Evan Mellett: 00:09 Hello, everyone and welcome out to the 15th edition of the Sports Run On podcast. In this edition of the podcast, we’re going to start out the podcast by talking about the NFL. Something big has gone down in the NFL, between the NFL and the players. The players are upset, some of the known ones that are upset being, Antonio Brown and Tom Brady, being upset over the fact of they’re giving them new helmets, coming up in the new year that are different from the ones they’ve been wearing for years past. He’s upset because he thinks it puts his injury intact and Tom Brady is also the other big name that has come out and said he is very much against what they’re doing, having to do with the new helmets. He has said that he’s just going to have to deal with it. He’s going to deal with, and he’s going to play but it’s definitely not his ideal helmet, because he doesn’t like the way it’s fitting, and he 00:59 [inaudible] AB for that idea. But I mean AB has said he’s very upset, but I mean he will be coming back to the Raiders training camp after threatening to not play in this upcoming season if the helmet rule was not changed. 

Evan Mellett: 01:11 But after there have been officials that have said that this rule is, they think is for the better of the NFL as a whole. They have said that it will not matter for in that fact of what he is saying because of kind of the fact of he just– well, I mean, they’re not really going to make a change just based on him. I mean, there are many players that are upset but they said they’re not really going to make a change just based on him. So, for that reason, he will be coming back to the training camp with the Raiders which he has missed because of the controversy over the helmets in the last couple of days. There’s also been somebody else’s miss training camp and two other big names that have missed training camp. A couple other ones have been– that missed training camp have been Melvin Gordon, Genovia Clowney, and then Andrew Luck has come out that he has missed it due to a bone injury in his leg and he will most likely miss all of training camp. But in the other case, Genovia Clowney and Melvin Gordon, they’re going to be missing training camp because of the fact of they don’t all have a contract and they’re not going to come out to the contract if they don’t know they’re getting paid by the team.

Evan Mellett: 02:15 Even though there has been a franchise tag put on Clowney, but he is still yet to be able to get a contract. So, I mean there are many of those guys, maybe some of them won’t play. As Melvin Gordon says, there’s double your chance right now that he’ll take the Le’Veon Bell approach, which is where he sits out the entire season until he gets what he wants or sent to a different team. Which I mean some people very much enjoy that, like some people think that,  “Yeah, he should do what he wants, you have a short career to make the money that you need to be able to live off of in the NFL”, but other people are saying he needs to suck it up for the fact of, “you play football, you’re still going to get paid millions”. Like for the contract you’re on, why do you have to get like– go from 36 to 40. And I know it’s a lot of money for most people, but for these guys, that’s honestly not a lot of money. That’s not lot of money to cry over, which is– that’s what a lot of people are saying, or and have been. Now looking at the NBA, we have now had another key player drop out of the FIFA World Cup which is the World Cup qualifier for the USA team and that would be Kyle Lowry.

Evan Mellett: 03:14 There was a kind of a slim chance he was going to play anyway as he’s been battling back from a bad thumb injury, but it’s looking like he’ll have to be focusing on rehabbing that more than anything else. Just from the fact of he– it’s really not, there’s no point in forcing it back and getting injured on this team whatever it could be a chance of him missing his entire season with the Raptors in the upcoming season in which they need him, as after the Kawhi Leonard trade to the clippers. But in other news, the NBA has also– they have now released their schedule for the upcoming season. With releasing their upcoming schedule, there have been many key games that people will be watching, a couple of them have been on October 22. You’ll see the Raptors, the Pelicans, where the Raps will get their championship ring. It’s kind of a big deal because, yeah, they’re getting the first ever championship ring in Toronto, but I think it will also be a big deal because that will be Zion coming into play them and I mean that will raise a lot of publicity just as is because seeing Zion play. 

