Evan Mellett: 00:09 Hello and welcome back to the edition of the Sport Run On podcast. In this edition of the podcast, we will be talking about more or less, the football aspects of the sports world. We’ll start out by talking about the NFL. Good news, AB has officially returned to practice after the controversy having to do with his helmet, has been– as he was denied, his also was denied his loophole to be able to get a new helmet by trying to bite off somebody off of Instagram and off of social media that was denied too. He will now return to practice. In other NFL news, the preseason week two has now been underway, there are things that are starting to shape up. One of the big ones, being at the Redskins, honestly have a very good quarterback comparison. The Redskins really thought that they were going to have to win Haskins and he was going to be the answer for lackluster quarterback, like outing the last couple years and take the rings for the Redskins at the helm.

Evan Mellett: 01:07 In other news, the Steelers looked very okay in the win versus the Chiefs as their defense was definitely the highlights, especially their defensive backfield, which over the past years has definitely been a worry for Steeler fans. Even though– but tonight it looked good, but Patrick Holmes not playing very much, but he played some, but he did not play a bunch. But I mean they still look very good in their win over the chiefs. And then one of the bigger stories is Daniel Jones just continues to impress, he just shut down all the haters of why they picked him sixth overall as he has another great performance for the Giants, looking for them, coming off the good performance with the Jets too. He’s looking very good, as he just continues to like, to show all the haters of him just to show them off and just to show them that they were wrong for what they thought on him and what they thought about him wasn’t like accurate at all. It wasn’t who he was. 

Evan Mellett: 02:05 And then it’s looking like the Colts are looking like they might have an adamant backup just the two teams are looking like there might be an adamant back up for them at this point, would be the Colts. There would be three teams– going off the preseason, it would be the Colts, the Chiefs and Patriots. As the Colts are looking at Jacoby Brissett coming in to take over for Luck as he has been very injury prone the last few years and no, we are not sure if he is going to start. But it’s looking at this point that Barrett will look like a very capable backup coming in for Andrew Luck at this time. He’s shown very good and he’s had time in the NFL before so it’s not like he’s a new guy coming into the NFL. But I mean, the question just will be, can he lead the team to where they need to go? Because until Luck comes back or who– depending on like how good he can come back, this team could be for maybe the first-time half of the season in Jacoby Brissett’s hands at this point. 

Evan Mellett: 03:03 Another team that I said was set, was the Saints they are set with quarterback Taysom Hill as he is just one of the most exciting players to watch on the football field, he returns kicks, he’s the backup quarterback who can run the option, he can throw the ball, he returned the kick off like 70 yards for them last year, in the regular season. He just impresses and he’s looking like he’ll be a great backer for Drew Brees whenever he ends up retiring and whenever he is done with his career, so he’s looking like he would definitely, without question be the answer at this point because he’s really looking good for them. One of the other quarterbacks which I mean kind of some people might be upset about is the Patriots, they’re looking like even after Tom Brady’s gone they’re not going to have trouble in the quarterback category as they have Jarrett Stidhamd, in his preseason games, is looking very good for them, as he’s definitely also been impressing as he’s– and that’s kind of made people sad because they’re like, “oh yeah, Brady’s gone”, but I mean, there could be another guy coming right in behind him for the spot to take over the home in New York, that is not awful himself. 

Evan Mellett: 04:08 Now, going to a sport with many topics, would be the college football. As week one comes up this Saturday, as this will be the last week for this year that we will be without college football completely, which for some people is like the greatest thing ever. We have now officially seen before 04:24 [inaudible] the AP Poll has now officially released its standings. Looking at the top 10, being number one Clemson, number two Alabama, number three Georgia, and now at the start rounding out the top four which would be the college football playoffs is number four Oklahoma, but number five being Ohio State, number six LSU, number seven Michigan, number eight Florida, number nine Notre Dame, and number 10 Texas to round out your AP Poll top 10. And there’s no way that this would stay the same going forward but it’s looking– this is just where it’s looking like it will be to start at this time. There are definitely a lot of controversies coming down, like down the road at this point because like more or less about the teams because I mean, Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia a lot of people suspected would be up there. 

Evan Mellett: 05:13 But then there are there are teams like Michigan, Florida being one of the ones especially that people are kind of questioning. And then just looking at a rundown of the other teams that are in the top 25 at this point would be number 11 Oregon, number 12 Texas A&M, number 13 Washington, number 14 Utah, number 15 Penn State, number 16 Auburn, number 17 UCF, number 18 Michigan State, number 19 Wisconsin, number 20 Iowa, number 21 Iowa State, number 22 Syracuse, which was kind of a surprise for some people even though it’s looking like they’re going to be coming off a strong year into this season. Number 23 Washington State, number 24 Nebraska and number 25 Stanford to round out the top 25. All these positions are up for debate, as I said. 

