Evan Mellett: [00:09] Hi, everybody, this is Evan. And welcome back to the 11th edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. And today’s podcast, we will start by talking about the sport season, who are in the off-season, while making our way to the sports that are in season right now. And then look at the sports that are in the most important time in their season, which means they’re in the postseason. Starting out today’s sports will be the NFL, which right now is the sport that’s in their offseason or are in the offseason period right now. On the offseason, there are still moves that will be made by teams to be able to make sure to secure players. A big move was just made by the Seahawks to secure Russell Wilson to a big deal to make sure that he stays a Seahawk for a very long time. How did they do that they made him the highest paid player in the entire NFL, with a 140-million-dollar extension which would make it help the highest paid player. 

 Evan Mellett: [01:02] This extension will be for over four years. There’s also something having to do with this extension that he is being paid which will, or it will make it, which will set records with it. It will set records as being having the highest guaranteed in a signed contract ever in the NFL history, in the league history, and also have the highest guaranteed in the NFL league history of any contract that has ever been signed by a pro athlete in the NFL. Now moving on to the sport that’s in season, being the MLB, there’s not a lot going on in the MLB right now. Most of it, I mean there are some teams that are have hit squad streaks, and there are some that have not. But I mean, I think at this point you can’t really count him out since 2010 or 15 games into this season at this point. I just wanted to touch on it and tell you that I mean the season is going on but I mean I just don’t think at this point it’s not like the postseason which we’ll talk about the two other sports, which will be probably take up the bulk of our podcast. 

 Evan Mellett: [02:01] The MLB is not in an important stage of its season at this time, at this moment. These are the two sports that will be at the end of their season that matters most for the teams to see who can really come out on top and take the the Rim or Stanley Cup, in the sport today, as it’s taken. As I said Stanley Cup the sport that we were talking be talking about first today is NHL. The NHL playoffs have started and outspoken as the first round comes down to net, there’s already been a team that has as their season come down and it is probably not the season if you follow hockey, that you thought it the team season that you thought would be coming to an end at this point. The team as we come into an end, well there are two teams whose season have come to an end so far in the NHL. One of them is the Pittsburgh Penguins who were swapped for four by the islanders in a best of seven series. Which ended the Pens season? In which some people didn’t, the Pens which is a team that some people were surprised didn’t even made it into the playoffs, let alone get even far which they proceeded to drop. 

 Evan Mellett: [03:02] The first couple of games were closed but then they proceeded drop after that to then follow the series. The series and nobody really expected which was kind of a surprise, which is what I was talking about, you’d be surprised if you’re really follow hockey, that would be the lightning over the lightning coming in as the number one seed in this playoff contention looking for a Stanley Cup for them. Going up against the eight seed Blue Jackets strong take a win away from them, but the Blue Jackets came out playing very well in the first two games, winning them and then at that point you’d be really thinking that oh they’re up to, the lightning would really come to play at that point because now there are some of the games that are going to be in Tampa Bay to give them the home ice advantage. Is what you’d call it? For them to be able to come back and maybe even win two back there. Which as you can see especially you can also see in the NBA which we are going to talk about. Home court advantage or home ice advantage in this one is very big and kind of any playoff tab the city behind you, the city that you play for to know that they’re cheering behind you, it gives you just that much more motivation to win the game. 

 Evan Mellett: [04:14] But the Blue Jackets really took no like, when the defeated the Lightning for the seed, which could really just give them a game, which can really like turn on them which I because I see happen sometimes in sports. Fourteen goes up to our they have a chance go three, they just they’ve kind of lackadaisical at that game because they’re up oh, then one win goes to another, then it comes to two and then they just hit a streak, now it’s three, two. Now the team that was up to oh they let one game slip which turned into like an effect, they have those right before their home series was about the game which gave them even more confidence the team that was down two oh at the point. But that’s not what the blue jackets for not wanting that to happen to them this year they’re not going to be knocked out until at least the second round which is why they real, I really thought that they came out to play. The Lightning, they did what they could, but it wasn’t it was a matter of the islanders just came out and took care of business. 

