Evan Mellett: [00:09] Hello and welcome to the 17th edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. And this edition of the podcast, this is going to be more of a football-based podcast. As we will be starting out this podcast by talking about college football which had its first games this Saturday. Both of these games were good games that took place. The first one was a game that a lot of people were looking forward to as the big game which would be Miami and Florida, which is kind of renewing a robbery which they used to have back years and years ago as they hosted on College Game-Day. Which is where the, it was for the site of this event did Michael Irvin, wanted to talk about his experiences and to pick, like pick some of the games are going to be happening in the next weekend, when most of the college teams play, when they most of them have their week one. In this season opener, as I think there are a lot of things that came down as Florida was ranked coming into this, their play on neutral stadium but coming into this, they were ranked number eighth in the entire nation. 

Evan Mellett: [01:07] And eighth a lot of people speculated even before the game started eighth is too high. They’re not that good of a team like they’re a good team this year. But do they really deserve that rating, over like somebody who a lot of people think are better, like certain teams, and I feel like for a definitely didn’t help their case for getting speculation from the entire, like entire college football fan base, as in the fact that this was really kind of a sloppy game for them as they had many fumbles, and many turnovers. They somehow slipped out of this game, with a 20-14 victory over the Hurricanes of Miami. But it was a very narrow victory where most people thought that should have at least won this game by two scores, which I can’t, I have to say, I do agree with, I feel like if they really want to make a statement they should have they need to at least win this game by two scores. And I mean, really not throw the ball around the way that they did. Even though Miami really did not help themselves as well. They dropped punt return which gave for a great field position at the Miami 10 thing one of them, won to just one of the miscues from both of the teams over the course of the game. 

Evan Mellett: [02:11] I just feel like it’s the fact, that this was a very sloppy game with lots of turnovers for both teams, which is why it made, it didn’t really make both team, either team looked like the real superior team, and it definitely did make for to look like they deserved to be a top 10 and like playoff contender this season. And the second game of the night we saw a game that came down to literally the last play of the game and that was Arizona and the University of Hawaii. In this game. There was a, it came down to the very final play which Colin Tate, who was a quarterback for Arizona, running he scrambled out of the pocket to take the ball. He was at about the Hawaii 40, with Hawaii up 45-38, at this point. But at this point Colin Tate was eager to take off outside the pocket and try to turn the corner to get a field which I mean at this point time had expired. So, he either was to run at this point or after running for the end zone or wasn’t going to happen. 

Evan Mellett: [03:03] And he proceeded to take the ball all the way down to the 10 yard line, and at the 10 yard line he proceeded to get tackled from behind by one of the defensive lineman for the University of Hawaii down at the one yard line, one of the closer finishes we’ve seen in college football and probably a while just because of like, it was literally the yards difference of them going into overtime or just will. And then what happened was Hawaii getting the win because they were able to stop him before he could run in. College football had their first week of games, but I mean, the NFL at this point is still in preseason and even at preseason. There’s been one team yesterday as really thrown me on the spotlight because of what happened and that’s the Indianapolis Colts, and if you have not heard Andrew Luck has now officially retired from the game of football. In a news conference he has talked about this being one of the harder games of his entire career. As he loves this game. He just felt like some players, he’d been stuck in a cycle of injury, pain, rehab, injury, pain rehab, as in the fact of he’s been very, a lot of injuries has happened to him just like a lot of people like that. It just comes down to a lot of people wondering how Andrew Luck especially, or in some other quarterbacks who have turned out if it wasn’t for injuries in sports or just in general. 

Evan Mellett: [04:18] Some of the ones being known could be RG 3, maybe another one not having to do with Andrew Luck. But having to do with Andrew Luck, he has officially retired from football after seven seasons in the NFL, he is 29 with a degree from Stanford. So, it’s looking like he’s going to be okay. But I mean he is out of the Football League giving the, taking the Colts playoff chances down a crazy amount of fear, cold sweat. And really making some fancy people unhappy that try to do, that did their draft during the preseason without knowing that he wasn’t going to make it to week one. They picked him and, like oh help he won’t be injured by week one. So, I’m going to pick him, and it’s going to be like a sweeter pick and it’s going to be great. Well, this was not the case because now Luck has retired, and he is out of football. All right now we look going forward for Indianapolis Colts, we kind of look at where do they go from here. Where they go from here most people would say is, they will look to the eyes of Jacoby Brissett, who is a young quarterback from them, from the University of North Carolina State or NC State. 

