Evan Mellett: [00:09] Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the 13th edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. Let’s start off the podcast say we will be starting in the NFL to four stories today. Our first story that we will be talking about in the NFL today is the story of Tom Brady, the goat and some people’s opinions, he has got a contract extension which it’s interesting to write down his contract because at first it kind of doesn’t look like a lot whenever you realize how much money he’ll be making each year over the course of the next three with now this contract extension added on to his old one, which was about to run out, which is why they added. It really gives him and the Patriots a chance to win a good amount of Bowls, there will be three more Super Bowls before this contract sanctioned if they do want to sign him into his late 40s, which we’ll have to see if the Patriots aren’t going to do that. But first thing about this extension as he had one year left his deal like having to do with this contract. 

 Evan Mellett: [01:03] He got a two-year deal added on to it, like a two-year extension added on to it to extend the contract. Look at the 2019 deal that’s on the old contract, he’ll be making 23 million a year which I mean it’s pretty good money yes, not what other quarterbacks are making, but I mean now it’s kind of he’s really taken a job he’s just kind of taken over like a real money leap with this contract extension which will set it in the year of 2020. As you will be in the year 2020, he will be making 30 million a year jumping from, he will be jumping a 7 million a year just because he’s playing that year. Because this would go into the contract extension and it’s not going to just going to stay 30 million as in 2021 he will then take that 30 million up to 32 which whenever you get to 32 million for just one year that’s getting up a lot like 23 is a crazy amount of money to have but 32 I think really puts him up there which I think he deserves to be he’s an elite quarterback, he has like the most Super Bowls, an elite quarterback, single handed quarterback in the entire NFL history.

 Evan Mellett:[02:03 ] I feel like he deserves, I think there are a lot of people that could really make an argument that he deserves to be up there just for the fact of, “hey, like what else do you want from me, what other cautions can I possibly do that like can mean more than winning”. Like what means, all which and this he hasn’t just won Super Bowl he’s been to Pro Bowls, he’s been on the all pro team, he’s been to so many Pro Bowls it’s like hard to count. Then he’s just not in the Super Bowls that he’s been in, he’s appeared in so many more and one of the ones being not winning, which is one of the ones that he ended up not winning. I mean we got, I think he’s one, six, he’s been in way more than six over the years that he’s been in this NFL. I mean as I was saying they don’t know after this contract and his engine most people think oh, there’s going to renew him again. But I mean he is getting older as Tom Brady gets older it’s really going to start to wonder as he what would be after this contract extension since he has just turned 42 as is happening he will then be 44 at the end of his contract extension and then if you want to sign up for two or three more years you’re pushing 47 up to like 50. 

 Evan Mellett: [03:06] Like that’s one of the very much older quarterbacks Yes, he looks as good as he ever has been literally throwing for one of the top speeds at the NFL combine like how fast the ball travels from one place to another as an over 40-year-old, yeah that’s incredibly impressive. But I mean there’s the fact of yes, he is going to get older like it the more hits he takes the harder, I don’t know if it’s going to be the harder, he is to go on. But it’s like, it’s kind of, it might come down to like when he says, and I’m not really feeling like as it’s kind of seven out of the games really going to be like what it’s going to take for him to end it. It’s going to be more of a fact of like when does he want to like just to put his family first and make it so that he will he’ll be able to have more time with them and less than having to focus on this sport. He’s not the only one well this player is actually looking for a contract he’s in a very much different position than Brady, is as Brady has signed extension this player is actually looking for extension after he had been franchise tag which is kind of crazy to think about the year at this point the season you put all your money kind of like, which is what a franchise tag is on this player, which is Jadeveon Clowney. 

 Evan Mellett: [04:11] You were talking about the Houston Texans as a franchise tag excuse me, Jadeveon Clowney, as he is going into this new NFL season and but now there’s a thought that he’s not going to report until after the third preseason game. So, yes, I’ll be there, and I guess like it’s looking like he’s going to end up being able to show up for the season but that’s still, that’s crazy. I think, thinking about it for the fact of how Clowney kind of, today people think of him as a really Premier Rusher, him and JJ Watt. And now like I’m surprised well under the contract I’m not exactly sure if the teams can go after him at this point but I feel like if they would, like if it was open to anybody to go after him, like there would definitely be suitors, like there’s definitely people especially like our team that awful which will be the Steelers, like I mean they have like who wouldn’t want an All-Star Ed rush or Timothy Browns gave him and Myles Garrett coming off the ends.