Evan Mellett: 04:12 With the hype that he’s gotten, and it’s just– everybody’s like wondering like, everybody’s ready for him to play now just to see if he’s going to live up to the hype just like most people. Also, October 22, that’s a big day for basketball and big-time games. The other one will be the first edition of the battle for LA and if you don’t know, the battle for LA as I mentioned earlier is after Kawhi Leonard had been traded to the Los Angeles Clippers, it then turned into a fact of they’re really turned into a power and then they also got Paul George through a trade with Oklahoma City. So, after the Clippers have made those moves with having them– Lou Williams as the sixth man of the year last year coming off the bench, they’re looking like a real title threat as also LA and LeBron have also really been coming forward as a real title contender, for the fact of they’ve got Anthony Davis off of a trade with the Pelicans, sending Lonzo Ball, Brandon Heart and Brandon Ingram to the Pelicans.

Evan Mellett: 05:10 So, that’ll be interesting to see. And speaking of Zion, and him with the Pelicans as he was– that’s what he was drafted by. On October 25, it will be his home debut against Luca and the Mavericks who are also an upcoming team as Luca has really showed himself last year and but it– this is going to be a very interesting to see just because of the fact of it’s going to be interesting to see like how Zion plays this first time in New Orleans against Luca, who’s a very good player and a very good prospect who has come from overseas. Now, moving on to the last topic we’ll be talking about day, which is the NCAA. In a surprise, Miami has come out in a surprise as they have named redshirt freshman Jaron Williams as their starter over Tate Martell in the start of last year, not Kosky Perry. This is very big because of the fact of Tate Martell, just like many other quarterbacks coming in with the NCAA football season starting and not– and really no time at all at this point. 

Evan Mellett: 06:12 It’s really coming down to the fact of them- what’s Tate Martell going to do because after this spot was named, he was a no show for the next upcoming practice for the University of Miami as he cannot be happy as he transferred because the fact of he could not beat Justin Fields out for a position which is what most people would think, that’s why he left the team but what’s next for him after he transferred from Ohio State? Because then he does end up missing a practice which I mean nobody thinks is a coincidence because just the fact that he then wanted the starting spot at either these two schools and now I don’t know where he really plans to go with the season just around– the NCAA football season just around the corner, which is why this is very surprising. Also, in football, talking about college and pro football, there’s now been a change for who can be an agent, you no longer need a four-year bachelor’s degree to be an agent for a college player going into the NFL or just a NFL player. 

Evan Mellett: 07:07 As the NFL has come out and said, there’s a lot bigger difference that a four year degree, than a guy who’s a hoax and a guy who could be a real agent, which is why they have taken that out of requirement, which means it takes a lot less time to now be an agent. And there’s no reason– not really no reason, but there’s a lot less more reason to go to law school, to try to become an agent after that is not absolutely necessary to be able to become an agent. And there are a lot of people that aren’t very happy about this just because the fact of a lot of people especially who’ve already taken the time or like that one wasn’t even needed, and they really think, as they really came out and said they’re saying that, “oh, there’s not that much of a difference”. Even though all these guys have already come out and they’re making their way through, after they’ve taken four years of their life to go through this entire process through the NCAA to make sure that they’re good, or the NFL to make sure that they’re to get their law degree to make sure that they’ll be an agent and now they’re like, everybody’s just thinking, “oh, they’re just going to have some like not very good agents”, because the fact of they don’t have to take the time to learn everything they need to be an agent, because of the fact, that’s not an absolute requirements.

Evan Mellett: 08:14 And since it’s not an absolute requirement, they’re questioning how many people are really going to take those four years of their life when they could just go straight into making money as an NFL agent. And with that said, I think that will wrap up this 15th edition of the Sports Run On podcast. I would also like to mention that we are now looking for sponsorships for the Sports Run On podcast, if you’re interested in helping out with sponsorship for the Sports Run On podcast going forward and joining us on this team, make sure to leave a comment and leave your link down below. Like, leave your contact information down below for us to see so that– and then we will make sure to get back to you for the options of what you– how you’d like to help us out with a sponsorship for this Sports Run On podcast. With that said, we are opening up to sponsorships, so make sure to comment down below and I want to thank you all for listening to the 15th edition of the Sports Run On podcast.