAA part of this podcast. In the NCAA, the first thing I just want to say is just something about the news that some people might not have known is that Florida State’s game will be moved because of a hurricane, their game against Boise State, their opener will be moved because of a hurricane that’s a category four that will be hitting the coast, which is a pretty big deal for the people down there. It’s going to be the category hitting the coast just– and that’s the reason they had to move just because the inclement weather that will be coming with it. With that said, we will be getting into a different part that’ll be coming with most Thursday podcasts and that will be the picks that I have going forward into the weekend games. For this part will be the college game like my predictions for the college games and I will also do my NFL games whenever they get into their official season, like out of preseason, which will be the next upcoming week. But this will be week one for college remote teams, these would be the Saturday and Sunday games, most of the ones– at least the ones that are top 25 to watch out for. 

Evan Mellett: 09:16 Looking at the first game, we’ll be talking about would be Bama at Duke. It will be the opener for Alabama coming in number two, after– in some people’s mind dismantled by Clemson in the national championship game last year but after being dismantled, Bama as I feel like most people would, that they’re definitely going to come back strong. I’m thinking more of like a score prediction for this game would be like a 42-14 win for Bama, I feel like would be the how strong they can definitely make. I feel like this could definitely be a strong win for them. Like, without question, this could definitely be a strong win for them. Next, we’ll be looking at the number three team, I don’t really see a lot changing in the number, like the top 10 at this point, like I’ll still go over the games. I don’t feel like there’s just overall there’s going to be a lot changing just because the fact that they’re not into conference play, they’re still kind of playing in some case, cupcake games as some people would say, just like they’re easier games scheduled just to kind of like just to make their record look even better. Which is why most of these are like really easy games. 

Evan Mellett: 10:12 Then there’s like one or two that are like going to be like really like top 25 match-ups, but there’s barely any compared to like, whenever they get into conference play. With that said, we will be talking about Georgia and Vandy. This is actually funny enough an exception to what I just said as Georgia and Vandy are– they are different parts of the SEC, but they are both in the SEC. Again, in this one I have Georgia beating Vandy by a pretty good amount, in this one I’ll probably say 42-7. I think they’ll hold Vandy to one, so I think Vandy will get that score. They might get it early like, make it like 21-7. But I think this will definitely be Georgia, they’re looking good and they’re looking with a pretty good recruiting class, especially in the running back category, looking to definitely make a run for this year if any year, because I feel like they have some experience coming back on their squad. The next team that we’re talking about will be number five in the country, Ohio State, they’ll be taking on Florida Atlantic. 

Evan Mellett: 11:07 This is another game where OSU is just another team that a lot of people are talking about at this point, after Urban Meyer has left the program and now it’s going to come down to a different coach coming up into this season. This is just going to be a chance to see how Ohio State will rebound, I think the rebound fine. Florida Atlantic, I  don’t see how they would give them any problems, it’s just like, I feel like it will be a kind of a shaky start because, with Urban Meyer, you knew what you’re getting, but I mean now you’re like you don’t know like, will there definitely be tweaks made in that? Like, they’re not going to run the exact same offense that Urban Meyer did. Like, there are things that are going to be changed. I feel like OSU will definitely get this win. I’m thinking of more probably a 49-10, I think they might slip up just a bit just because its kind of like shaky first game after Urban Meyer, like the first regular season game after Urban Meyer left. But I definitely think this is going to be a very easy win for them. Now looking at the number six team in the country, this team will be LSU or Louisiana State University, they’ll be having their first game against Georgia Southern. 

Evan Mellett: 12:09 Georgia Southern, I mean, they’re a good team. They’re kind of more or less the kind of a gimme game against a couple of big programs early in the year such as they played Georgia also on their schedule, or some way down the road. But again, these games as I said, it’s not really looking like the top 10 is really going to shake up at all just because the fact of, these are kind of gimme games just like the first two or three before you get into conference, they kind of schedule these teams that they’re like, “Oh, we know we can win, we can beat them by 15 maybe, we can even get like some of the second string guys and just because we’re like a power five conference– like a power five team or one like top 10 in the country, and they’re like, they’re not even close to a strong of a conference as we play in just year around, well in the season”. Next, we’ll be looking at Middle Tennessee and Michigan. Again, Michigan, I think this will be interesting as they’ll rebound, I think they could definitely be a dark horse for the playoffs, like, “Oh, I don’t know if they’ll be able to put it all together”, but if they do that, they’ll definitely have to go through Ohio State to do that to be able to get like that impressive win to stack on top which will make them big 10 champions. 

Evan Mellett: 13:13 And to do that they would have to beat Ohio State which would be way down the road at the end of the season. And that would really be a descriptor as like, that’s a descriptor of how– like what, there are a lot of teams that depend on how that game goes, just because they’re both usually how high seeds and like, they don’t usually fall off but like if they fall from 7 to 10, those two teams, either of them could make a jump up and then it could be like, instead of being of like a bowl that’s like sub-par that could jump them into a New York 6, being the number 18. And Ohio State or Michigan, if they’re at the point that could jump them into the playoffs, which would be even bigger. Now, we’re– and then to finish out the top 10 we’re looking at number 10, Texas, they’ll be playing Louisiana Tech. Texas, I think is going to be one of the bigger stories this year as especially, with the Red River rivalry if you didn’t know– not know, this is Oklahoma vs. Texas, it’s displayed every year.