 Evan Mellett: [05:02] Like that could be something I think and really think that they could think about. Those are just a couple of the teams, they’ll just like well a couple teams I think it’d be good for him among like when we do all are like a sewer dweller by the NFL because of the fact of they need Rushers to help them and that’s just kind of how it is. This player is actually been under injury, but it’s looks it’s looking better and better for him and that is Andrew Luck, as he has had a calf sprain in training camp but it’s looking like very probably he will be back after a calf strain has held him out like on the populist for some time now. Like as on the engine room Luck, is like physically unable to perform which he is funny enough on I’ll get into that a little bit later. But he is on that list for right now with a calf injury which could keep him out for I don’t really know how long but it could keep him out for we thought it keep him out for some time. But it’s now looking like he will have a time of war returned to be able to come back, which the coach very badly needed him at this point.

 Evan Mellett: [06:02] A player who was trying to get back into the NFL at this point after being kicked out of it is Josh Gordon, you know Josh Gordon, because he has been thrown out for the use of having marijuana and failing most food drug tests. He’s now looking for reinstatement back into the NFL, to be able to have a chance to play again, some people think this is like kind of crazy. He even asked for this after so many multiple failed drug tests and he’s had over the years it’s been kind of crazy, but it’s more or less like he thinks that he’s a good enough receiver. And I mean, I don’t disagree that he’s a good enough receiver but I feel like the NFL has a thing that’s kind of kind of make a give people off the impression that they’re kind of doormats to this kind of thing if you let somebody who has been had this battle a track record right back in without really any like you’re going to have precaution. But I mean, you reinstate him right back and after saying Oh, you’re out for life, which is what they’re practically saying to him whenever he did come down. Was he in the NFL or was he not? Like he got kicked out for the use of marijuana which I agree with, I mean its illegal banned substance, where he was at the time he was not playing in Colorado. 

 Evan Mellett: [07:05] He was playing in New England, which is where it is a banned substance. I mean, even if it is in Colorado, it’s still banned substance overall in the NFL. Looking at another, this sport is wrapping up as the NFL is coming into season NFL and college football’s coming in you see the MLB. Which they’re starting to kind of wrap it up they’re coming down the stretch All-Star game has been over for a little while and they’re starting, I feel like you can really start to see some separation here as I mean, Dodgers and Red Sox are still looking like your favorites at this point. Like that can definitely change like I think going forward, that can definitely change but like I mean, depends who wins. But I feel like it’s always hard especially like in the NBA or in MLB, have further Topsy to lose because unless, it’s like a five against a four. Because, just because of the straight fact they’re playing in seven it’s not like an NFL playoff. Where off number one seed loses the first game you’re out of here, no. There are chances last year which one of, them it was actually Toronto funny enough? Who won it, they lost their first game that’s the magic?

 Evan Mellett: [08:03] Did they proceed to go and win for back to back and just like run them over? Yeah, they completely did. But I mean, if that was if they were playing a like a March Madness, which would be the basketball equivalent to the NFL playoffs, Toronto would be done, they wouldn’t have a NBA championship at this time. And I mean, and as I said in my last podcast, which will be down below I’ve talked about how this could also be a big time for trades just going into it a little bit how there could be many people I feel like that are on the trade block here because looking at my team’s not going to make it to the playoffs. But if all if I get traded this team before the playoff star I mean, it was like under their contract type. Like if they can get traded into this playoff, they could trade to this team they can really help them into the playoffs and sometimes you know that can be the difference of a first-round exit or like a finals exit. Like it honestly, there are some players that should go in free agency they can really make that big of a difference as if they are like there are three hitter or they’re like a Golden Glove. It’s like they’re, those both really help the team. 

 Evan Mellett: [09:06] Looking at another Pro Sport that’s had a lot happening. And in the time since the last podcast will be the NBA as Draymond Green being one of the big candidates who has sold, has signed a contract. He has officially signed a contract extension with the Golden State Warriors, which will be four years, $100 million, which is a ginormous contract extension for him. I think its good, crazy contract extension for him. But I think it can really help out in the fact of, I think the Warriors like they could use some not really some help, but I feel like they could really be good. So, really help the team out like I mean, he’s a very good defensive flyer. I mean, yeah, he can draw some of the time. But all there are many players that draw some of the times I mean, it’s like, it’s kind of the fact that they’re all going to draw to a point. And then one of the bigger topics that we’ve actually seen signing wise is actually the player who doesn’t even play in an NBA game. You probably know him; his name is Zion Williamson and he proceeded to sign the second biggest studio as a rookie in NBA history. 