 Evan Mellett: [05:05] It wasn’t like a really ginormous thing where it was like this kind of close them in to some of the games, but none of them I came down to shootouts at the end like the like the Blue Jackets really came out and took control. Now the big sport that people are looking at playoffs, I mean there are a lot of NHL fans out there. But I mean the sport that people are really going to be looking at now is the NBA. The NBA at this point is now in their playoffs, going into the first round of the playoffs. I’ll be talking about the first round match-ups, but a little bit of where they stand now and then just who I have going forward, like in the best out of seven series between the two teams that are playing now. The first one we will be talking about is the Box Pistons, I definitely am a Box in this one as they’re taking, really taking care of business, up to, I think two or three oh at this point over the Pistons. So, I think you can really just be a, that could be your sweep if any. 

 Evan Mellett: [06:02] Because as we talked about, that’s one of those only two games out of a chance for a sweep. So, get the brooms out as they say, just sweep their way past the first round into an easy second round. Like into an easy second round, like they don’t really have like a shootout in the first round. Then there are some teams as talk about such as one that are going up before the Raptors and Magic. The Magic in this one Orlando came out and really played the first game like really played their hearts out and got the W which was a really big win for them. Looking very good, which I mean they only helped them so far as the as the Raptors then proceed to come back out and win back to back games to just kind of even it out not let anybody get too excited like oh my goodness, they just won, to don’t know they don’t want anybody to get too excited just yet. But I mean, it’s just the fact of like nobody get too excited yet, like because there’s still a lot of basketball to play. Then the Raptors who grew that proceeded to come out when two games and then it just went back to being even. 

 Evan Mellett: [07:04] So, there’s your one, your one and two. After the one and two we will get into the good games as far as just really getting to the good games. At this point the three against six match-up in this would be Boston against the Pacers. And with Boston what is your other chance for a sweep as they’ve come out and go up three oh against the Pacers, they had a, there was an interesting, all these games have been close, none of them have been like oh, this has just been an immense blow out. Like this is a series that I mean, maybe the Pacers might take a game, but I mean right now Boston’s eyes on right on sweep, like take care of business. The other series that is going on as kind of a close series. It’s not crazy close, but I mean there is still some question in it. And that is the seventy-sixers and the Nets, because the Nets have come out and played really well. The Seven-sixers with Joel Embiid, they’ve played well throughout this season so far. I mean, they’ve played off, they played up to the caliber of what most people think they would. Then the Nets, who kind of come out of nowhere and I mean its kind of put some talk up against this team with what they’ve been saying in the media and how they’ve been kind of coming after the Seventy-sixers up to this point. So, I really think at this point that this can be more of like a tug of war type, like an even like boxer fight type, as some would call it, to see who could take the win in this series because I think it could honestly go either way. I’m sorry but I need to go over my picks, my picks for the Raptors and Orlando game, I do think the Raptors take care of business and seven I think that Orlando can hold but I don’t know how far they can hold it. This very talented Raptors team off from just taking the win now that they went up to one. In the Boston’s Pacers I definitely, I have Boston honestly going for this sweep, but I think Pacers have played well, but they just haven’t, they haven’t been able to hold late game which is why they’ve lost crucial games because they haven’t been able to hold, yeah now even though they win like the last two minutes which in some cases can be or like more a lot more the last quarter which in some cases can be the most important quarter in the entire game.

 Evan Mellett: [09:18] Because I mean, there’s no quarters after the fourth. So, I do have Boston in the sweep for that one, and the Nets, Seventy-sixers, which I didn’t really think about, who I had winning this series because I was thinking that I would have the Seventy-sixers winning it because I think, I thought they would come, honestly I thought they would come out and play and really put on a show. They honestly just, I don’t know if they’ve put up, not up to anybody has real expectations so far. So, I also have the Nets, I have an upset right now, the Nets going over the Seventy-sixers because I think the Seventy-sixers, I mean, I think a yes, I do think it will come down to six or seven games. But I think that a will come down to that in the fact that I do, but I do think the Nets will pull it out because the Seventy-sixers might make that crucial mistake which can lose them a six or seven and give somebody a home court advantage.

 Evan Mellett: [10:06] I just think that that crucial game for the Seventy-sixers might just let it slip away. So, there are my connections for the East, I have Boston over Pistons. Raptors over Orlando or Toronto, Boston over the Indiana Pacers and I have the upside of the Brooklyn Nets over the Philadelphia Seventy-sixers. That is my rundown for the East, now we will be moving over to the West. But we just had a big injury for the number one seed Warrior. So, I’ll be talking about first they’re up to one now with the Clippers, the Clippers only when being with their biggest comeback like an NBA playoff history of 36 points, which is pretty incredible for them to be able to come back from that and somehow going to game against the Warriors who is what most people’s prediction to win the NBA finals this year. So, it’s pretty incredible that they can somehow like manage a comeback that can be that immense that it can just it can bring them all the way back. 