Evan Mellett: [05:15] He is a very good quarterback. He’s been with a couple of different teams now, but I mean, he’s backed up the Colts for some time now, as it looks like he’s going to be the one that is going to step into the role of taking the starting quarterback position for them. They’re asked the preseason number as a third week of preseason has going on. It’s really there been some talking points that just having gone on, having to do with Antonio brown and Andrew Lakanal, especially it’s just like, even though the NFL is in the preseason, there are still many things to talk about having to do with the NFL. And we’re going to look as I talked about week three of the NFL was in session as in the fact of, they, there’s been the week three preseason scores. Week three in the preseason have kind of come down to the where the starters play like maybe a quarter or two, but I mean there’s no point in the full game there. They probably won’t even play a full game, in preseason game four. But I mean, it’s just kind of fact of this is more for the young guys, especially for the Colts they are trying to get Jacoby Brissett groomed, to be able to be their starting quarterback for the upcoming season. 

Evan Mellett: [06:17] Let’s just I found out many teams that are just looking, they’re looking, it just depends a little maybe one of them could be, for example, looking at multiple ways to be the New York Giants, as they look for Daniel GLG, who has had a great preseason campaign. Awesome being with the NFL, with a older age at this point, Eli Manning. So, I think there are still many controversies that like, and like positions that are still kind of up for grabs at this point, just because of the fact that like it’s preseason week one isn’t around. As you can see there’s injuries as Lamar Miller and other news has gone down with a torn ACL, and when they’re not sure how long you most likely be off for the entire season, which takes a big chunk out of the out of the Houston Texans running attack as another one of the injuries. Because they have Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins to throw to. But if they don’t have a run game, they’re going to probably these defenses are going to say, Hey, we can key off on the Texans like joining a DeAndre or double team and every play just because the fact of who else do they have, and then that might be what it comes down to for the Texans after losing a crucial part. 

Evan Mellett: [07:23] And that’s kind of what people look at when it comes to preseason. It’s like we look, we love to see these other guys perform that we like when we get to see in the regular season usually, but it also comes down to the fact that we know who our stars are for a good amount of these teams. And like we cheer for preseason, if anything just for no injuries, just to get to a healthy, and like nobody, like just keep the same teams going into the pre going into the regular season even though that very rarely happens. Because football is a violent sport even in the NFL and injuries do happen even unfortunately, it’s just on in a regular season game. Now looking at some of the scores of the regular season games. That’s looking as we’ll start on Saturday and go into the Sunday night game. Starting off the Saturday would be the Cardinals and Vikings, the Vikings took this 120-9, Kyle Murray and this one did look very sharp and this one. 

Evan Mellett: [08:11] He looks, he passed very well and ran a couple times, but he just looked well. The Vikings ended up taking the win in this one, but I mean I still think this is filled, the Cardinals are just at a point of like it’s kind of it might be a little bit of baby steps with Kyle Murray. Like I mean, I know then he needs to jump into a big role, but I mean they’re looking like oh he can handle the pressure well, he can make throws, like and if he can win in them five or six games that’s really going to be a step up from where they are. Knowing they had the worst record, this is a reason why they had the number one pick, because they afforded to get him. And the next game that will be talking about the Cowboys and Texans. The Cowboys did have a good game and this one, with the Cowboys again are now another team where it’s going to come down to a lot of talking points having to do with the Cowboys. Just because of the fact of Ezekiel Elliot is so yet sign a contract, is looking at the fact of holding out, as Le’veon belted as he is now on the Jets. But a team that we’ll talk about later, but the Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott have not been, can come to a deal yet. 

Evan Mellett: [09:09] And as Ezekiel Elliott is definitely not the only thing that people are talking about when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys franchise. As it also is coming to the point of Dak Prescott, who was their quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and he’s looking for a contract extension ranging up to 40 million even though the Cowboys have only offered him 30. And he said he wasn’t going to take that as he is looking more at the 40 million mark for the one, he wants contract wise for the for his upcoming contract extension. But some people think that is there’s absolutely no reason why they should pay him this just because of the fact of they don’t think he’s worth it. They think a lot of people have him ranked as one of, if not the worst starting quarterback in the NFL right now, like out of like based off against the Star Wars, which I mean, and then a lot of people just say why do you want 40 million dollars just to hand the ball off to Zeke every play, which I mean in some cases is true and in some cases is not. They’ll enter the next game with the Forty Niners and Chiefs. 