Evan Mellett: 14:05 Texas, I feel like with Sam Ehlinger who, in some people’s cases, one of the better quarterbacks in the nation, he’s definitely top five, he’s not top like with Trevor Lawrenson, but I mean he is definitely top and I think if Texas puts it together, a lot of people are thinking they have a chance of– if they like– a lot of people are picking them as a dark horse just to be in the playoffs. They think there’s a chance, who knows? Maybe they slip by Oklahoma because they’d have to win the big 12 to be like to have a say, “Oh, hey, Oklahoma had a great season which– or most people are expecting them to. We beat them in the big 12 championship, we deserve to be in there”. I feel like that’s like, they’re going to have to go undefeated and win the big 12 championship just because of the fact of the big 12 has teams but they’re not in SEC, or they’re not a big 10 in this point. And most years they’re not, which is why you kind of have to win that big 12 championship to like put that on your resume to make sure you get in, or you could be stuck with another one of all like two SEC teams, Clemson in a big 10, which is kind of how some people were predicting it to go for this year yet again. 

Evan Mellett: 15:12 And now the biggest game of all, Saturday night at 7:30, number 11 Oregon against number 16 Auburn. I do have Oregon in this one, I did pick the higher seed in this one, the 11 over the 16. But this game, it’s going to come right down to the wire. These two teams, as you have– just Oregon with a lot of returning stars, just on the offensive side of the ball and the defensive side of the ball, I just feel like same thing with Auburn. Like, both of these guys are returning many, many different players and I feel like this is going to be a crazy game and it’s going to have– there’s no way that this game doesn’t come like right down to the wire, just because these are both very talented teams, and it’s definitely going to come down. My prediction for LSU would be 49-7, LSU wins. Michigan, mid Tennessee, it would be probably 52-3, I’d probably say for Michigan over Middle Tennessee. For Texas over Louisiana Tech, just get caught up I probably say Texas in another probably 49-nothing.

Evan Mellett: 16:15 I don’t know if Texas will let them score in this one. Probably 49-7 win for them. Now looking at my score prediction for Oregon. For Oregon, I definitely feel like it’s going to be probably a 24-21 which is what a lot of people are saying like there would definitely be offense in it but it’s not going to be– nobody thinks– a lot of people don’t think that this will be a shootout of a game. And next we’ll be looking at number 13 Washington against Eastern Washington. And then I definitely have Washington in this one by a big margin probably another 49-nothing. I highly doubt the eastern Washington will have anything to like, kind of bring, just to be able to beat them in this one. Now, looking number 20 Iowa against Miami of Ohio. I again have Iowa this one, I have them in like a probably a 28-14 game, like I feel like Miami of Ohio, they’re not going to give them an awful game. And Iowa this will still be a two score win for the Hawk-eyes, which I think in some cases could be like a boost for them, because starting out at 20, like it isn’t bad for them. But I mean, they probably wish to start out higher than they have at this point.

Evan Mellett: 17:16 Number 20 Washington State playing New Mexico, New Mexico State. I again have Washington State. Washington State has some firepower. But they’re really at the same point where Oregon is, or Stanford is. We’ll talk about next at the 25 spot, they don’t really just– or Washington, they just don’t really get a lot of love just because they’re on the west coast, and a lot of people don’t get to see them play. Just because like, it’s late on the east coast where a lot of people, most people are in bed just like because it’s like 11 or 12 just whenever these games are about to kick off, like whenever they’re coming out in the end, but here’s why I feel like that’s– it comes back to that whole thing of like the pack 12 not having a lot of Heisman winners just because they don’t get the recognition, like they have to do so much extra than a guy who’s a quarterback in the SEC for say, because he gets all the spotlight, the ESPN and all that, or more importantly, he gets all the people watching him because the fact of he doesn’t play on the west coast. 

Evan Mellett: 18:14 And I’ll say another pack 12 team, which will finish off the top 25 for the Saturday list will be Stanford against North-western. This is going to be a good game. I have no question that North-western is going to give them somewhat of a game. I have a 28-24 final coming for them, in the favor of Stanford at this point. I also wanted to add, I have Washington State, I want to say probably 28-7 over New Mexico State-Washington State. And then so Stanford I’m saying 20-21 just because the fact of I think this will be a good game, North-western is going to give them a game no matter what. But I feel like it’s definitely going to be a factor of Stanford’s the stronger team here. North-western is good every year, they play tough competition, the big 10 but they are a bomb dweller when it comes to the big 10. They play in a great conference, but they are usually getting run by the Penn State’s and Ohio State’s every year, year in year out. This will wrap up my picks for Saturday and my one pick will be for Sunday will be number four Oklahoma against Houston.

Evan Mellett: 19:12 I actually have this being a better game than some people think, some people think Oklahoma will just come out and like end them, but I think like going into the second half, this will be a game that two teams will be fighting for a victory like I don’t know if– some people are saying like Oklahoma like 52-14. I don’t think it’s even going to be close to that. I think it’s definitely going to be closer than some people think, my prediction for that would probably be a 35-21, Oklahoma victory at this point, or probably maybe even closer than that. But I feel like at this point probably a 35-21 victory for the Sooners and then Jalen Hurts debut for the Oklahoma Sooners. I think this could be, like it’s going to be a close one, but I definitely think this could be a game where it comes down to the second half and in the second half, Oklahoma starts to pull away showing that they’re just overall the better team this year, at least, in this game. And with that last prediction, I’d like to wrap up the 18th edition of the Sports Run On podcast. I want to thank you all for listening. If you’d like to know more about when these podcasts are coming out, make sure to subscribe down below so you get notified whenever these are coming out. 

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