 Evan Mellett: [11:00] They will come back, and then that game there is a big injury and that injury was a torn left quad of DeMarcus Cousins. The big center for the Golden State Warriors he will be out and definitely from the end for the rest of the season, no matter if they make it to the finals or not it’s two one right now. I have the Warriors taking care of business I think, I do think the Clippers got that lucky game on them, but I think that it will be a case of where the Warriors, I just think are just overall better team skill wise. The next team up which is the two against seven match-up is the Denver Nuggets against the San Antonio Spurs. In this one it will be, the Spurs are up to one right now, it’s the Spurs who have been taking care of business at the end of games, they’ve been closing out games very well which in some cases we haven’t seen all the way throughout with Kawhi Leonard and White they’re really young point guard for them having 36 and a quarter. Yeah one fourth quarter and one quarter I think Bruce was the third he dropped 36 points to help them get that game three win, which can be a big win especially just getting that confidence knowing that that one when you got wasn’t a fluke It was like it was a solid win and you got, you just got to keep building on that, then does a solid win for them 

 Evan Mellett: [12:16] I’m going to come back around and say my predictions and like why I think, I did say was that I’ll come back around and say the rest after, but for now we will move on to the three versus six match-up. The three versus six match-up is the Rockets vs Jazz, the Rockets I’m pretty sure up to oh right now, they haven’t played their game three yet but I’m pretty sure the Rockets will take care of business, in that game for you because James Harden has really showed up with the points he’s putting on what most would say an MVP performance. Maybe with his own competition most likely being the Bucks, who are up three out right now. The Pistons, so the competition is against Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is, who was otherwise known as the Greek freak. Who is a just a force for the box, which is one of the reasons why they’re up three hours, yes, he’s just been playing absolutely out of his mind of recent? 

 Evan Mellett: [13:03] So, with the Jazz and Rockets, I do think, I think the Rockets are going to like, I think they’ll play well. I don’t know if they’re going to sweep but I think I think they’re really playing well. Then the other interesting one which is the four against five as I thought the other one is interesting too, which the four versus five for the West is the Thunder versus Portland. For the series right now, it’s two to one Portland, but it is to one at this case between Portland and in the Thunder because the Thunder have just won the third game just recently as in last night, over Portland and a big game at the Thunder which was a big game depending on if they were going to be able to pull out a win in this one right now, like if they’re going to be able to pull out a win do to win it all coming down to the end. 

 Evan Mellett: [13:56] But the Thunder was able to pull out a big one in OKC, let’s see to keep this, conference in contention which is why I think the Thunder can really build on this. I think the Portland won out in there like when I was in Portland the first two games, the next game will be in OKC finishing out two and OKC, which I think OKC will take care of even if the series is at two all. Which is why I think this is really going to be one of the closer series that you should really keep your eye on. So, I will now go through my picks for two who will move on to the second round coming out of the West. My picks will be the Warriors over the Clippers in a four one most likely win, the Nuggets and Spurs I was really thinking about, I didn’t really say initially, who I thought I was going win. I honestly, I’m kind of liking the Spurs the way they’re playing recently, I just don’t, I have a feeling most people and be like all over this team they have a good game or two and I’ll be picking them. Now I think that they’re a good, I think they’re a good team, I don’t think, they’re not seem like a team to me after watching them play against the very well Nuggets team like they’re very talented Nuggets team, very well coach. I mean, but I think that it’s going to come down to her like a six or seven game and I honestly think the Spurs their ability to close games in the end, in Denver is going to be a difference maker for them. 

 Evan Mellett: [15:11] And then Thunder Portland, I have the Thunder, I think this game will honestly definitely go to seven. Which I think, which will then come down to the final game being in Portland I think that the thunder will be still be able to pull that game out. Russell Westbrook and Paul George, Paul George which in some cases was in MVP comparison with Giannis and Harden. He is now still playing very well throughout the playoffs. So, I think that he can really show up and make a difference for this team to be able to pull out a win here. I think he’ll go off in that game seven, him and Russell whenever it comes down to it to outdo Damian Lillard who is still playing very well in this postseason. And with those predictions of the NBA, that will wrap up the 11th edition of the Sports Run on Podcast. I want to thank you all for listening this edition and I will see you next time.