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Featured: March Madness Final 4, MLB And The Collapse Of The AAF League - Episode 10

The Sports Run On Podcast - Episode 10

About Evan Mellett

Evan Mellett is passionate about sports conversation! His depth of knowledge about all things sports runs deep and often lead to friendly, high-intensity engagement – with debating being one of his favorite hobbies. 

His phone doesn’t stop updating until at least 2am EST every night when the West Coast games finish up – a source of conflict amongst his family who are also often kept up until the wee hours of the night. 

Evan is statistically-oriented and can quote metrics like a mad man. His older sister is in sports media and her colleagues always think they know more about sports than he does – until they talk to him for the first time. They are never worthy!

Evan is a Junior in High School, where he is an Honor Roll and AP student. He is also a dual sports athlete, playing Football (WR and Safety) and participating in Track and Field (Long Jump and Shuttle Hurdles). 

March Madness Final 4, MLB And The Collapse Of The AAF League

Episode No. 10

Talking All Things Sports

Episode 10   |    16 min 08 sec

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