Evan Mellett: [10:08] The Forty Niners did take this 127 to 17. Looking as Patrick Holmes came out and looked very sharp in this game as he threw for a touchdown. The only one of the two touchdowns that the Chiefs would score in this game, but the Forty Niners did take the win. I mean, this is kind of just saying another reason why you can see this is preseason. Because if its regular season and most people would say if the Chiefs and Forty Niners team played like their starters, the entire game, the Chiefs would definitely take the win just because they’re a better team going into this season, and the Forty Niners are in more of a rebuild stage. More or less, but I mean the Forty Niners got the one this preseason game. Now we’re on to the Bears and Colts. Speaking of the Colts as there will be controversy, now going forward since Luck has just announced his retirement post game after this. It was over, that’s going to be looking at preseason game four has to be the Key of like, we just need to get Jacoby Brissett to get in the game, get him some passes, get him to make sure he knows the offense down path, because he’s going to be the one taking us into battle going forward. 

Evan Mellett: [11:09] So, we need to make sure this kid knows what he’s doing. Jacoby Brissett, talking about him, the guy has some games under his belt, like he’s played some. Because of Luck’s injury as Luck talked about how he’s been injury prone before. And a couple of those games has been to Jacoby Brissett, who has come in and taken over the role. So, he’s played with in the regular season with this team many times, but it’s just kind of the fact of like, will he be able to step up and actually get them any chance to playoff contention or maybe a chance of the 500 record, which the Colts don’t even know if that’s possible because they don’t know exactly how much he can do at this point. No talking about the Jets which about Le’Veon Bell, it’s just the Saints and Jets. As the Saints dictate this game 28-13, as the starters did their thing in this one. There wasn’t like any crazy stats for the starters, but I mean they did their thing. Drew Brees played some series, Le’Veon played some series, like it was that type of a game whereas more of a second team type game, as most of these preseasons are, but the Saints did end up taking the win in this one. 

Evan Mellett: [12:11] And I wouldn’t say commanding win, but I mean it was still a pretty good win for the Saints. Now we’re going to look on, moving on the next one as the Rams and Broncos. As the Rams they looked pretty sharp the, Rams won this game 10 to 6, and this wasn’t a high scoring game at all, which I was more of a deep, probably more of a defense as some people would say in these NFL. 10 to 6, no touchdown score for the Broncos, as it’s looking, as it’s just, they think that’s really a defensive oriented game. And more in this NFL, the way this NFL plays out just because of the fact of how there’s a lot of offense, there’s some defensive I mean, there’s usually 30 or 40 points put up in a game and there was not even 20 put up in this one combined. The last game on Saturday we will be looking at now was the Seahawks and Chargers game. The Seahawks would end up taking this game 23 to 15. As Russell Wilson did look sharp, it’s going to be a key to just how overall his season goes. I mean as quarterbacks are mostly. I think he’s going to have a crazy impact on the Seahawks, just because, I feel like some people are saying I think there’s like some chance they could be a playoff team. 

Evan Mellett: [13:17] I mean, they’re saying that Russell Wilson for this to even be a possibility is going to have to have a very high caliber season for to be a possibility for the Seahawks a playoff team at this point, in my opinion. Now looking at the Sunday night game, which would be the Steelers and Titans. The Steelers took this 18 to 5, as Ben Roethlisberger, Ben Roethlisberger connected to Juju Smith Schuster in the back of the end zone and Mason Rudolph and Abriendo Ruffles connected to James Washington. Those were the two touchdowns our score in this game. The Steelers did look good. And I feel like a lot of people if you’re a Steelers fan or you’ve watched these preseason games anymore, it’s just looked at the fact that Mason Rudolph might not be that bad of like a guy coming up to backup band just because he’s big, he’s stocky, he can take some hits and just like, he kind of looks he has kind of a Benjamin Franklin like a six five big dude like he’s not a small dude in the slightest. 

Evan Mellett: [14:05] Like he’s a big dude that they feel can definitely take some hits, like Ben Caar, Ben was very like you could take kids and stay on his feet many times. And then just talking about the other point would be James Washington as he had a very good game for the Steelers. As he’s looking definitely to step into that number two role for the Steelers in this upcoming season, because they’re going to need,  after he has gone to Oakland there will again need that second receiver because as you can see with some teams, which could be the Texans as I talked about earlier, there are some teams that are just going to, if they realized that although you only have Juju, or only you have Deandre Hopkins, they’re not stupid like they’re going to double team these guys and try to take them out of the game completely. Which I mean, I feel like you’d have to do anyway just because of how good these guys are. You’d have to double them, I think they’re going to do that, especially if you don’t, but if there’s a James Washington in the picture talking about the Steelers, I think it would definitely take some pressure off Juju, like Juju took off at whatever Juju kind. Like Juju kind of stepped off last year, whenever A.B, was kind of getting double team, they were ready to head Juju. And there has to be that Receiver this year, or Juju can get shut down because they’re just going to double team him, and just try to take him completely out of the game. 

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