Evan Mellett: [00:09] Hello and welcome to the Sports Run on Podcast episode 14. And this edition of the sports run on podcast we will be focusing mostly on the NFL. Who last night started their preseason, as with not many starters playing but a lot of people are wanting to see the first-round players or first round picks for their certain team to see how they how they do in the NFL atmosphere? Speaking of top picks, the person will talk about first will be Kyle Murray who as we know was the number one pick in the NFL Draft. He looks sharp in his debut leading them a perfect six, or six down the down the field for a touchdown. So, I mean in the cape, the Cardinals I felt like a lot of hope because there’s just been a lot of speculation about him, in the fact that like he’s not very big, and he’s incredibly fast, but he’s not the biggest quarterback when there’s not just usually a lot of running quarterbacks the NFL, it’s usually like pocket passing like Big Ben, Tom Brady type.

 Evan Mellett: [01:08] There’s not really a lot of like, I mean, the only one there really is I mean, as well. Lamar Jackson is one of them and RG 3, but I mean, he also doesn’t have the height and weight that they do. So, I mean, that can be a very interesting thing to see how that plays out. Especially having Kliff Kingsbury who he had some connections with in college, now be his coach. So, there you know there’s trust there for him to be able to get the job done but the question is. Can he or can he not? Just because the fact that he’s really not even close to as big as some of the other guys, but he’s fast, he’s quick, and he’s very agile. So, I mean, and I think that they can definitely make an offense around that, I don’t think that’s going to completely end their season. But I mean, I think it’s going to be a little bit of a different game to watch that we’re used to. Then going on to another big pick which was, which is one of the, probably the most controversial pics in the entire NFL Draft which would be Daniel Jones. Everybody is like who is this, why did they pick him? He came out in his first time as a giant looking pretty solid.

 Evan Mellett: [02:05] I mean Eli Manning only through one pass, I mean, he didn’t really get a lot to show. He didn’t come out really showing a lot of day or Jones I feel like did looking 545 with about 60 yards coming down for a pretty touchdown pass and the back corner of the ends, which giving a lot of people with him and sake one is, really who knows if you can do what they really need him to. He can really turn this into something for them, like who knows if he can make maybe the answer. I mean the Giants. Eli gave the Giants a little bit of hope and the fact that we may have a quarterback who can really like can might really be able to get the job done which I think they really enjoy that they have a quarterback that I think can get the job done at this point. As the Jets play the Giants, the Jets also had a young quarterback that still has somethings to prove and that’s Sam Donald, he also looks sharp coming out on the very, only the first drive that he took when he came out looking very good at throwing very good leading to a touchdown which was the only drive that he had in that game. 

 Evan Mellett: [03:08] And yes, I don’t know if this is like crazy, the thing that happened, who is, this can be speculation for a better season for the Jets. Like I mean when Adam Gates, who I mean there are some people were questioning about him being the head coach, but now it’s more now they’re saying who knows maybe he could be the guy for them overall, that could really get the job done. And the fact that if he can get Darren rolling and get him into like mid-season form which Simon, they’re trying to even at this point which there were some quarterbacks in mid-season form, not only the couple series is that they took, they look very well which we’ll get to that a little bit later. And it just, this just kind of gives them hope overall like they kind of give them, which I mean, what does that hope mean? Does it mean a winning season? Does it mean playoffs? I think that’s going to depend on how good Sam Donald can be, like it looks he’s going to be good. But how good is the real question? 

 Evan Mellett: [04:03] As I said there are some quarterbacks that did come out in mid-season form which is pretty impressive at this point in season one of them was Baker Mayfield which again would give the Cleveland Browns a lot of hope. Because I mean, they’re thinking that he could take them to the promised land. As Baker, I mean came out and threw a touch on his first drive which I mean I don’t know if anybody would have expected anything different with a throw that may I mean it made him look like using reds in mid-season form, with the throws and the reason that he was making. That’s the only few, that’s how people are really comparing is that they think Baker is one of the quarterbacks that is already in mid-season form, which gives the Browns a lot of hope. The Browns also, their defense made a lot of plays against a Dwayne Haskins, he had a shaky first start but after he had a pretty good first drive coming down as the Redskins. I mean they felt pretty good going into it, and he received to get a little bit more shaky and the fact of he proceeded through a pick six to the Browns and I mean from then on, I mean that that first set was the only touchdown, they would go on to score that game, they would get a hit a field goal, but they wouldn’t really put much up on the board coming from Haskins arm or legs in that game.