Evan Mellett: 06:12 So looking like some of the bigger ones would be Florida being up there at eight as they come back with a good recruiting class but some people wondered do they come out with good enough to be able to put up with these other teams such as– or be put over like a Notre Dame who went to the college football playoffs, even though they go blown out last year, they were there which I mean that’s kind of which is a very big deal. And then Texas who’s very much up there to win the big 12 this year, who will be going against Oklahoma which will probably be one of the premier games, as the Red River rivalry, which is a rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma as– the more interesting fact is going to be the quarterback but two different candidates on both sides that are looking at a chance to win the Heisman this year. As you see for Texas’ side, you have if Sam Ehlinger who, coming off a strong campaign last year. 

Evan Mellett: 07:04 And then you’re also looking at Jalen Hurts, who as I talked about in a podcast before this has taken the helm of Oklahoma for which after he lost out on the starting position of Alabama, the University of Alabama, to attack a Lula who took them to the national championship, but then unfortunately lost to Clemson in a blowout win by Clemson last year in the national championship. Week One usually doesn’t get into conference play but there are definitely some big games that you need to watch out for week one. One of the biggest ones is Auburn vs Oregon. These two teams are highly ranked, and I mean Auburn, this could definitely be something that can really put Oregon in the right direction as they’re looking at one of the top teams or pretty much top 10 but not officially top 10, but one of. So, it’s looking like they’re definitely going to be up there for like the top, one of the top teams. And then Auburn which has come off they had a lot of, kind of hope, after they beat Washington who was one of the top dogs in the top 12 last year and then that just gave them a lot of help going forward.

Evan Mellett: 08:05 Because that week one win because this is in Arlington Texas, so it’s going to be at a neutral field most likely in the Cowboys Stadium, but it’s just looking like if they can get a win here, it’s definitely going to help boost their like momentum going forward without question. The second biggest game is Florida vs. Miami. This is an interesting game because Florida really is looking at a chance to kind of shine after Dan Mullen, he had a pretty good campaign with Florida last year, but it wasn’t anything to be like, go crazy about if you’re a Florida Gators fan. I mean it is pretty good. I mean as Florida also is a top eight team and Miami is no team to like, look down on. As Miami, football wise has honestly as one of the bigger stories as Tate Martell who is one of them, who is the transfer who lost his position to Justin Fields at the University of Iowa State, transferring to Miami to hope for his– to be able to start, has lost the starting quarterback spot to a red-shirted freshman which is why Miami is definitely in a lot of conversation right now.

Evan Mellett: 09:06 Where is Tate going to go next as he proceeded to lose that position. And then the day after was a no show to practice, which is why people wonder where he could be going next. Some of the other big games to watch out for would be Utah and BYU, as they’re both looking at– coming off big seasons also, one of the big runs would be Fresno State and USC. Fresno State has really been on a whirl recently, it hasn’t really been heard about because they’re on the west coast. And they don’t play in that crazy of a conference, but they have in our world recently because just because the fact of their really, their head coach has had very good campaigns. And then there’s USC, who’s looking like a make or break season because their coach has diabetes, he’s done good stuff for them. But UFC hasn’t done anything crazy over the last couple years, which is why we’re looking like this can kind of be like a make or break year. And rounding out one of the big games, last but not least on this list would be North-western and Stanford. Stanford will start out this year ranked 25th, which I mean is ranked, but I mean, then there’s North-western who plays very tough in the big 10, which is not an easy Football Conference, as many people know. 

Evan Mellett: 10:12 But it’s looking like North-western-Stanford, I think that’ll be a good game to test Stanford, like against a team that’s like good or not, like a dominant team like Oregon, which still played this year, later in the year. But I mean, North-western is I feel like is going to be a good competition, which is why this is one of the more premier, week one games. And with that said, I would like to wrap up the 17th edition of the Sports Run On podcast. If you’d like to sponsor the Sports Run On podcast, please let me know down below and leave your information down below and we will make sure to get back to you and also let me know down below as you see the A people coming out, is the team that you were hoping to be on it, like what rank are they into, and like, did they make it? Like are you surprised– what teams are you surprised that didn’t or made, and what are the teams are you surprised that didn’t make it, at least into the 25? Or, what are some rankings that you’re questioning about them, why they’re there. Make sure to leave your responses to that down below in the comments section. And thank you all for listening.