 Evan Mellett: [10:08] Only backing up to who? LeBron James, as Zion knows he will sign for two more years, and LeBron as his rookie contract, he won’t sign for as much as LeBron signed for five years, 90 million. Zion will sign for seven years. 75 like I mean, it’s that yes, it’s kind of like you’re still making a lot of money. But then there’s the real question of, there is only, it’s 7% of players in the NBA that wears Jordan shoes. And the topic Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook, and but there’s like 77% or 87% that wear Nike, which a lot of people think is funny then why would he signed with Jordan over Nike especially looking contract wise, he actually ended up will lose an cumulative of 19 million over the years by not signing with Nike but was signing with Jordan instead. What is this a lot of is this a ginormous contract for somebody who hasn’t played an NBA game yet? 

 Evan Mellett: [11:03] Yeah, I think it’s a ginormous contract for him. But I also think that it’s like, I think it’s, I don’t know if I want to say it’s like good for the sport. But I mean, it’s good for him, obviously. I just think it’s like really controversial, especially because of people think, does he really deserve that contract? Like does he really, should he really be getting a max like LeBron was really talented, like LeBron was talented, like they thought he’s more talented out of high school than Zion, like ever has been because of just the like an Ivy, he skipped college completely didn’t even go a year because of just he was able to go straight. And that’s been some reason why he’s having such a long NBA career because you did not take those four years off beforehand, now a chance of getting injured by playing in college. Now looking at the NCAA football who are also going to be coming down to the start of their season. It’s really looking like again, as I said in the other podcast, it’s really looks like they’re going to be a lot of different quarterbacks at the helm. There are still many recruiting classes for the 2020 coming in as one of the bigger five-star cruise by John, who is a running back out of Texas, he did end up committing with the Longhorns as he on USC and many others on his tail, looking for it. 

 Evan Mellett: [12:12] But he did decide to go with the hometown Longhorns, which I think is, I think is pretty, which is pretty decent. I don’t know. I think that’s by a smart decision for him. I mean, if he doesn’t stay there, I won’t be surprised because he’s a five-star athlete. He understands how good he is, Texas doesn’t want to give him what he wants. I mean, he is of course, is good quarterback to have. But I mean, who knows if he’ll be starting this year, they have many five-star recruits at the University of Texas. I think this is a good decision for him. There are so many other recruits that still have to pick one of them the big ones, which is a five-star receiver, and his name being Julian Fleming out of the state of Washington, looking at a many West Coast team. And also having that of course, since he’s a five-star seed for having the Alabama’s and many other schools coming after him. As he’s been taking some Sophomore freshman year of high school, like you have known this kid is coming, which is why it’s kind of a big deal where he’s going to sign being one of, actually being one of the smaller five stars when not five star the one of the smaller classes when it comes to five star wise, like receiver classes, when it comes to five stars over the last couple years. 

 Evan Mellett: [13:17] So, I think that’ll be really interesting to understand where he signed, they’ll probably be more down the road during National Signing Day, most likely. But I think it’ll be really interesting because he can, no matter what college he goes, there’s a good chance that he could very much start like I’m there’s no, I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be able to start like going down. Like wherever he goes come in. I mean, he’s a five-star recruit. It’s looking like he’s, like the best, looking like off most ratings that are out there that he’s the best receiver in the entire country. And this is looking like this will wrap up the 13th edition of the Sports Run On Podcast, and just want to let you know again, if there’s something specific that you want to talk about, like specific sport, make sure let me know, make sure leave a comment down below what you would like me, like to hear me talk about.

 Evan Mellett: [14:02] And, I also like you guys to know that I’m going to be starting podcasting twice a week as I usually do it once a week, but I will be starting to do it twice a week and these podcasts will be going out Tuesday and Friday by 9 a.m., Eastern Standard Time is time that they will be published. So, just letting you guys know to be able to stay on the lookout for that, that that is one that I want to have being published a week. So, don’t just watch out for the one whenever the day that it will come out on, they’ll actually be two coming out on. And I just want to let you guys know that I will be podcasting more. But with that said, I’d like to thank you all for coming and listening to the 13th edition of the Sports Run on Podcast.