 Evan Mellett: [05:14] And now just talk about the key points, we’ll go into some of the box scores if you did not see them from last night’s games, the Jets and Giants which I’ve already talked about the Giants won that game 31-22, it was kind of close coming down to the end but I feel like the Giants kind of, I thought the Giants knew like what they had to do with, I mean it did help Daniel Jones and he came out and did what he had to do with destiny without questions. So, I mean he really didn’t hurt the team coming out and playing well. Then you move on to the Redskins and Browns, who this was an interesting game as I said the Redskins and Dwayne Haskins came out throwing pretty well the first series leading them to a touchdown to make it seven, to make it seven nothing at that point. But then after that the Browns kind of starting now made us see to come down and make it seven, seven that are just kind of lead it to the Browns kind of like taking over after that point. 

 Evan Mellett: [06:07] Because after that, you could kind of see they were kind of the offense for the Brown. The offense for the Redskins were kind of just like sparking, like they couldn’t really get anything to like to go, like it, like they couldn’t really get any big plays out of the backfield. And it just like and I mean turnovers also hurt them very badly. And also, heard the Browns and the fact that they had turnovers two times inside the five yard line which could have really made that game of blow out if they go to convert on that, which is what a lot of people are saying over there is of course OBJ and Jarvis Landry, didn’t even play a series in that games which is I mean, there are a lot of stars that didn’t even play a series because this injury or age or most of the two age because they just don’t, they know they’re not really more fragile, but the more like they have more ability to get injured and that fact because they are they’re younger than one than they have been in the past. 

 Evan Mellett: [07:04] Moving on to the next game would be the Patriots lions. As I was saying, some people didn’t take snaps that would Tom Brady did not take snaps in this Patriots lions’ game. He didn’t do off on his first drive of the season. But I mean, the Patriots took care of business just like as is they winning, 31-3, this game wasn’t really close. Like any point in the game. It was like 20 to nothing going into the third quarter. So, I mean, this game, the Patriots control this game as soon as that off the get go and I mean, at that point, the game was kind of like, it’s kind of over and zombie was mine because whenever it was 22 to nothing, there like I had it still and hey, it’s the Patriots the back type thing. Looking now one of our higher scoring games of the night. It was Miami and Atlanta. Both starting quarterbacks came out looking good, Matt Ryan didn’t have a very bad first series, didn’t throw a crazy amount. But I mean, Ganda now, and most these guys really are throwing a lot. And this first preseason game, you’ll see your starters in the third and fourth preseason game, because that’s whenever we’re going to get closer to the season, closer to say who you are for sure. 

 Evan Mellett: [08:08] Like 54 are and just seeing like, yeah, like pretty much seeing who makes the cut. Who doesn’t, that type of thing? I mean, this game was very entertaining to watch, as it was more, as it was kind of a back and forth contest the entire night like it, you could really see as kind of like a tug of war more or less going back and forth that entire night, which was that was a pretty fun one to watch. Even if it was a preseason game. The Titans and Eagles was also pretty interesting game because I mean, I feel like the Eagles kind of started out pretty hot, but I may, if I vote the Titans just dim that down. And then they took an easy win 27 to 10 and this week, one preseason game. It didn’t seem very hard. I come in the time not advancing very hard, but it seemed like they seem pretty dominant like that. For being twice hard, it seemed a pretty dominant performance coming from them. But I mean, there’s the fact of again, a lot of people didn’t play Mario and it took like one series I mean, there’s just like when I sit, when somebody says dominant, when it comes to preseason, especially week one or two. 

 Evan Mellett: [09:05] It’s like what does dominant really mean? Because you have like really none of your starters in at this point. Right now, you really don’t have any of your starters in or like to like to make a difference. You don’t know like your play makers, kind of like the Browns, hidden Landry and like OBJ barely played or didn’t, and like most these guys, it’s like they barely played or didn’t. Like it’s like, so, it’s like what’s really a blowout or what’s really in being able to dominate a preseason game when it comes to the fact of most of your star players that people like pay the to get the tickets in the first place to watch. Like Odell they barely play, like that’s kind of, that’s kind of how what it really comes down to. One of them, probably the biggest blowout for the night which we’ll be talking about. Next is the Jaguars and Ravens preseason game. There wasn’t really a lot to see here like this entire game. Just like the Patriots. The Ravens really just kind of like took it to him like right off the bat like the Jaguars. They could do a lot, but they could, they couldn’t really do a lot, but they could I mean they did some, but they just couldn’t really convert in any points. 

 Evan Mellett: [10:07] Like they could get a first down, but they couldn’t really stack them on top of each other. And the Ravens and Lamar, I mean Lamar has made a couple of good reads like just coming off the bat for more or less than it was more based on Trace McSorley, their backup quarterback which that he did had a very well night. Looking at the fact of he played a very good game, that they said after looking out they said very good reads. Which I agree with, I think he made very good reads on the night which is part of the reason why I think he came in and was able to kind of like win them this game. Because of the fact of I think he just made the right reason, I think, unlike you, I just think he really had an overall successful night as his first preseason game as a Baltimore Raven. The next one would be up would be the Panthers and Bears. The Panthers like this is kind of more of a struggle for game but I mean it became close because like a struggle and the fact of nobody can really score on this one, but I mean it did end of 23,13.

 Evan Mellett: [11:08] With the Panthers taking the W at this, in this first preseason game. But I mean it just comes down to the fact of again like you saw Will Grier, he had no K-night coming with the Panthers as some people speculate. He could start games this year as Cam Newton, a very injury prone over the last couple seasons. But I mean, he threw a pick six which ended up being resulting in the only touchdown of the bears for that night which was a defensive touchdown. But the Panthers, I mean, I think they still really took care of business here like there was like I mean, yeah, that pick six kind of made it close. Because I mean, if that pick six wouldn’t happen, like I mean that game It would have been 23 to 6, I don’t know how close that game, I can like really, would have been coming down the stretch it was kind of closer because they had that touchdown off the defense. Now looking into our last three games, which were the night games, which would be the Texans and Packers would be the first one. 

 Evan Mellett: [12:02] This was literally like the closest game of the night with the Packers, they go really narrow victory of 26-28, over the Texans. This one honestly like out of any of them really came down to the wire more than any of the games, just because the fact of it just it was like a really close game there was a good amount of scoring and there’s also defense like this was a really, I like to think that this was a really even match-up coming down, and that’s why, I mean, that’s why it was so close. Like it just came right down to the end and like and then the Packers proceed to prevail and stuff like that. And then in the fourth quarter. The next game we’ll be talking about which I’ve already mentioned is the Cardinals and Chargers. The Cardinals then have taken this one 17-13 behind, with one of their two touchdowns in that game being a pretty drive by the number one pack with him having a very good showing and his NFL debut. And this number one pick is Kyler Murray coming out of the university of Oklahoma. He kind of showed up and showed it out, and kind of, in this in his first time and a Cardinals red. 

 Evan Mellett: [13:07] There’s, I mean, he’s been in seen in red, but his first time in Cardinal red, and as the fact of he just he really just got came in and got the job done. He, I mean he played a couple of drives but he didn’t do a lot. And this game wasn’t a high scoring being 17-13. For me, it was more of kind of like a more of a defensive game. I’d like to think in this, like in this match up specifically. But it was still fun to watch. It was fun to watch Kyle Murray operate the offensive, Kliff Kingsbury has like kind of developed around his place, now more of a more agile quarterback. Kind of like an orgy three, but maybe a little bit smaller. And I thought it was interesting because I think it was just what it looked like. I mean, the passes that he made, it was looking like they were the right reads coming off this, off and which is why I think if you’re a Cardinals fan, they should definitely give you hope for the upcoming season, just for the fact of it looked like he was getting the job done. He was putting the ball in the end zone, which and I mean, that’s what they need to do. 

 Evan Mellett: [14:01] Now looking at the last game the night this that would be the Broncos and Seahawks. The Seahawks did take this 22-14, Russell Wilson played a couple sit quite a series, but I mean it wasn’t really heated. He did some like he completed passes, but it wasn’t like, he didn’t have some of the first drives and seasons as such as like Baker or Daniel Jones, who were able to put the ball into the end zone, his very first drive. But I mean, it was still a successful game for the Seahawks as they did take the win in this one. But I mean, it just comes down to the fact again, it’s just these preseason games especially just week one and week two. It’s kind of hard to say who really had the upper edge here. Because you have to take into account that these star players like Russell, was willing to play the whole game without blowing the Broncos out, or if the Broncos would add their entire and starting deep playing the entire game against Russell’s, and other Broncos now to shut that offense down by the Seahawks years don’t really know. This preseason like week one through three isn’t there for the starters, it’s there for the guys that are trying to make the team which, and they’re trying to make the big plays to be able to get a contract on the team, to make sure they can make that 54 roster to start out the season. 

 Evan Mellett: [15:07] And with this talk about the end of these games with the Seahawks, Broncos ending I think this will wrap up the 14th edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. I want to thank you all for listening. I know this was more NFL based but just because they were the big topic of last night with it being preseason game number one. And if you like this more of like a one Sports Center podcast let me know down below and make sure to subscribe down below. So, you know whenever I podcast. so, make sure you don’t miss one like whenever I’m podcasting. I usually, I am podcasting now twice a week with them coming out on Tuesday and Friday each week at 9a.m. And with that said I want to thank you all for listening.